Why Wait? Impeach Trump Now

I am with all those who dream mightily of the day when the Mueller Report is complete and law enforcement officers arrive at the White House to drag the entire Trump family off to jail. In our most fervent dreams, they will all pay dearly for dragging our democracy through the mud. They will all sit in a courtroom, looking somber in their orange jumpsuits, without spray tans and looking like they just want to end it all. Doesn’t that sound great? 

There’s just one problem: it’s a fantasy. 

I know, I’m usually really “happy-clappy,” as Stephanie Miller would say. My shtick is usually more like, we can do anything as progressives if we do it in a politically astute way. But, just as our fantasy in which Bush and Cheney would be frog-marched to Leavenworth didn’t work out, this one is unlikely to work out, as well. Sorry. 

We liberals really have to stop indulging our fantasies. Last week, one pundit suggested that the Mueller report may be “anticlimactic,” and the entire progressive movement lost its shit. This, despite the fact thatsaid pundit was probably correct. We are all fantasizing about seeing the Mueller Report when it comes out and reading about spy stuff worthy of a Tom Clancy novel when we may just get a recitation of facts that reads more like a typical court document. It’s entirely possible Mueller will conclude that Trump was an unwitting dope who Russian intelligence took advantage of. The narrative we have built up in our heads, in which Trump met with Boris and Natasha to set up this elaborate theft of our democracy may not be provable, even if it happened. Moose and Squirrel don’t always get the bad guys. It’s entirely possible (albeit improbable) that everyone AROUND Trump committed serious crimes, but not Trump himself. There is a serious difference between KNOWING someone did something and being able to prove that.

We are all sitting here, waiting with bated breath for the Mueller Report, as if that investigation will bear fruit that will put everyone we hate in jail and will cause the Drumpf family to lose everything. It’s entirely likely there is no way it could ever meet our fantastic dreams. I’m sorry totell the truth, but for Chrissakes, folks; I just read a story this morning from a professional left outlet in which they take the Democrats to task for not taking “campaign finance reform” seriously. I mean, Democrats have run the House for two weeks and there are a few hundred other issues that are MORE important right now. Ten years ago, this same band of geniuses was already ripping Obama and the Democrats new assholes for not repealing everything Bush did for eight years, and Obama hadn’t even taken office yet and there was a depression to prevent.

While I harbor the same fantasies of seeing Trump marched out of the White House in handcuffs, I realize they are just fantasies. The best way to get him the hell out of there is to impeach him. And before the professional and unicorn left naysayers start barking, I know; the Republican Party has a majority in the Senate and it will be difficult to convict and remove Donny, but so the hell what? It’s not impossible. Seriously; you can fantasize about seeing him marched into a van in handcuffs and his whole family sentenced to prison, but you can’t imagine a scenario in which 21 Republican Senators look at the evidence and decide they can’t tolerate him anymore? Come on…

We also cannot wait until Robert Mueller completes his investigation, for two reasons. For one thing, wedon’t know what will be in it, as noted. However, he also is committing impeachable offenses almost daily and we have to set standards for behavior for future presidents. In fact, more important than campaign finance reform is presidential behavior reform, in which we uphold actual standards and make sure a future president doesn’t embarrass us to the extent 45 has. Given the amount of damage this asshole has done on the world stage on our behalf, how can any actual liberal think campaign finance reform, free college andMedicare for All are the most important issues right now? You must be doing mind-altering chemicals, to be that out-of-touch.  

We should start the impeachment train now. We have enough on his ass right now to put together a good case that would sell to the public, which is the key to everything. Richard Nixon didn’t resign because of pressure from the Democratic Congress; a year-and-a-half earlier, he had won 49 states in the election, but as they made the case to the public that he was a crook, he transformed into the most hated politician in the country. Constituents were writing to their Republican Senators and enough Republican Senators had turned on him to make a conviction a foregone conclusion. 

