The GOP Has a Single Strategy. Stop Helping.

I’ve been saying this for years, and sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head against a cement wall.

falling skyThe number one strategy Republicans have in any election is to piss people off so they don’t vote. The last few midterm elections have been disasters largely because of NON-voters. the 2014 election featured a modern-day record for turnout; a whopping 36 percent. The midterm in 2010 was 37 percent. Democrats can’t win when turnout is so low because Republicans  in their batshit crazy base almost always turn out to vote in droves. In 2010, GOP turnout was above 85 percent and in 2010, it was 90 percent. And a large part of the reason for both of those was the rhetoric coming from the left. I was especially fond of the PUBs and pro lefties, who have been dogging Obama since before he took office, complaining because Southern Democrats weren’t “embracing his record” and refusing to support them. I know of one prominent pro lefty who wrote a column excoriating Alison Grimes, who was running to unseat the loathsome Mitch McConnell for not admitting she voted for Obama, just a couple weeks after they wrote a scathing article about Obama for not having closed Gitmo yet.

In a speech he made in 2014, President Obama said the following:

“The real voter fraud is people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud. … There are well-organized and well-funded efforts to undo [the] gains (of the civil rights movement). … Just as inequality feeds on justice, opportunity requires justice, and justice requires the right to vote.” (Source)

don't voteHave you ever noticed that Republicans only talk about Voter ID and attempt to purge Democratic voters during election years? Not only that, but their argument is always based on claims of stopping the illusive “voter fraud.” And let’s be clear; yes, there is disenfranchisement going on with these laws, but really, the volume of people affected isn’t all that great. Sure, in a close election, it can make a difference. How many people in, say, Pennsylvania do you imagine are walking around without identification and intend to vote? Perhaps 20-30,000? In a state with nearly 13 million people, that shouldn’t be enough to swing an election. 

On the other hand…

When they propose outrageous things, one thing the GOP can count on is a swift, strong, sustained reaction from progressives. We spend so much of our time fighting “voter suppression” that we probably have a net greater negative effect on most elections than any actual voter suppression action Republicans take. Think about it; if a million or so Pennsylvanians are trying to decide whether they should or can take an hour or two off from one of the three jobs they need to make ends meet, but our message is that there’s a good chance they’ll be turned away at the polls, many will decide not to vote. In other words, with our reactionary rhetoric, we end up helping the right drive good people away from the polls and make it more possible that the people of Pennsylvania, who are 60% Democratic, continue with majority-Republican representation.

TrumpholeAgain, the Republican Party’s main strategy is to drive down turnout. The more people they can get to stay home, the greater the value or “base” voters in the election. All of the disgusting, anti-American shit they do and say aren’t necessarily because they believe them, but it serves two purposes; they know it will disgust voters and make them think the system isn’t worth participating in, and they’ll stay home. Plus, they can count on progressives to react and fight against them, which amplifies their message and makes them stay home. It’s a GOP win-win.

This is not a new concept. I heard about it from my mentor when I first became involved in politics at age 14. Charles “Mac” Mathias was a liberal Republican before they followed the dodo bird into extinction, and he told me exactly that in 1972. For the record, he hated this strategy. Eight years later, in 1980, Tea Party pioneer Paul Weyrich confirmed this in a speech. And while Weyrich is less well-known than Saint Reagan, he’s actually held in higher esteem among the far right Republican leadership. He is a co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, and the founder of ALEC.

In the following infamous speech, Weyrich stated the following:

“Now many of our Christians have what I call the ‘goo-goo syndrome.’ Good government. They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country, and they are not now. As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”


Now, I know a lot of you want to believe this politics thing is enormously complicated, but it’s not. This is actually a rational political strategy; if you have a rabid constituency that will always vote for you, making their votes count more makes sense. And this strategy should not come as a surprise to anyone who’s paying attention. I have been repeating this for years and all of you should repeat it to every progressive you know:

The main strategy for the Republican Party is to depress turnout. It doesn’t hurt that making liberals’ ears bleed also makes their “base” excited, but the difference between 85% and 90% turnout is less important to them than limiting overall turnout to less than 40%. Put it another way; self-described Republican voters only make up about 25% of the eletorate, but when they show up at a 90% clip, that’s 22.5%, which means our side can’t win when turnout is 36%.

republicantHaven’t you noticed that the current GOP isn’t actually FOR anything? They’re “anti-everything” because it works for their strategy. And when progressives do the same thing, voters have the same reaction; they become cynical about the system, and they are less motivated to vote. Republicans want liberals to scream at them and to engage them in ridiculous discussions about minutiae that no one cares about. Most of what they say and do has been designed to generate a negative reaction from us because it works for them.

