Stop Being Stupid; the Only Issue That Really Matters

Perhaps you heard…

nogopYesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Obama’s rules regarding power plant emissions that is part of his efforts to rein in climate change. The ruling was a party-line (yes, I said party-line because, who are we kidding?) vote of 5-4. The stay lasts until a lower court hears a case involving a power company that wants to burn as much coal as it wants, without that goddamn Environmental Protection Agency breathing down their necks.

Quite frankly, this was, as best, a minor loss, as things stand now. The fact of the matter is, power companies have been inching away from coal burning plants for a while, anyway, and the trend is moving in the direction of alternative energy. It has been moving in that direction since President Obama and Democrats started the ball rolling with the stimulus package in 2009. You remember that, right; the bill that received pretty much no Republican support and which was derided by many far left progressives as inadequate is actually the one reason the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday isn’t a flat disaster.

WagstaffThere have been a lot of 5-4 decisions coming from the current court, some in our favor, some against us. What should scare the living shit out of you is that Chief  Justice John Roberts is the only reason we still have healthcare reform. I’m sure you remember being tense for weeks worrying about that decision. What happens if he’s outnumbered next time? And that could happen if the next president is a Republican and gets to nominate at least 2-3 Justices and quite possibly 4.

Yes, that’s right, you imbeciles. While you morons are arguing over ridiculous notions like “single payer” (you couldn’t get a “public option” passed, but you think we’ll get an entire government-run health insurance system?) or “free college” (yes, the poor and working class shouldn’t go into debt, but is “free college” for everyone feasible in 2016?) or you argue over whether or not the minimum wage should be $15 (Bernie) or $12 (Hillary), the Republican Party is cheering for our continued bickering over things that are largely irrelevant.

How many times does this shit have to happen before you get it, for shit’s sake? With the GOP running a significant portion of this country, it has slowly been turned into crap, where people who used to be fairly well off have had to turn to staring at the mini computer in their pockets (which they will never actually pay for) in order to keep their mind off of how the hell they’re going to pay for food this week.

We have had a stark choice for more than 20 years now, between a party that is, at its worst, kind of klutzy and less effective than we would like and another party that is downright fucking evil. Yet, all I ever hear coming from the far left is how shitty the Democratic Party is. I hear bullshit words like “establishment” and “corporatism” and “Wall Street” used against Democrats. For three straight goddamn election cycles, the far left has targeted “Blue Dog” Democrats because they’re just not good enough to be part of “their” Democratic Party.” In 2000, these same assholes went hog wild for Nader, but for some stupid reason, they went after Al Gore about ten times harder than they went after the odious and profoundly stupid George W. Bush. Then, in 2004, while the Republicans were painting war hero John Kerry as something along the lines of a wimp and a traitor, many on the far left were painting him the same way. And they always equivocate between Democrats and Republicans, at a time when the difference between the parties has never been more stark and obvious.

Let me remind you that the reason we have Clarence Thomas on the court is because we failed to support Michael Dukakis in 1988 and the reason we have Roberts and Alito is because our side went after Gore and Kerry out of some asinine belief that attacking the Democrats would get many voters to switch to Nader.

Again, these people, whom I call PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) are not big fans of reality, so here’s a clue. If you want to build a progressive third party, you go after the Republican Party and make people not want to vote for them. Got it? That makes Republican moderates vote for Democrats and that gives Democratic progressives the space to switch to the Greens. Got that now, you morons? If Nader and his band of idiots had worked WITH Al Gore instead of against him, a lot of moderate Republicans would have voted for Gore, which means they could have gotten at least the five percent they were looking for, and quite possibly more, t the same time we would have avoided everything George W. Bush.

unicorn 1And if weare getting down to it now, let’s talk about all that grief PUBs give Hillary for her Iraq vote, which she has apologized for and called a mistake. Um, if you hadn’t supported Nader to the detriment of Gore, she wouldn’t have made that vote, now, would she? For self-described “political junkies,” why does it seem so hard to get them to understand Politics 101? You work WITH those whom you are ideologically closest to and against those on the opposite side. For some reason, these people work with Republicans to defeat Democrats, although I’m pretty sure they’re too stupid to realize they’re doing that.