That can work now, but we have to put aside our childish egos and focus on this effort. Consider what we have already:

  • An immigration policy that is completely unhinged and that treats asylum seekers as criminals, rather than victims.    
  • Thousands of migrant children in our custody being mistreated in makeshift jails, based on some insane “zero-tolerance policy” that makes no sense.   
  • Hundreds of thousands of government workers furloughed because Trump keeps making agreements and reneging on them regarding immigration and a border wall.    
  • Trump “canceled” a number of tradedeals without notice and without consideration of those who may be affected.    
  • Trump’s tariffs have cost the economy hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs, and they have left thousands of farmers without the ability to make a living.    
  • Trump has refused to put his assets into a blind trust and worse, he and his spawn continue to do Trump Organization business from inside the White House, on the taxpayers’ dime. 

The Trump Organization is profiting from his “election” to the presidency which goes well beyond the typical corruption we see all too often in Washington. Bush and Cheney funneled money to their cronies and supporters by handing them contracts related to the wars they started, but even they weren’t as blatant as the Trump Crime Family.  

  • Nearly every weekend, Trump and the family head to one of his properties to have a break. American taxpayers pay the costs of rooms and meals for their entire entourage to the Trump Organization.    
  • The Trump Organization owns the lease on the Old Post Office Building, they have transformed into a Trump hotel, and Donny has been booking foreign dignitaries, lobbyists and many others there since the day of his sparsely attended inauguration. That directly violates both the Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution, which prevents public officials from profiting from the work they do on behalf of taxpayers.   
  • Since the moment he rode down the escalator to announce his candidacy, Trump has primarily been appealing to the worst elements of our society, including white supremacists, xenophobes, misogynists and more. He hired people to monitor the callers to right-wing talk radio, to keep in touch with his “base” and he’s never stopped. At Charlottesville in 2017, he referred to people like this as “good people.”   
  • It is also clear that Donny doesn’t care to work for anyone who doesn’t love and adore him, which means he only represents the interests of about 20% of the American people, which amounts to rank negligence.

If you want more specific “high crimes,” consider:

  • For months he insisted, without evidence, that 3-5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election, and that they all voted for Hillary Clinton. He even wasted taxpayer money on an investigation, which the GAO later investigated.  
  • In July 2017, Trump encouraged law enforcement officials to violate the constitutional rights of suspects when he said, “When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, and I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice.’ Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over, like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody, don’t hit their head, I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK?’”   
  • Trump has repeatedly undermined the authority of the federal judiciary, making derogatory comments aimed at the many judges who have ruled against him on his half-assed executive orders, such as the Muslim Ban and his many orders regarding the southern border. He once even referred to a Latino judge derogatorily, suggesting that the judge couldn’t be fair duetohisHispanic surname.   
  • Trump has repeatedly referred to the free press as the “enemy of the people,” thus creating a hostile environment for journalists all over the country.   

Those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and little of it has anything to do with Trump and Russia and can be proven without the Mueller report. 

Just in the last couple days, Trump has had a temper tantrum over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to uninvited him from giving a State of the Union campaign speech during the shutdown. He even refused Pelosi the use of a plane to make a foreign trip as part of her job, instead allowing Melania to use the same plane as a ferry to the Trump property at Mar-a-Lago. It has become a security-based tradition to not force the official who is second-in-line to the president to fly commercial, especially for a diplomatic trip,which this was. The trip was also secret and Trump made the decision publicly, on the White House website, thus putting Pelosi at serious physical risk if she went on the trip anyway. 
Trump needs to go. It’s time we look at everything we have and lay it out for the public and impeach his sorry ass. I refuse to believe we can’t convict him, but even if we fail at that, everything will be out there and available to the public, which will ruin his minimal chances for a second term. Even that is better than the current trend of pretending the only thing we have is Mueller.  

The Squeeze

The “conventional wisdom” is that Republicans always march in lockstep on absolutely everything. Therefore, because that is true, it’s always possible to know what they will do on every issue.

What you need to know, however, is that “conventional wisdom” is rarely wise, and it is often incorrect. For example, there are obvious cracks in the Republicans’ strong exterior, and over the next two years, one can expect those cracks to become major fissures, if we, as progressives, do our job.

