43 Days to Go: Your Vote Will Matter, So VOTE!

There are so many otherwise intelligent liberals expressing concern that, if Trump loses the election 43 days from now, he won’t relinquish control and will try to stay president.

I’m sorry, but such a belief is nothing but insane. According to federal law, the current “president’s” term ends at noon on January 20, 2021. Trump may WANT to stay longer, but if the electorate votes his ass out, his ass is out. There is no legal way for him to stay beyond his term, and given that we have been spending trillions on “defense” over the years, we should be at least somewhat confident that we have the power to physically remove a fat moron from the White House when it’s time for him to leave.

I know I’m right about this, but we will eventually have to prove it by voting Trump’s sorry ass out of the office in the first place, and replacing every Republican possible, at both the federal and state levels. Liberals are always talking about “sending a message,” and this is our greatest chance to do just that during ur lifetimes. Just as our grandparents and great-grandparents ousted the Republicans from government for a generation, we have to do the same thing in 2020. That means voting. That means exercising the most important right we all have, as if we were about to lose it. And it shouldn’t be hard, since we’re closer to using it than we have ever been.

We may be divided, but one thing we all agree on, is that the ability to determine the direction of our country is sacred, and it is under attack by people who shouldn’t have ever been elected to anything, let alone the highest administration in the land. The entire Trump Administration is chock full of people who should never be allowed to work in government. The corruption of the Trumpers is complete and it is terrifying. It is clear that most would rather do Vladimir Putin’s bidding than the bidding of the American people.

This is our chance. It is ur opportunity to rid the federal government of the greatest scourge in its history and to start to return the federal government to the service of the American people and the states. Keep in mind; this is only the beginning; it will take decades to undo the damage done by the neocons over the last 40 years, since our political stupidity allowed St. Ronald of Reagan to replace Jimmy Carter as president, and then allowed the increasingly radical Republican Party to take over most of the federal government and a majority of state governments.

For some reason, the left side of the aisle has been taken in by an increasing number of conspiracy theories; an area that was once dominated by the right wing. But they’re all distractions. In the last few days, I have heard – from otherwise intelligent liberals – that reverse mortgages are aa “clever” way to steal homes and wealth from the elderly; that “Medicare for all” is the only way to make sure everyone gets health care coverage; and that Trump won’t go quietly if Biden wins the election. First of all, reverse mortgages are just mortgages, and the debt that the elderly take on is none of our business. Second, the goal is universal healthcare, and the vast majority of countries who have universal healthcare do not have “single-payer.” And third, I don’t care if Trump “goes quietly,” as long as he goes. In fact, I can’t say I wouldn’t be satisfied if Trump had to be dragged out by hundreds of Marines, kicking and screaming. I’d feel bad for Barron, but that’s about all. I would love to see him frog-marched from the White House, his hands packed full with subpoenas and summonses to appear in court. In fact, maybe we should also send his company a bill for all the extra money he has funneled into the Trump Organization’s coffers. He should be allowed the cost of one round of golf per week at a Washington, DC public course, and reimburse the Treasury for anything over that.

That’s it. You just have to vote. Check your registration now and make sure yours is current, and then make sure you show up and vote for Joe Biden. It doesn’t matter if Biden isn’t your favorite, or that you like someone else better. It is imperative that every American shows up at the polls and votes to remove Donald Trump and every Republican on the ballot. That means voting for Biden and every other Democrat on the ballot. We have a job to do this time, and the outcome is more important than easing your egg bag.

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93 Days to Go: We Can Win Red States; Here’s How

One of the reasons white progressives have been relegated to also-ran status in the body politic of the United States over the past 30-40 years is based on assumptions we tend to make about the electorate. One of those key assumptions is that we are being stopped from success by the fact that most people who live in “red states” will never vote for a Democrat. This, despite the fact that all “red states” were once blue states and had majority Democratic legislatures, Democratic governors, Democratic Senators and sent Democrats to the House.