The Supreme Court’s decision yesterday, along with the steady stream of 5-4 decisions over the last decade, should point out the profound importance of  making sure Democrats win in November. Not just the presidency, but especially the presidency. If a Republican President takes over next January, then he will get to make those 5-4 decisions into 6-3 or 7-2 decisions and not in a good way. If, like at least one professional lefty I know, you think Stephen Breyer’s appointment proves that theory wrong because he was appointed by Bush 41, I’d point out that the last Republican to nominate a liberal Justice before that was Eisenhower, who was practically a Demorat, at least in the 1950s.

If you think blocking one rule for a year or so is bad, wait until they kill the Paris Climate Accords and cancel all alternative energy investment and pack the court to prevent anything from getting through. If you think killing a bill that protects gun makers from liability, wait until you get a 7-2 decision prohibiting lawsuits against anyone in any gun case. The future of the Supreme Court is the single most most important issue we face in this election, regardless of your fanciful dreams of unicorns and rainbows and cotton candy for dinner. If your rhetoric damages either Hillary or Bernie in the general election to the point that a Republican sneaks in, or even if you only damage them enough so they have no coattails, then you are blowing the greatest chance we have ever had to take back this country for progressives and the good people out there.

This is the fucking Supreme Court, people. Those people serve for life and they tend to live a long time. Scalia’s been there almost 30 years, Thomas for 25. Get a clue.

No One is Pure

Finger wagOver the last few weeks, some PUBs and professional lefties have been bringing up the fact that Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl” back in 1964, thereby implying that she’s not a “true Democrat.” Likewise, a great many people have been complaining for months because Bernie Sanders isn’t a “real Democrat” because he had run as an independent for so many years, despite the fact that he’s always caucused with Democrats and was a key vote on hundreds of Democratic-sponsored bills.

You want to know why progressives are always on the outside, screaming at the system? It’s because the loudest portion of the movement is always demanding a level of purity from all candidates that is absolutely impossible to aspire to. For all of their caterwauling about who’s “pure enough” to be a “real progressive,” the fact of the matter is, none of them could ever pass the kind of test they demand everyone else pass. They complain that a candidate is “dishonest” because they’re promising something they don’t agree with, at the same time their candidate is promising something they can’t deliver. They talk about “principle” constantly, but really, what “principle” is fulfilled when your rhetoric makes it more likely that Republicans will win elections? If you think I’m speaking from my anus, I have all but about three election cycles in 40 years to prove me right.

The fact of the matter is, no politician is “pure” by everyone’s standards. I mean, I would hope you would agree that the standards of the average Trump voter are different than the standards of the average Bernie or Hillary voter. Clinton and Sanders aren’t all that different stylistically or politically; it takes serious digging and nitpicking to come up with huge differences between the two and complaining about one or the other does no one any good. IN fact, it gives the GOP their only chance to win.  Everyone can complain about everyone, if they want to dig deeply enough; that’s why we rational people assess the overall record and not obsess over every single Congressional vote.

Bernie23Think Bernie’s perfect? Well, I would agree he’s really good, but, like all politicians with a constituency that doesn’t agree with them 100% on everything, he has done things that make a purity progressive scratch their head, like voting to allow gun makers to avoid liability for their product, voting against comprehensive immigration reform.

Hillary23Think Hillary’s perfect? Again, I think she’s really good, but she did vote for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act and she missed a lot of votes in the Senate while she was running for president, even before Obama posed a significant threat.

In other words, neither one is pure. And neither one is pure for a very basic reason; no one is pure. Even politicians and liberal pundits who PUBs and professional lefties have decided to practically worship couldn’t pass the purity test they require of Hillary Clinton and every Blue Dog who used to be in Congress. No one is pure, and I mean no one. When President Obama was trying to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, progressive icon Russ Feingold, along with Ed Schultz’s bestest buddy Byron Dorgan and Chuck Schumer voted against it. I know a lot of the professional left whines about Schumer these days, but he has one of the most liberal voting records in Congress.

As for the complaint that Hillary is a (gasp!) former Republican, well, she was a Goldwater Girl when she was 16. How would you like to be judged for the rest of your life for what you did when you were 16? Besides, you might be surprised at how many “iconic” liberals used to be Republican.