Yes, we do have a job to do, my fellow liberals. We can play a major role in the demise of the current version of the GOP. However, it will require some discipline and common sense; something we haven’t displayed very often in the past. It will require a major change in attitude and an acknowledgement that the past is not always indicative of what to expect in the future.

Yesterday, I was told by a fellow liberal that Democrats couldn’t stop the confirmation hearing for William Barr. Senate Democrats may not be able to, but that doesn’t mean WE shouldn’t try. In 2020, 22 Republicans will be up for reelection, at a time when Democrats will be making a major effort to replace either Trump or whoever has replaced him. Democrats in the Senate only need four of those 22 to join them to stop an appointment or a poorly conceived bill. It may be “too soon” to stop Barr, but we have to lose the assumption that we are powerless.

If you look closely, the lockstep nature of the current GOP is already changing. The Democratic House passed appropriations bills last week to reopen the entire government except for Homeland Security, and Mitch McConnell won’t hold a vote on them unless he can get Trump to agree to sign them. Think about that a minute; if he needs Trump to agree to sign, that means he knows they’ll pass. In fact, they might even pass with a veto-proof margin, even without the money for a border wall. If the GOP was in absolute agreement and in lockstep on the wall, he would hold a vote, they’d vote them down and a Trump signature wouldn’t matter.

Then, yesterday, 11 Republicans split with the party to uphold sanctions against Russians. They voted with Democrats to allow a bill to go forward that would reverse a Treasury Department decision made last month, to lift the sanctions, thus denying Trump of a major concession to Vladimir Putin. Some asshole filibustered, so it needed 60 to pass, but the message is clear; Republicans can be gotten to. For the record, all 11 are up for election in 2020. Now, this is not unprecedented; the GOP also broke with Trump over sanctions last year. However, it means cracks exist in the Republican machine.

We must stop assuming there is nothing we can do because Republicans only act a certain way. That is already starting to change, and that change will likely accelerate as we get closer to 2020.

The farther we go into the 2020 election season, the more likely it will be that the 22 Republicans who are up for election will start to feel nervous. The 50-state strategy will be in force again, and we all need to work to support every Democrat who is up for election to anything. Our only goal for 2020 is to get turnout way up again. Turnout in 2018 was the highest for a midterm in almost 50 years; if we can do that again, we can elect a Democrat as president by a landslide, gain another 30-40 seats in the House, and at least 5-10 seats in the Senate, as well as take back a lot of state legislative seats and governorships.

That’s all speculative, of course, and it depends on how we act in the next 22 months. We have to lose this Eeyore-style negativity, in which we think there is nothing we can do about anything because the GOP does everything as a bloc and that bloc is too big to stop. The Republican Party only controls about a quarter of the electorate, which means we have access to the other three-quarters. That means we have the ability to overwhelm them in every election.

Let’s take advantage of their position as a minority party, as well as the Democrats’ position as a majority party to make shit happen. As time goes on, the pressure on Republicans will become greater and greater and we can make them do things that would seem to go against their usual actions. If they confirm Barr as Attorney General, fine; then we put pressure on everyone to protect the Mueller Investigation. If we live in states with Republican Senators, we use our numbers to put the fear of God into them. We won’t win every time, but we can win a lot more often than if we don’t fight at all.

Times changed last November when our force of will got us the House and partially neutralized the Trump agenda. This is no time to stop and get back in self-destruct mode. Let’s go after these people; we outnumber them, so let’s act like it. Don’t assume we can’t get at least four Republican Senators to bend to our will on everything important. In fact, let’s assume we can. We need to squeeze these assholes and force them to drop Trump like a bad habit. And they will, once they get a glue that their adherence to GOP orthodoxy will cost them a seat.

It’s time to change the narrative. The GOP is the minority; never forget that and never stop treating them like it.

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Election Day: The Life of the Country Depends on Your Vote

There is only one reason to vote today, but it is the most profound reason anyone can think of. 