This is just faulty thinking, and it has infected our thinking for so long, we can’t even consider winning in many states and districts. And it’s a key reason we lose most of the time in so many regions of the country. For instance, it’s one main reason Bernie Sanders loses so badly in the Democratic primary. On Super Tuesday 2016, Hillary Clinton absolutely cleaned Bernie’s clock, winning some primaries with upwards of 80 percent of the vote, but the “Bernie or bust” people dismissed those states, calling them “the old Confederacy” and dismissing those primary wins because Democrats had “no chance” of winning them in the General Election.

It’s this attitude that marks our doom. The loudest and most vocal white liberals thin they’re smarter about politics than everyone else, which means they think they can predict everything. The problem is, they seem to have no concept of how voters think. Their predictions are based solely on assumptions; assumptions that no one likes us, so there is nothing we can do electorally in more than half the states in the union.

These Unicorn Progressives think the only way we can win the democracy is to write off half the voters and tell everyone else how smart we are; that we can fix every problem by sheer willpower. We don’t try to understand them because our loudest contingent doesn’t think we can do so. The reason the Bernie faithful will always lose is because they’re in a distinct minority and because they write off everyone who isn’t a true believer. When they wrote off “the old Confederacy” in 2016, after Hillary Clinton received far more votes than Bernie is because they’re politically inane. Hillary Clinton won by a large vote margin because she appealed to Black voters, many of whom live in and love their states, regardless of the majority.

You see, this is why Black voters don’t really like most white liberals/progressives; white libs are too quick to relegate Black voters to the fringes, and to feel sorry for them for having to live in Red States. It doesn’t even occur to many white liberals that the reason so many Black voters are “forced” to live in, say, Alabama, is because so many white liberals abandon them because the Democrats choose candidates who are “not progressive enough,” so they cast their vote for a “third party” or “independent” with no chance to win. This, to the modern unicorn progressive, is their version of “sending a message” and it’s both wrong-headed and downright creepy. Since when does voting for someone without a chance of winning constitute “sending a message” to anyone? The only candidate who gets to make policy is the one who wins, so what message is being sent by the candidate who comes in a distant fourth? And meanwhile, the poor people and minorities we supposedly care most about get screwed by the Republican Right Wing candidate who wins and gets to impose his will on the electorate.

We can win in red states and districts every time. The idea that we can’t win and have to write them off is ridiculous and offensive. We have to do two things, and we can turn most of the country deep blue.

First of all, we have to highlight the actual record of the Republican Party. That should be easy, even on economic grounds. Red states tend to be very poor and pay far less to workers. They tend to ignore regulations designed to keep workers and people safe and secure. When it comes to running the entire country, look at their results. In the last 80 years, you won’t find a recession that was not caused by Republicans, and every single recovery was led by a Democrat. The last two recessions – the Bush recession and the current Trump recession – were caused by a combination of incompetence and Republican policies that put the needs f the extremely rich ahead of the needs of everyone else. They also place tax cuts ahead of every other policy, although their tax cuts always benefit the extremely rich, to the detriment of the average American taxpayer. That’s why Republicans always leave behind huge deficits for our grandchildren to clean up later. And their hatred of regulation and government responsibility is why they have completely punted the coronavirus pandemic response, and left the economy in shambles.

The other thing we have to do is to understand that having more than two viable political parties is impossible. Two viable parties is the best we can hope for in a winner-take-all system, which is what we have. Voting for an “independent” or a “third party” candidate is a waste of your vote in the vast majority of elections because there are only two viable political parties. Voting for someone who can’t win is a function of ego and nothing more. We may be able to make a current third party into a second viable party, but it will take many election cycles

We can win all 50 states, as long as we have a sense of political reality. Even the reddest state has a lot of liberals and minorities who are naturally inclined to agree with us.

The Trump Administration is making a huge mistake by treating California as an enemy wasteland because they feel as if Trump will never win it, because California also has more Republicans than any other state in the union. Let’s not make the same mistake, by writing off all “red states” because we think we can’t win. We can, and it’s not even that difficult.

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