  • Thom Hartmann – yes, that’s right, the guy who brought Bernie Sanders to all of us on his radio show is basically in the same boat at Hillary Clinton. If you’re going to claim Hillary Clinton may as well be a Republican because of her activities for Goldwater, then you’ll have to do the same with Thom. When he was 13, he campaigned for Goldwater with his father, who was a hardcore Republican at the time. Yes, I know, he was only 13, but that’s the point, isn’t it?
  • Ed Schultz – Eddie is considered a hardcore liberal now, but when he started his talk radio career in 1992, he was pretty much a Rush Limbaugh “conservative.” He didn’t actually become a liberal, according to him, until 1998, when he was in his mid-40s, when he toured North Dakota and realized he was on the wrong track.
  • Markos Moulitsas – The founder of the Daily Kos, which is worshipped by PUBs as a professional left beacon, was once a Republican. In fact, this staunch liberal, who many PUBs look to for a definition of “progressive” was so staunchly Republican that he worked for Henry Hyde in 1988, when he was 17. And if you think Goldwater was reprehensible, consider that Henry Hyde is the man for whom “The Hyde Amendment” was named and that he was a key member of the Judiciary Committee that voted to impeach Bill Clinton.
  • David Brock – The founder of Media Matters for America, the go-to for corrections of all things right wing media, although they’re fair and also note when left media gets it wrong. He was not only a right winger, but he was a right wing hit man of sorts for the Scaife cartel, which made the Koch Brothers look like pikers. It was his orders to write a hit piece on Hillary Clinton, in fact, that brought him to the light, when he discovered she wasn’t as bad as they said.
  • John Yarmuth – Rightly praised as a progressive congressperson from Kentucky, Yarmuth, which is the same age as Hillary Clinton, was a Republican until 1985. Although something of a liberal Republican, his Republican roots are deeper than Clinton’s.
  • Carolyn McCarthy – One of the most liberal members of Congress for many years, especially when it came to guns, she was a Republican until 1995, when she was spurred to change when her husband was one of the six killed and 19 injured while riding a commuter train on the Long Island Railroad in 1993 and the GOP lined up with the NRA against her.
  • Elizabeth Warren – Yes, THAT Elizabeth Warren. The professional left icon and darling, like Hillary Clinton, was once a Republican. Well, kind of like Hillary Clinton, anyway. See, while Clinton abandoned the GOP for the Democrats in 1968, Warren took her time and waited to join the Democrats in 1995.

Unicorn 23Someone on Twitter just this morning told me “Your past determines your future and if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it.” As I told her, that’s absurd. My past helps mold me, it doesn’t define me. I did some stupid shit when I was 16 and I would hate for that to define who I am. And if you think you can predict what someone else will do in the future by looking 52 years in the past, especially when the interim 52 years defies that contention, you’re not dealing with the real world.

No one is perfect. No one is pure. If you are going to dismiss candidates for office because your candidate is better, that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re preparing to judge them based on their lack of perfection and purity, well, you should know your attitude is the reason progressives don’t gain ground.

Who Gets to Be “Progressive”?

(Okay, before I start, I’ll remind everyone that PUB refers to “Progressive Unicorn Brigade,” those (usually white) “progressives” who demand perfection from Democrats. (I’m not a fan of the term “emoprog.”)

NixonI have been a progressive my entire life. Well, almost my entire life; when I was 10, the Nixon-Agnew people thought I was cute and they slapped a straw hat on my head and asked me to hand out bumper stickers in front of their headquarters, in the old Equitable Bank building on the corner of East Drive and Sulphur Spring Road, about two blocks from my elementary school. But when I was 14, in 1972, I did some canvassing and made some phone calls for the McGovern campaign. In any case, I was a liberal then and I’m probably even more liberal now. At the top of this page, you’ll see a “Progressive Mission Statement,” which are all things I believe wholeheartedly, expressed as positive memes that we could use to, you know, actually win elections. I’m as liberal as anyone out there.

I just happen to be pragmatic. All that means is, I realize that everyone doesn’t feel the way I do and that we need to compromise to get things done. I realize that we can’t employ the same sort of rhetoric as the right wing and expect to have any political success. Because of that, I suppose that makes me somewhat moderate on some level. Yes, I know this makes the heads of many PUBs’ heads explode, but it is quite possible – in fact, preferable, if we’re being honest – to be both progressive and moderate. There is no place in a democratic political system for intolerance of anyone except extremists. Continue reading

Guest Post: Ted Cruz is Ineligible!