The democracy made a mistake in 2016 and elected a wholly incompetent sociopath to head the government. That’s NOT the reason.

For almost two years, Donny Trump has repeatedly embarrassed the United States. He has insulted our allies and embraced and even shown admiration for dictators. That’s NOT the reason.

For the last 40 years, most Americans have decided to not vote, or to vote for someone with no chance of winning. They have squandered the precious gift of the vote and allowed reprobates who don’t care about the country to have a disproportionate say in how the government is run. That’s NOT the reason.

Over the years, the series of checks and balances that we have come to depend on has been reduced to rubble. When the government does something stupid, which it does often, we are now wholly dependent on the courts to keep order and protect the Constitution. We have three co-equal branches of government for a reason. 

THAT is the reason. 

A vote for ALL Democrats today will begin to restore the checks-and-balances to our government and we will begin the process of restoring the democracy to the people. Just remember – today is only the beginning of the process. We’ve had 40 years to create this mess; we will not solve the problem in two years. 

VOTE like the life of the country depends on it because it does. 

Vote Tomorrow: Use It or Lose It

There are three absolute truths about democracy;

  1. You have to maintain it. You have to use your vote to keep the government in the hands of decent people, or you run the risk of losing it forever.
  2. Democracy is not an optional exercise. If you don’t vote, you are not doing your part as a citizen and you are in no way a patriot. 
  3. The more people who show up to exercise their vote in a democracy, the stronger that democracy is, the harder it is to usurp and the more likely it is that the will of the people is upheld. 

One of the key reasons we find ourselves with a government that seems broken is because we have taken it for granted for far too long. Too many people stay home every election day and it is doing really serious damage to the democratic underpinnings of this government and this society.  From 1932, when the democracy rejected Republicans for policies that caused, exacerbated and then maintained the depth of the Great Depression, until about 1970, turnout in presidential election years always topped 60 percent, while midterm election year turnout topped 50 percent. During that time, we recovered from the Depression, we helped win a major victory in Europe and in Asia over fascism and we built the most impressive economic machine ever. We elected mostly Democrats, with Eisenhower being the exception, and Eisenhower wouldn’t even be allowed in the Republican Party these days. 

Since then, most presidential elections have featured turnout at or just below 50 percent and midterms have always been around 36-38 percent. With most people not showing up, our country has been electing Republicans who have put their ideology and their party ahead of the country and have, in recent years welcomed a mild form of fascism as a way to keep power. It started with Saint Reagan, who thought he could cut taxes to bring prosperity, and failed miserably. An economy that had thrived under Democrats, was essentially hogin 1980tied by Republicans to the point that 3-3.5 percent unemployment had given way to such high unemployment numbers that Republicans convinced us that 5 percent represented “full employment.” 

And the government, which had reduced the size of the national debt as a percent of GDP from 120 percent right after World War II to 31 percent, was suddenly completely incompetent and unable to raise the money to pay the bills. Since 1981, only one President has presided over a budget surplus, and  only two have reduced the size of the budget deficit during their term in office. Those two would be named Clinton and Reagan. St. Reagan, both Bushes and the Trump have all presided over exploding budget deficits, even as their party refers to itself as “the party of fiscal responsibility.” 

These past few weeks leading to tomorrow’s elections, I have demonstrated just how awful Republicans are when it comes to governing. And I am not picking on Trump. Trump is an incompetent moron, but he could never have been nominated in the Democratic Party. To nominate someone that bad suggests there is a dearth of good candidates in the party. Trump was a natural result of a political party that has been recruiting the worst among us for a half century now. 

It’s time for everyone to vote. It is way past time for every reasonable person to vote for nothing but Democrats, and to do so for a while. 