During the period from World War II until the early 1970’s, voter turnout was almost always around 60 percent for presidential elections and 50 percent for mid-term elections, and Democrats usually won in a walk, or the Republican who won was more like a Democrat than how we think of a Republican today. The Democrats had a supermajority throughout the 1960s, in part because voter turnout was high. Since 1980, which can be considered the beginning of the neocon era, presidential election turnout is usually around 50 percent, and mid-term turnout is usually less than 40 percent. That’s not a coincidence.

It’s also not a coincidence that Obama’s extremely positive campaigns caused overall turnout in 2008 to hit its highest point since the 1960s. If we can keep turnout in presidential elections above 60 percent, Democrats will usually win, which is good. Get midterm turnout back up to 50% and they will almost never win again. It’s so easy to stop the Republicans; just be positive, to counter their negativity. Give voters something to vote for and we’ll win every time. Negativity works for them and against us.

It really is that simple. Be positive, we win. Be negative and the GOP continues to win. 

Separating Fact from Opinion

cropped-nogop.jpgTo me, the number one thing that should separate the left from the right is the truth; we’re supposed to value it, and they, quite frankly, couldn’t give a shit less about telling the truth. However, sometimes, left wingers suffer from the same delusions as right wingers, and it’s both frightening and saddening.

I have spent just over 21 years online. I remember when I started; I was bored one day between classes in my second, more successful, stint in college, when I happened upon a computer lab in an old building where I had a geology class. Back then, you could just sit down and play, so I did. And almost from the beginning, I found political discussion interesting, so I dove right in. In other words, when they talk about veterans of Internet political arguments, I’m right up there. I’ve been doing it a long time. I’ve seen it all and there is nothing anyone can say to me that hasn’t been said before at least a dozen times.  Continue reading

Republican Family Values? What a Joke!

GOP BaseThe greatest political oxymoron in history has to be the concept of “Republican Family Values.” I mean, the fact that they can get traction for this for almost 40 years is astounding to me. Earlier, I posted a list of things Democrats have passed that make family life easier. Before the Republican Party turned to shit in the late 1960s, they actually joined in on some of that. However, that Republican Party is long gone. Now, instead of a selection of liberal Republicans helping LBJ pass Great Society legislation and the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, you have the entire Republican Party, en masse, cutting SNAP, refusing to accept Medicaid money for their states and promising to repeal Obamacare.

These are “family values”? Really? Continue reading

PCTC GOP Crazies of the Week

Compiled by @Sueinrockville and Milt Shook

Election Round-up

ted cruz 1Ted Cruz definitely had a “busy” week. From his partnership with John Kasich which evaporated  faster than an ice cube on a Cleveland sidewalk in July, the week began with a National Enquirer story alleging that his grifter dad as a companion of Lee Harvey Oswald. While that turned out to be less than credible, the Cube-nadian’s week was just beginning.  In the Northeast Super Tuesday contests, Cruz was soundly beaten by both Trump and Kasich in four out of five of the contests.
Mathematically eliminated from winning the GOP nomination on a first ballot, Cruz took the next illogical step in his delusional quest and chose a running mate; something that no other certain non-winner of a major party nomination has ever done before in history. In a brazen play to try to get California Republicans to vote for him, Cruz chose the only Californian he knows, Creulla De Fiorina, as his running mate. He apparently doesn’t know that Carly lost badly in a California Senate race, despite her putting a large portion of her personal fortune up in a bid to win. Why? Because Californians can’t stand her. Wonder if he knows that she’s also one of the worst CEOs in tech history, having pretty much ruined Hewlett-Packard.  That makes her somewhat less of a businessperson than Trump. Granted, she’s not as bad as one possible Trump running mate, Caribou Barbie (Sarah Palin), but not great. It’s sure the announcement caused his popularity to soar from 0 to 1%. I am pretty sure that he thought when she said she laid off 30,000 people at he misheard the word “laid” and thought he might get lucky?