The following post is from a regular caller to The Stephanie Miller Show known as Sue in Rockville. She is extremely smart and she’s right on about this, which is why I worry less than most about the Iowa results. – Milt

Ted Cruz is Ineligible to Run for U.S. Presidency

obama-cruz-birth-certificateMany legal scholars from Lawrence Tribe at Harvard Law School, Mary B. McManamon of the University of Delaware’s Widener School of Law & Robert N. Clinton from Arizona State University agree that Senator Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for the U.S. Presidency.
They have been basing their opinions mostly on their interpretations of the U.S. Constitution’s  Article Two clause regarding “natural-born” citizens. That issue, however, is secondary to Canadian Law as that is where they were living when Ted Cruz was born in Calgary.
I have been researching Canadian Immigration Law between 1947-1977 and agree with them based on the following:
  1. Raphael & Eleanor Cruz emigrated to Canada sometime in the 1960s and in 1968 Mr. Cruz became a naturalized Canadian Citizen.  It appears that Eleanor, by virtue of her marriage, automatically also acquired citizenship one year later. Raphael Eduardo (Ted) Cruz was born December 22, 1970. We have never seen their Marriage License, so I am unsure of their actual date of marriage, as both were in process of getting divorced from other people.
  2. Until the 1977 changes to Canadian Immigration Law, no dual citizenship was permitted, which means Mrs. Cruz would have had to relinquish her US Citizenship, which means Ted was born to two Canadian parents. If she did not do so, she would have had to file documents that we have yet to see.
  3. If she wanted to be sure Ted was American she needed to file a Consular Record of Birth Abroad (CRBA). We have never seen such a document. Does it exist?
  4. Upon their return to the U.S. around 1974-1975, I assume that Eleanor renounced her Canadian citizenship, reclaimed her U.S. citizenship and had Ted naturalized. Again, no documents have ever been released.
It has been almost impossible to get the U.S. Corporate Media interested  in this issue, which is highly suspicious considering the amount of time & ink they gave to the utter fraud of trying to deny President Obama’s Citizenship and his right to run and be elected.
We need an expert in Canadian Law to help us understand naturalized citizenship prior to 1977 and until these issues are cleared up, Senator Cruz must produce all documents or withdraw!
If you would like to write a guest column for the PCTC blog, it’s easy. Just contact me through our email: Easy.

#IowaCaucus Post-Mortem

I Vomited stickerMy Twitter and Facebook feeds are exploding this morning, the morning after the Iowa Caucuses, which I should remind everyone mark the first votes of the primary season and which apportion but a small number of the delegates needed to win a party nomination. The level of freak out may be unprecedented, if I’m being kind.

On the GOP side, there is the glee with which most people are noting what was effectively a huge Donald Trump loss. For the first time in the entire campaign, he reacted to something with humility; he even Tweeted about no one ever remembering who came in second. (Awwwwww…) But just as many people are freaking out over the fact that Ted Cruz “won.” First of all, he received less than 28% of the vote, which means more than 72% of Republicans didn’t vote for him. Plus, his “win” creates urgency for those who are wondering if his Canadian heritage will disqualify him. Cruz’s “win” will be short-term. Also in GOP land, Marco Rubio and the GOP hierarchy both heaved a sigh of relief; they were the clear winners yesterday. When Cruz’s delegates are released, they will likely go to Rubio, as will the delegates from most other candidates when they drop out. In Rubio, you see a clear front runner emerge, and it’s neither Cruz or Trump, which is good for democracy. Continue reading

How Gullible Are You?

I know many people who will read this will hate it, but hey; when your job is to cut the crap, sometimes you piss people off. No one said this would be pretty.

I’ve talked about the silliness inherent in believing that you can have a “revolution” in a free country where most people seem concerned about which athletes are taking drugs and in the latest shenanigans of Kim/Kanye/Bieber. And I speak constantly of the ridiculousness of thinking the professional left knows anything about politics, when doing things their way has led to 40 years of increasingly right-leaning government. And I can’t believe how many times I have to dispel the notion that both major political parties are essentially the same.

I am so sick of gullible memes, I want to scream. Seriously, we can’t make political progress if our side harbors such a deep level of gullibility.