This is important. Don’t think you’re going to wake up Wednesday morning and see an end result. Tomorrow’s election is just the beginning. It will take at least three elections to purge just the federal government of the current version of the Republican Party, and it will take even longer to purge them from everywhere. The current Republican Party has to re-make itself and it won’t do that until it loses and loses big. Yes, we still need two healthy major political parties, but we don’t have that now. To get a viable second party that actually cares about the American people and only thinks of the Democrats as a “loyal opposition” and not “the enemy” will require major losses and a complete rebuild, which means we may have to be a “one-party system” for a while. I don’t like it either, but that’s how it goes. 

Vote Blue tomorrow, no matter who. And just importantly, support them as much as possible for the next decade or so. Keep turning out and take great pleasure in purging right-wing Republicans from the government because that’s the only way to take our country back from people who shouldn’t even be allowed to control the TV remote.

Two Days to Go: Don’t Forget the Gun Problem

It’s only been eight-and-a-half months since the kids from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School suffered what would be seen as an unthinkable tragedy in virtually any other free country in the world. In response, many of the survivors rose up as a force on the political scene in a way I have never seen before, and I’ve been working on the gun problem for 35 years and I have a friend who lost a child at Columbine.

It’s simply not enough to be mad about the fact that our kids are not safe in schools. You also have to be royally pissed that, almost nine months later, Republicans, who currently run the federal government, have done absolutely nothing to mitigate the problem. And for the record, Republicans can stick their “thoughts and prayers” straight up their corpulent asses, because they have proven them meaningless. 

It would be bad enough if the Parkland massacre was the first and only school shooting of the year, but it was far from that. It happened on Valentine’s Day, the 45th day of the year, and about a dozen school shootings had already happened by then. By then, there had been more than 200 school shootings since the Sandy Hook tragedy, in which 26 human beings were shot and killed in an elementary school, including 20 babies under the age of 7. In the first 24 hours following Parkland, Republican politicians were desperately trying to make people think they gave a shit, even as they were proclaiming that no form of “gun control” would have prevented any aspect of this. Every Republican who spoke about this tragedy trafficked in this NRA-style horseshit. On the other hand, the minority Democratic Party was proposing reasonable solutions that would cut down on the numbers. 

Every one of these stories gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Bullets are flying all over and we’re all at risk, and yet, one entire political party does absolutely nothing about it and convinces their voters nothing can be done about it because of a completely fictional version of the Second Amendment, which apparently confers an absolute right on everyone to carry any gun they wish, without restriction. Someone I know actually took a bullet in his leg while waiting for a traffic light a few years back and, to this day, no one knows where is came from; it seems to have been a stray. And no, Republicans, this person does not live in Chicago. I weep for what is happening to my country with regard to guns, because I can’t help but imagine my son facing such terror when he was high school age, or worse, when he was in first or second grade, as were those tiny children who were mowed down while learning in the safety of their classroom.

Of course, then I get pissed when I am bombarded with the usual Republican bullshit arguments like the classic “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” and the variation on that, “We have to stop the people; guns are just the tools. Going after the tools won’t stop this.”  It’s the best they can do because even the staunchest gunloon knows deep down there is no excuse for allowing a pissed off 19-year-old to walk into a gun store and walk out with a gun and enough ammunition to shoot nearly three dozen children. 

Once again, let me clarify. When I use the term “gunloon,” it does not refer to all gun owners, but the people who live and breathe by their guns. These are people who believe anything the NRA tells them and who believe a gun possesses magical powers, like the power to keep everyone in the family safe just by being present in the home. These are people who don’t think there should be any restrictions on gun ownership because they imagine every gun owner is Rambo and every “bad guy” can be stopped just because someone nearby is armed. The vast majority of people who own guns are not gunloons and have the common sense to realize that some people should be restricted when it comes to access. 

We liberals should be winning this issue because we make sense. Nearly everyone in the country agrees with us on common sense gun control by now. And yet, we can’t we get the most basic gun control passed. And the reason is so simple, it should be maddening to every liberal in the country. Unfortunately, too many liberals, mostly the white and well-off types, have no common sense when it comes to politics. For instance, Bernie Stans and other unicorn progressives are always trying to convince me that Democrats and Republicans suffer from the same political uselessness. They refuse to admit that the Republican Party as hopelessly corrupt and downright anti-American. They portray the Democrats as basically carbon copies of Republicans and they promote the concept that BOTH major political parties are the problem, which is absurd. 