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Conspire to Tell the Truth

imageNo matter how desperate you feel, the answer is no, Charles Koch did NOT “endorse” Hillary Clinton. He simply noted two things that most of us have known all along. One is that Hillary Clinton was the likely winner of the Democratic nomination. Despite “the media” desperately hoping for and trying to create a horse race on the Democratic side, it has never really been that close. Sorry, but it’s true. He is also acknowledging that the current GOP presidential race is nothing short of pathetic, with nothing to offer for anyone, and that would include the Kochs.

See, here’s the thing, folks; most voters and political supporters, including the Koch Brothers, look for competence on some level. In their case, they’re looking for someone who is competent and who they can control, but competence has to be a factor. What the hell good is getting someone elected to the presidency, or Congress, or even governor or a state legislator, if they’re such screw-ups, they can’t get re-elected, or they screw everything up for anyone else who will do the Kochs’ bidding in the future? Continue reading

Cutting the Crap on Clinton and Bankruptcy

As most of you know, or should know, I was a Martin O’Malley supporter first, and then I flirted with supporting Bernie Sanders until I saw and heard his untenable position on guns. (And no, they have not “evolved.”) So, I have never been a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter. However, I am a supporter of facts, and I keep seeing this video on my Facebook feed.

It’s Elizabeth relating a story about Hillary Clinton and “the bankruptcy bill.” It is always accompanied by an anti-Hillary rant intended to give the impression that Clinton was somehow “persuaded” by “Wall Street” to change her mind. In other words, it is essentially so-called “progressives” propagating the Republican lie, that Hillary is somehow dishonest.

The first thing to note here is that the video was recorded in 2004, long before Warren became a politician. The other thing to note is that Warren was wrong to have made the situation that simple. And that’s what this post is about. Hillary didn’t flip-flop and she did not become a “tool of Wall Street.” In fact, even the suggestion that Clinton may have changed her mind because “Wall Street” was now a constituency is far too simplistic for this situation.

There were THREE separate bills, first of all. Continue reading

Proof That Democrats are Progressive

Someone on Twitter dared diss my extensive list of Obama accomplishments just a little while ago. I’m certain he was a troll, especially given that he used one common argument, in which he put down the source, which is this blog. I don’t have a problem with that, per se. I mean, this blog is not professional left and I barely get my money back on it most months and even I will tell you this isn’t an entirely journalistic enterprise. Unlike the Right Wing Fart Machine, I don’t expect you to just believe what I write here without checking, which is why every single accomplishment is accompanied by a source, proving that the claim is correct. Continue reading

The Parties Have Never Been More Different. EVER.

imageThere is not much that truly puzzles me these days. Not really, anyway. But one thing that continues to baffle me is the sheer volume of people on the left side of the aisle – including some who claim significant educations – who continue to perpetuate the concept that “both parties are the same.” I’ve talked about the ridiculousness of suggesting that “Hillary is practically a Republican,” and this one is even more absurd. I mean, if this was 1946, Hillary could conceivably be a Republican because there were actually a significant number of liberal Republicans. In fact, there were significant numbers of Democrats who were far more right wing than anything in the GOP. However, this is not 1946. It’s not even 1964,  when the Republicans were led by Barry Goldwater. In fact, the 2016 version of the GOP is the most radical major political party this country has ever seen.