Gullible peanutsIn this column, I want to address this notion that Hillary Clinton is somehow a “dishonest corporatist Wall Street shill” or some other such gullible nonsense. The argument basically says that Clinton can’t be trusted because, somehow, she’ll turn the government over to “Wall Street” (whatever the hell that actually means) and let them run the government into the ground.

Let’s start with the obvious.

There is no such thing as “Wall Street.” I mean, Wall Street does exist, but it’s the name of a street in lower Manhattan and it is the home of pretty much nothing but investment firms. Not a whole lot in the way of corporate policy comes out of “Wall Street” and if it wasn’t for Republicans winning too many seats, they wouldn’t be making governmental policy, either. The same can be said of the word “corporatist.” A lot of individuals, including a great number or liberals, have created corporations, so what does that even mean, really? Continue reading

The Inanity of “Revolution.”

About once a month, something comes across my Facebook feed along the lines of, “I don’t know how the hell we children of the 1950s and 1960s survived. We were tough and we did all kinds of things that are considered really dangerous these days and, as a result, we have created some of the greatest inventions of our time.”

What that idealistic view fails to mention is that the child mortality rate is about 80% lower than it was back then. It also fails to mention that, for the last 40 years, those kids who grew up to create cell phones, the Internet and “hoverboards” also created a political framework that makes life far more difficult for most Americans. In other words, a lot of us did not actually survive and those who did survive are responsible for perpetuating racism, forcing our kids into a life of crushing debt just so they can go to college and increase their job prospects and have allowed wages to deflate to the point that it’s harder to make a living than at any other point in our history.

In other words, once again, we see the failing of pure idealism. Continue reading

Reality and “Corporate Interests”

Ashamed GOPI am growing very tired of the asinine argument that we’re no longer a democracy because we’re supposedly dominated by “corporate interests.” It is especially tiresome that so many people make this argument without giving any actual specifics. Of course, the reason there are no specifics is because the concept is absurd.

Every single citizen of this country has the right to vote, unless they have been convicted of a felony. That’s everyone; even those who suddenly have to jump through a few extra hoops in recent years in order to do so. However, since 1980, too many people are opting to not exercise that right, in part because so many “intelligent” people have told them their vote doesn’t count. That’s not the only reason, of course, but ask yourself this question; if you are told often enough that slogging through the snow on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November to cast a vote won’t matter in the end because “corporate interests” have hijacked the vote, why would you show up? If you are told repeatedly that “both parties are the same” and that “Democrats are as bad as Republicans,” where would you find the enthusiasm to bother to stand in a long line and cast a vote, even if you already know that the Republican Party is the party of selfish, obnoxious dicks? Continue reading

What the #SOTU Was Really About

Obama SOTU 8-1Last night’s State of the Union address was one of the most unusual, at least in my lifetime, but the reasons were good and valid and very welcome. In the past, presidents have tended to use the speech to craft a wish list for Congress to help them pass, but this one was crafted as a major “Screw You!” to a Republican Congress that he knows damn well won’t do anything to help him accomplish anything positive for the American people.

And for the record, you PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) out there, he’s always known this; this is not a naïve moron; he’s known all along. What he was trying to do for the last seven years is to let American voters know this, so they’d swap out the Republicans for people with brains. Unfortunately, whereas we should have been behind him all along as he tried to propagate this message, instead the professional left and PUBs yelled at HIM and suggested HE was somehow too stupid to understand that Republicans were dead set against him. Continue reading

The Infantilism of American Discourse

This blog has a fairly active Facebook page, although I would like it to be more active, folks, so have at it. Because of this, my personal Facebook page is largely devoid of politics. Once in a while, I’ll throw something up there, but not often. Of course, there are times when I see something that is worth sharing on the PCTC Blog Facebook page, but I forget to click on a button or two and it ends up on my page by accident.

socratesA few weeks ago. I saw now-defunct presidential also-ran Lindsey Graham’s comments about Donald Trump and I shared it and made a few comments about it, noting that I would really like to appreciate what little Lindsey was saying about how Trump was ruining his Party, but the fact of the matter is, nothing Trump is saying is really that unusual; it’s all been said repeatedly by Republicans for years; it is Republican orthodoxy.

