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No One is Perfect, But Especially Bernie Stans

No candidate has ever been perfect. I mean, none. That includes FDR, whose campaign in 1932 wasn’t as “progressive” as the current far left would have you believe. Even after he was elected, FDR was very fiscally conservative, which is why we didn’t start to emerge from the Great Depression until we started gearing up for World War II. His “New Deal” was brilliant, of course, but his idea to pack the Supreme Court was pretty damn stupid and actually worthy of the modern GOP.

There is a reason it took about an extra decade to fix the unemployment mess back then, and why we slipped into a second recession in 1937, before emerging from economic hell with the emergence of the modern military. It’s because FDR refused to accept the Keynesian model of economics, which we now know is better for everyone. Instead, the government operated from the belief that any positive changes in the economy had to come from the private sector. They didn’t go as far as to accept the “trickle-down” nonsense, otherwise known as supply-side economics, but the Democratic Party was fiscally conservative enough to believe that government couldn’t create jobs and economic growth. Does that sound familiar? Of course, many of the Democrats from that era became Republicans later in life, so that explains why those idiots believe that way.

All this is to support the concept that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. I say this for the benefit of the Bernie Stans, who believe they have found the perfect candidate, just because he says everything they want to hear. And when they are reminded that Bernie is not a Democrat, they always trot out the very old and stringy argument, “…but he’s an FDR Democrat.”

Just as Lincoln was s great (not perfect) president for his time, FDR was a great president for his time, after the GOP crashed the economy and did nothing as the unemployment rate topped 24%. A great president for our time will have to be a lot different than the idealized version of FDR that has been created by the professional left as an ideal for the group of white liberals who think this is still 1967. You know, the Bernie Stans. I mean, Bernie’s rhetoric is straight out of 1967, and they fawn over him for it, so it’s not a stretch to believe they are also stuck in a time warp, just as Bernie is. All this talk about “establishment Democrats” is both irritating and inappropriate, but they seem unable to change their tune, even slightly.

For example, Bernie Stans still think “campaign finance reform” is the most important issue, while most people think the most important issues are healthcare and wages. And when it comes to racial issues, Bernie Stans are stuck with pointing out that a higher minimum wage and “Medicare for All” will help People of Color most of all. No matter how many times Black people point out that their treatment by police is the most important issue, the Professional Left and the Bernie Stans will say “uni uh” and scream “$15 an hour!” Or “Medicare For All!”

The irony in all of this is, they want perfection from politicians, but they support someone who is the opposite of a perfect politician, and they are willing to lie in support of him. Not a week goes by in which I don’t have to correct their standard line that “Democrats are corporatists!” And they support it with figures they cull from OpenSecrets, the fine organization that compiles FEC information about politicians at all levels.

If only these people understood what the numbers actually mean, they might be able to support an argument. But they don’t understand it and they really don’t care about the truth. For example, a Bernie Stan was trying to label several 2020 Democratic candidates as “corporate shills,” as opposed to Bernie, and they used a couple of figures from Open Secrets to “prove their point. The problem is, they seem to have forgotten to read this disclaimer:

        Why (and How) We Use Donors' Employer/Occupation Information

    NOTE: Federal-level numbers are for the 2020 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on 06/21/19.

    Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center:

In other words, folks, the companies listed come from donor records collected by the FEC, which means they indicate who the donor wrks for. For example, in these figures, a contribution from a janitor who makes $10 an hour emptying waste baskets at Goldman Sachs will look like Goldman Sachs itself donated. Got it? That changes the entire context of the donations.

It is an absolute fact that large corporations support Republicans by a factor of almost four-to-one. When you look at Democrats overall, their largest support comes (or will come, this time) from organized labor. Close behind are trial lawyers, academics and education, retired folks and the tech industry, none of which are flat-out evil. The fossil fuel industry and the banking industry, among others, are near the bottom when it comes to support for Democrats.

Put simply, when you say stupid shit like, “the corporate Dems are just as corrupt as the Republicans,” you are combining two very stupid lies into one huge lie, and you are helping Republicans win. Good job. That’s the only way we’ll get a second Trump term.

We Have to Forget “Normal” for 2020

If you’re a political junkie and you haven’t figured out that “normal” is over by now, I feel sorry for you.

In the wake of the first Democratic “debates,” I’m seeing all sorts of comments like, “I can’t wait until (favorite candidate) tangles with Trump in the general election debates; s/he will wipe up the floor with him.”

Yeah, well…

Might I remind you that Hillary Clinton won all of her debates, hands down, according to virtually every political expert and, more importantly, every poll. And yet, here we are, stuck with a giant orange toddler sitting in the Oval Office and doing stupid shit daily.

I am not saying we can’t win. I think we will win, in fact. However, we can’t expect that traditional things will matter. The only thing that matters is that more people turn out to the polls to vote and that all “progressives” and regular liberals commit to vote for the Democrat, whoever wins the nomination. That means EVERY Democrat, no matter who it is. No more hissy fits because Bernie didn’t get 4 million votes. No are trashing the frontrunner because they are not “pure enough.” No more passing around 30-year-old right wing produced lies about the Democrat.

We have to throw normal out the window now. By next year’s election, we will have had four years of this cruel anti-American moron running the Executive Branch like he did his failure of a Trump Organization, and four years of acting like a cross between a colic-y baby and a pissed off middle schooler. He has pissed off every ally we ever had and he’s put the existence of our democracy in mortal danger.

What I’m trying t say is, everything we used to know and understand about politics is out the window, at least for this election. How a candidate sounds in a debate won’t matter at the presidential level, the policies and platform that a candidate or party espouses won’t make a difference, again, at the presidential level. That doesn’t mean these things don’t matter at all; it just doesn’t matter in the race for president.

We still have to deal with normal to a certain degree in other races, especially at the state and local level. However, since the Republican Party has shown itself to be completely amoral, we have to make it clear they can no longer run government at any and every level. Their entire ideology, such as it is, has to be banished from the government for a very long time.

What this means to progressives is, we have to put aside our quest for purity for a while, especially at the presidential level. There is nothing more important in this election than getting the giant orange menace out of the White House, but getting his enablers the hell out of the government is right behind that mission. And make no mistake; while some more moderate Republicans in private life are not anti-American values, the vast majority of the Republicans who occupy positions in government are not serving anyone but their corporate masters; they have neither a desire nor a compunction to serve the public at large.

They all have to go. My grandparents (I’m 61) banished them from government for causing the stock market crash nd they stayed out of office for most of the next 50 years. And those Republicans, while stupid as hell about economy, were not nearly as anti-American as the current GOP.

Forget “normal.” Everything has changed. Everything is about getting the rot out of government. That has to happen before we can move forward with the many progressive policies we all want. Nothing about what’s happening in our government is “normal.” Republicans are doing things that are absolutely abnormal. Putting the Senate in the hands of Democrats, increasing the size of the Democratic Caucus in the House, and putting a Democrat in the White House are all essential, but so is getting rid of Mitch McConnell and as many of the Republican state governors and legislatures as is humanly possible is almost as important as getting rid of the fat orange middle schooler.

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