That’s why I have no choice but to laugh at anyone who claims the two major parties are basically two sides of the same coin. You have to have been in a coma for at least 20 years to believe that was the case. Of course, some people know they’re full of shit and say it anyway. Last week, someone told me Hillary was “practically a Republican.” When I scoffed at him, he admitted that he meant a Rockefeller Republican, which required a second scoff. The last Rockefeller Republican to serve in government was Nelson Rockefeller, and his last day in government was January 20, 1977 and he died in 1979, so that’s not exactly a contemporary reference. People who use references like that seem to  believe that remembering something like that should impress me, but it doesn’t. Why would it, since it has nothing to do with contemporary politics. It would be like comparing a modern politician to Caesar or comparing the current Queen of England to King George III. Continue reading

PCTC’s This Week in GOP Insanity – NY Values Edition

With all of the shit that’s going on on the opposite side of the political aisle right now, it’s hard to believe there is so much infighting on the Democratic side. These are the people we have to get out of government, folks. It is with this in mind that SueinRockville and Milt Shook bring you:

The Friday GOP Follies*

*where RNC Chairman Reince Preibus wants to reassure everyone, he is NOT, I repeat NOT pouring Bailey’s Irish cream liquor over  his breakfast cereal!

The Road to the Nomination:

It wouldn’t be a complete week without a major flub by someone from the Klown Kar, mostly Donald Drumpf. So, it should surprise no one when Drumpf appeared before a crowd in Buffalo just before the New York Primary and suggested that the police and firefighters were heroic when they gathered at the 7-11.

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Some Words Mean Nothing

“The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” ― George Carlin

I want to talk about two words. Or, more accurately, two terms, that have come into serious overuse this election season; “establishment” and “status quo.”

PUBs and professional lefties love those terms so much that they effectively have no meaning. For example, when a pro lefty Tweets something like this, what the hell does that mean, exactly?

Yes, Cenk knows all the meaningless buzzwords that his lickspittle followers drool over. He used both of them in the space of 140 characters. That’s actually some feat. Continue reading


Constitution 1One thing I have always tried to do with this blog is to stick to arguments that are certified or at least easily provable with a relatively easy Google search. The one thing you almost never see on this blog is an argument that is purely ad hominem. Even when I have called Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden liars, I actually proceeded to prove it. Unfortunately for Andrew, I had done legal work on some Pigford cases and was able to prove his characterizations false. Greenwald and Snowden perpetrated the greatest farce in “journalism,” by dumping a bunch of documents on us, but never actually getting explanations about what they meant from people who had knowledge of them. Instead, they “interpreted” them for us, despite the fact that Snowden was an IT guy and Greenwald has never spent one minute working in the intelligence field. It would be like me writing an instruction manual on how to rebuild a jet engine. I can Google about it and write something, but if you try to build an engine based on that, you’re a bit of a fool.   Continue reading

Don’t Give Me That Do-Goody-Good BS

One_dollar_1928Money is definitely a problem in the United States. I will not say otherwise. I mean, the fact that Congresscritters have to spend nearly every waking hour trying to raise money so they can keep their jobs is a major problem. It’s also a major problem that the holders of broadcast licenses make shitloads of money every election by selling airtime on the PUBLIC airwaves; time that should be free, since we own them. Citizens United has to go, absolutely, as does the very notion that money equals speech. Such a concept is nothing short of insane; the Koch Brothers should not have more “free speech” than the customers who made them rich.

There are other examples of where money is a serious societal problem. For example, the concept of private prisons should be offensive to every American who believes in a fair and equitable justice system. If a company’s profits are based on the number of people who are jailed, that’s a serious problem that needs to go away. If Bernie and the professional left wants to break up something, the priority should be the prison industrial  complex, not banks. Continue reading

Guest Post: An Honest Appraisal of Bernie Sanders & His Bullies

 Another great piece by @SueinRockville. (And if you’re going to rip her or me for it, you’ll need basic facts to back you up. Just saying…)
“No man ever got very high by pulling other people down. The intelligent merchant does not knock his competitors. The sensible worker does not knock those who work with him. Don’t knock your friends. Don’t knock your enemies”. Don’t knock yourself. — Alfred Lord Tennyson
“When Debate is lost, Slander becomes the tool of the loser” -attributed to Socrates
When Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy last April I was thrilled. Here was an outspoken self-described Democratic Socialist who espoused political views and values that I hold dear. And he was Jewish too!

Continue reading

PCTC’s This Week in GOP Insanity

How to make a Political Party Extinct in 30 years or less!

by @sueinrockville and Milt Shook

GOP VisionThis was truly a banner week for the GOP course of self-destruction notably among the three remaining GOP Presidential Contenders.