After posting that, I went offline for a few hours and watched a movie or something; I don’t really remember every detail of my downtime, to be honest. All I remember is that I went back online later, to find that I had posted that article and my comments on my page, instead of the blog’s page. Now, most of the time when that happens, I notice it relatively quickly and I end up moving it or deleting it before someone  comments, but this time a few people had “liked” it and one person had commented. The comment was insipid and indisputably right wing. Continue reading

Gunloons Gone Wild

Tyranny 1I’ve been talking about this for years on this blog and elsewhere, and it’s finally starting to take hold. President Obama has finally done what should have been done a while ago, precisely because Congress won’t do anything at all to reduce the number of gun deaths in this country, which are right around 30,000 every single year. For perspective, that’s more than ten times the number of people who were killed on 9/11 every single year, and we now stand in long lines, take off our shoes, jackets and belts and undergo body cavity searches at the airport, 15 years after that event if we want to fly anywhere.

And before those on the right start spouting off about “tyranny,” let me just tell you to shut the hell up, because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Continue reading

Good Thing These Terrorists are White

I tried to tell you this would happen and it’s happening.

terrorist 5There are so many images swirling around about this armed standoff in Oregon, but the one I can’t get over is the fact that these are white people and so many people seem relieved by that fact. I mean, there are still many who claim there is no such thing as “white privilege” — including a number of “progressives” I know — but here it is, right there in front of your eyes. Do you still deny it? How can you? Look at this? Even I called it an “armed standoff!” When black people gather for a peaceful protest, it’s referred to as a “riot,” but when 150 white guys take over federal land and threaten to shoot anyone who trespasses, it’s an “armed standoff.” Got it? White privilege knows no bounds.

I mean, how does this shit differ from Daesh, exactly? Continue reading

Progressive New Year’s Resolutions

New Years 1Unlike most people, apparently, I am usually really good at keeping New Year’s resolutions. It’s probably because I don’t make any that won’t improve my quality of life, and also because I really don’t have any major vices. I occasionally eat too much red meat, but I usually keep everything in balance to the extent possible, so that it’s not quite as bad as it could be. It’s not Iike I eat nothing but fast food and fry everything I make. But I don’t smoke anything, I don’t do any kinds of drugs (I haven’t even had a prescription since I was about 15 and I haven’t smoked pot since I was 14) and while my weight has been a slight problem lately, the problem is about 30 pounds; I’m not completely unhealthy.

Actually, I have one vice and my resolution for 2016 is to give that up for good. I have a tendency to post far too often in fora in which the average IQ seems to be at or below 80. I don’t do it a lot, mind you; I’m too busy to do it too often, but even an hour every few days makes it seem as if the brain cells are melting away and I don’t need that going into one of the most important elections in modern history. Continue reading

Saturday Night is Alright for Debating

I will talk about the debate itself in a separate post, but in the meantime…

At last night’s Democratic debate, we saw a field of candidates that is uniformly excellent, and we saw a discussion that was long on policy discussions and short on personal vitriol. And yet, numerous progressives are all over social media constantly complaining because there aren’t enough debates and whining because the debate was held on a Saturday night. Both of these complaints are examples of why progressives lose big in the electoral process. Let me explain.

It is up to each individual campaign to increase their candidate’s profile, it’s not up to the news media to do it for them. If your campaign is waiting for the news media to notice you, you have a functional problem with your campaign. A fatal flaw, in fact. “More debates” doesn’t increase anyone’s profile enough to turn them into a winner and, in fact, too many debates can have the opposite effect. There was a point in the 2008 election cycle when people groaned  when another debate was announced; it was pathetic. And in 2012, there were more than 20 Republican debates and their nominee still lost badly. While many think in terms of pure numbers and they see Republican debates drawing huge numbers and worry, if they would step back and think about it, they would note that what most people see with each debate is a GOP that is hopelessly out of touch, hopelessly moronic and which has been turned into an episode of the Donald Trump Show. I’ll get to this later, but if you think Bernie Sanders doesn’t get any media love, pity every Republican candidate who isn’t Donald Trump. Continue reading

Repost: How to Win on Climate Change

One of the main purposes of this blog is to correct the record, but it has a secondary purpose, as well; I want toPUBs win elections and get the current incarnation of the Republican Party out of power and restore sanity to government. And one major reason we keep losing is because we don’t have a cogent message to present to voters. Instead, we see the outrage in an action someone takes or something someone says and because we’re outraged, we expect that everyone else is also outraged. Then, when someone isn’t sufficiently outraged, many on our side become outraged at the lack of outrage because, dammit, they should have been outraged.

