10 Days to Go: Democracy is About US, Not YOU

I just had an exchange with a white liberal friend this morning, who revealed to me for the first time that she did not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Instead, believing she lived in a “safe state,” she “voted her conscience” and chose a candidate to “write in.” And then, when I pointed out she effectively voted for Trump, which is absolutely true, she told me *I* was the problem with politics these days. What can I say; unicorn white liberals tend to be irrational when confronted with their narcissism. 

We do not have the luxury of that level of narcissism in our politics. And to be blunt, we really haven’t had that luxury for a really long time. Electoral politics doesn’t exist to make you feel good. It’s there to establish a government that will listen to us and do the right thing for all of the American People. Frankly, I don’t give a shit if you personally “liked” Hillary Clinton in 2016; she was who the democratic process chose as the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer, and the ONLY choices available who could actually land in the Oval Office and run the executive branch were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And “your conscience” should have forced you to make sure the only one of the two who actually was not insane won election. And if you voted for anyone but Hillary Clinton, you effectively voted to install Donald Trump as president. 

There are questions as to its authenticity, but Albert Einstein is often credited with defining insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It’s very true, so why are so many of the loudest voices in the progressive movement intent on proving they’re insane? One quote that is from Einstein is also appropriate here; “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” The professional left and unicorn progressives should heed that. For crissakes, white liberals; 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton; they must know something, right? 

Unicorn progressives don’t seem to notice that our movement has been stuck in neutral for a generation or longer, and I, for one, am tired of being on the outside looking in, politically speaking. It’s gone on too long, and the reasons for it are flat stupid. The unicorn faction and the professional left both seem hell-bent on self-destruction and I’m tired of them taking the rest of us down with them.  They are a distinct minority among progressives and many, if not most, are not even Democrats. When you confront them, they reveal they are “progressive independents.” They seem to operate from the perspective that the Democratic Party offers nothing for them, but they also think they’re the heart and soul of the Party, so what the hell do they know? 

That’s not what bothers me, though. What bothers me is their penchant for lying and narcissism. They complain, for example, that the Democrats have moved to the right since the 1960s and 1970s. This is not true, of course, but even if it was, what better way to move it to the left than to JOIN IT? 

Democrats didn’t really move right. At the same time the white liberal unicorn left abandoned the Democratic Party, so did Southern Democrats, and they made up about 20 percent of the Democratic Party at the time. Virtually every right-wing Democrat became a Republican, or at least voted that way, at the same time liberal Republicans (yes, unlike unicorns, liberal Republicans actually existed) left the GOP and became Democrats. Put simply, the concept that the Democratic Party has moved to the right is only true if time stopped in 1970, which seems to be the case for the professional left and the unicorn progressives. All that crap about Bernie Sanders being an “FDR Democrat” is pure bullshit, since even FDR wasn’t an “FDR Democrat,” based on the Bernie Stans’ definition.

The narcissism of the unicorn left is breathtaking, but more troubling is the fantasy. For example, they always talk about a “viable Third Party.” Well, if they want one, they’ve had almost a half-century to create one; why haven’t they? It’s because one of the key personality traits of this strain of white liberals is, for all their talk of “activism,” they really don’t believe in it. They are always waiting for “someone else” to do the hard work. They just like to bitch about things. Oh, they did try to copy Europe and imagined a United States version of a “Green Party,” but they made two fundamental mistakes. First of all, because they’re narcissists and lack patience, they decided to go for instant gratification and establish this new Green Party starting at the top. They started with President and ran a non-politician as their standard-bearer. Ironically, from the perspective of their constant take on 2016, they just installed Nader as their nominee, with no primaries or delegates or anything.  Ahem. 

The second mistake they made was an even bigger one. You see, the narcissist its ultimately childish, and believes in a binary world, in which everyone who isn’t with you is against you. You may recognize this trait in the current Orange Toddler sitting in the Oval Office. The pro lefties and unicorn progressives believe, since they were supporting Nader and the Green Party, they had to treat the Democratic Party as the enemy, so they attacked Gore mercilessly. This was a major reason Gore lost to the worst presidential candidate to that point in time, and it demonstrated that the white liberals who make up the “progressive independent” movement are irretrievably stupid when it comes to politics. if Nader and his horde had joined WITH Gore and the Democrats instead of attacking them, they could have served a dual purpose. First, they would have spared us two terms of George W. Bush, AND they would have gotten the five percent they were shooting for, to get permanent ballot status. 

They keep repeating this, too, and have been for a long time. This same white liberal faction deserves a large share of blame for electing Trump, because they spent two solid years lying about her and attacking her mercilessly. Then, they set up demonstrations at HILLARY’s Democratic Convention and continued to lie about her during the general election campaign. 

This has to stop. White liberals are NOT the “Democratic base.” You only think you are because of your rank narcissism. The view of politics demonstrated by the professional left and unicorn lefties is, pardon the expression, fucked up, because it is not based on reality. A recent study shows that you and the right wing combined make up less than 15 percent of the electorate; you have no call to demand a goddamn thing from anyone. All unicorn progressives do is disrupt the left and make it easier for the GOP to keep power.  You don’t “send a message,” you advocate for nothing anyone cares about and all you seem to do is dictate to others what you think should happen. 

Well, it needs to stop. Voting isn’t about you. Your vote isn’t a way for you to get your way. Your vote is a tool to participate in the democracy and to work with everyone else to get as good a government as possible. If you want to know what’s wrong with the system, look in the mirror. Black women are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, not white liberals. Therefore, unicorn progressives and professional leftists should really learn to sit the hell down and listen for a change, and start voting with the majority. It’s about time you all grew the fuck up. 

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