Where else to begin but with Donald J. Drumpf who is having another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week, where he apparently suggested digging up the late Joe Paterno.  His campaign’s clumsy attempts to explain he meant the Paterno Statue did very little to convince anyone.

Of course, if Drumpf’s ignorance about national issues wasn’t fodder enough for all the late-night comedy shows, he wasn’t finished and he proceeded to dip his tiny little toe into the very complex issue of Israel and the disputed territories. Predictably, he was unable to answer a single question, but instead tossed it over to his “Jewish” advisor. Continue reading

The Scourge of the Progressive Movement

HeManWomanHatersLet me ask you a question. Now, this question is rhetorical, so I don’t expect you to answer it for me, although there is a comment section, so feel free. If there is something you should have learned about by now, after reading this and other blogs I have maintained over the last 15 years, it’s that I am not guided by my ego. There’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to. But here’s the question:

If someone is passionate about an issue on which you disagree, and they scream at you like a crazy person and call you stupid when they find out you don’t see the issue the same as they do, how likely are you to change your mind?

If you’re being honest, you know you won’t change your mind. In fact, if you are anything close to the average human being with a working brain, you are probably going to be more certain that you are right about your position. Rather than change your mind, you’re most likely to never discuss politics with that asshole ever again. No one responds well to insults and innuendo, and they are less likely to look things up to see if you’re right than to write you off as a crazy nutbar and speak badly about you to others.  Continue reading

Another Major Difference Between Parties: Sex Scandals

This primary season has been so long, it seems that a lot of people are forgetting that our ultimate goal needs to be to get rid of as many Republicans as possible.

So, let’s have a little fun, shall we?

Just yesterday, I was told just how sleazy Democrats were and how they have been the undisputed kings when it came to sex scandals. Of course, they mentioned the Bill Clinton impeachment for an admittedly salacious but consensual blow job. And of course, they always bring up John Edwards and Anthony Weiner, and it got me thinking; who really wins when it comes to sex scandals. No REALLY. Let’s look at them. Continue reading

Grey Shades

I really get it. I do.

Unicorn 53Is there a human being on the planet who doesn’t want everything in life to be purely black or white? We want everything to be easy, not hard. everything in life should be either good or evil, love or hate, beautiful or ugly. Wouldn’t that make everything in our lives much more amenable? Isn’t that the dream?

Well, unicorn lovers, if you look at life that way, my overarching advice to you is to grow the hell up. There isn’t a person who is either perfectly good or perfectly evil and there is no issue that is either all good or all evil, short of rape, genocide or mass murder, none of which are political issues, so much as crimes.

This election season has reminded me that far too many people seem to think they live in a world with no shades of grey, which makes me wonder how anyone can live like that. How is it possible to live your entire life being outraged by everything you don’t like? Just as importantly, what does it do to a person’s psyche to praise someone and treat them like a demigod when they say or do something they like and then to lurch into hatred of that same person when they say or do something disagreeable? For that matter, how does a rational person support one politician without question at the same time they constantly denigrate another politician who agrees with the one you support more than 90% of the time? As long as both politicians are a major improvement over everything current Republicans, how can anyone be so passionately against any Democrat? Continue reading

@SueinRockville Guest Post: Children of the Rove

BEWARE  of GOP Dirty Tricks or, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” — George Santayana

children of the roveWith just over 3 months to go before the start of the Democratic National Convention beginning on July 25, we have entered not the silly but truly STUPID season!
Stop by social media and see for yourself. There’s a Pro-Hillary post immediately followed by a Pro-Bernie one, then an Anti-Hillary, then an Anti-Bernie and so on and so on…
The mutual mud-slinging is endless. Occasionally, there are actual posts and memes desperately trying to remind Democrats we are all on the SAME SIDE. It is gratifying to see they receive a much higher likes/shares/retweets than any of the negative ones. Really smart people keep their posting focused on defeating Democrats’ common enemy, which is the GOP. Polls, thankfully, continue to show Democrats overwhelmingly will vote for our nominee, no matter who.

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