There is also the problem of messaging, as in, the professional left has no sense of what a political message should look or sound like. Just yesterday, I reposted my “liberal manifesto” and several of them sent me messages claiming I needed to be more detailed. “More detailed” is only good for “political junkies,” and the vast majority of voters are not that.

When unicorn progressives and professional lefties react to a school shootings or other mass shooting, they focus on the one particular gun used to perpetrate the crime, usually an AR-15, and they propose a ban on that particular gun. In some cases, they’ll suggest a ban on “assault rifles” or “military-style weapons,” which does not address any of the problems. Banning AR-15s and other “military-style weapons” would be like putting a finger bandage on a gaping belly wound. Then, there are those who think the solution has something to do with “addressing mental health issues,” as if all “mental health issues” are essentially the same. A lot of people have mental health issues, and most of them don’t shoot anyone. 

Unfortunately, the unicorn progressive types and the professional lefties all demand a simple solution to this and every problem, even when there is no such thing. This problem requires us to address what we all call the “gun culture,” which can’t be done by banning a few choice weapons. We need a strong gun control structure in place; one that limits the types of guns people can keep in their homes and implementing restrictions that serve to keep guns away from people who should not have them. More than anything, we have to try to address a societal problem through the use of a political solution, which means we have to make people have hope and feel safe, so they don’t feel the need to stockpile weapons in their homes.

We were actually on our way to becoming that progressive country back in the 1960s, but too many progressives lost their way and dropped out of mainstream politics. Well, guess what? It is time or ALL of you to drop back into the mainstream. The solution is to once again to get fully behind the Democratic Party and to work against the current version of the GOP. I know, many of you have a dream of a “progressive” third party, but you’ve had 50 years now, and you have done nothing. The key issue with regard to gun control is to make easy access to guns by people who simply should not have a gun a lot less easy. People who are angry about something should not be able to go to a gun shop and walk out with a weapon as easily as the rest of us go to Target and buy a toaster. However, we also have to deal with the concept that many Americans equate having a gun with their personal safety.

We have all seen the statistics. We all know about the Kellerman Study, which says that it is FAR more likely that a gun in the home will kill someone who lives there than an intruder. Because the Republican Party has had too much control for too long and is too beholden to the NRA, our society has come to believe that having a gun means a greater level of personal safety. Unfortunately, the liberal side of the politics keeps handing them elections. The Republican mindset has us spending far too much on drug interdiction and under GOP rule, there are too many laws on the books regarding personal behavior, and not enough about things that kill us, in part because they owe a major debt to the NRA.

Liberals, Tuesday’s 2018 midterm is part one of our chance to begin to change everything, although it will take a major change in our own mindset to make it happen. Our problem is that many progressives see every issue through a prism, wherein each individual event is separate from every other event, and every issue stands on its own as a problem with a simple solution.

Yes, we will have to change gun laws, to make it easier for law enforcement to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. But to do that, we’ll have to lose the “ban on guns” concept that tends to shut off debate. Mental health care is an issue, but that, too, will require a progressive change in mindset.  We have to build a society in which violence is unacceptable as a solution to a problem. For example, it’s disturbing that so many gunloons lump protection of their “stuff” in with the protection of their families as their rationale for needing the protection of a gun. If shooting someone to death to protect your big screen tv is acceptable by a large number of Americans, then you can’t say guns are the whole problem at all.

We also need to end the drug war, so that police can concentrate on actually keeping us safe. Ending the drug war would probably cut our gun-death rate by a large number, anyway, as well as provide us with more revenue to expand Obamacare and make mental health services available to even more people.

There is so much to do, progressives, and we’re the people to do it. We have the ideas, the only question is, can we create the political will to actually put them into action. I’ll be discussing ways to do that going forward.

We have to do this, for the children.