If the above seems confusing, well… now you know what most voters think when our professional left and their perpetual outrage machine comes at them. It’s also a key reason so many of them they stay home on Election Day. Of course, the professional left and the PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade — that strain of lefties who keeps demanding a unicorn that farts glitter and express their constant disapproval when they only get a thoroughbred to vote for) believe that everyone should feel a duty to vote and anyone who doesn’t is abdicating their civil responsibility, so they are summarily dismissed as unimportant and the current incarnation of Republicans marches to victory after victory.

There is no greater example of our political failure than when it comes to climate change. Continue reading

#GOPDebate Post-Mortem: Don’t Let Them Near the Foreign Policy!

GOP field 2016I couldn’t bring myself to watch last night’s Republican “debate” in real time, so I blew through a rerun later on. I skipped through a lot of it, but the essence of it all was little more than simple-minded jingoistic horseshit.

No only are none of these people ready for the presidency, but I’m not sure any of them are prepared for life. Here’s the essence (read these like a stereotypical caveman in a stupid movie for best effect):

  • Middle East messed up cuz Obama!
  • Syria and Assad BAD, cuz Obama and Clinton!
  • Libya BAD, cuz Obama and Clinton!
  • Iran BAD, Iran deal BAD, Iran epitome of EVIL.
  • Israel GOOD.
  • Military and bombs GOOD.

The most irritating thing about the entire foreign policy “discussion” was the bipolar nature of the beast and just how little ALL of these candidates know about any of it. Continue reading

America the Irrational

If you have virtually any fear at all that a brown-haired, bushy-bearded “terrorist” is about to stand in the town square and explode a bomb or enter the area and start shooting, you really need a clue. Just. As importantly, if you believe that threatening Muslims and taking away their rights will lessen that possibility,, well, that fear is not rational; it’s a fear that your right wing Republican Party has instilled in you because their base is irrational morons and they’re playing to them because it’s the only chance they have of winning anything political, and that is all they care about, if we’re being honest.

Fear is one of the most powerful tools humans have when it comes to avoiding disaster, but it should appear sparingly. If a bus is barreling down the street and headed straight for you, of course you should be afraid. If you’re about to get on an elevator and an alarm goes off inside, listen to it and take the next elevator because your instincts are trying to tell you something. Likewise, it is absolutely natural for you to be apprehensive when you see three rednecks walk into the Target  carrying assault weapons and want to leave. Those are all rational fears.

But this country is too often not ruled by rational fear. Continue reading

You Can Relax: Trump Will Never Win

Everyone needs to chill. Donald Trump has absolutely no chance of ever becoming president.  Not only is his racist fantasy, designed to do, well, something (I don’t know what, to be honest…).

I know… some of you think back to 2000, when Al Gore couldn’t lose and yet, he did, but a lot has changed since then, and this election is shaping up to be pretty much the opposite of that one.  For example, if there will be a “Third Party” candidate, it’ll be Trump and the Tea Party maniacs he is attracting with his nonsense will essentially kill even the slight chance any Republican has of winning the presidency next year.

TrumpholeThere are still about 14 candidates and, out of those 14, Trump is the only one besides Jeb Bush with anything approaching 100% name recognition. Despite that, he still barely polls 30% of those who are not afraid to self-identify as Republicans. But keep in mind, not a single primary vote has been cast and that changes everything. Polls right now are part of the silly season; they are fodder for “the media” and “political junkies” and nothing more. And frankly, if you think the people who respond to pollsters have any decision-making powers when it comes to the GOP nominee, then you haven’t been paying attention. Even voters only have limited say in who wins the GOP nomination. This is something that even “political junkies” have a problem understanding; the primary process is not like a standard election; it’s the party itself choosing who should be its standard-bearer and while they like the democratic process, for the most part, it leaves too much to chance. For example, consider all of those states in which “political junkies” worked hard to create “open primaries,” which is the dumbest thing ever created. Imagine you’re the DNC or the RNC; do you want members of the other party strongly influencing the choice of nominee? Of course not. You don’t want that any more than you want teabaggers choosing a nominee who can’t possibly win a General Election. Continue reading