100 Days of Pure Corruption

Okay, so, as of tomorrow, Lord Donny will have contaminated the White House with his stench for 100 days now. I’m going to split this up into two pieces because the first part of this is something important that not enough are talking about. Tomorrow, the actual 100th day, I’ll talk about his actual “presidential” (God, that’s hard to write!) record.

It has become a tradition to evaluate the first 100 days of an occupant of the White House as a kind of barometer of how the rest of his time might go. The tradition started with FDR, who promised a whole lot of changes designed to try to get us out of the Great Depression that Republicans had drawn us into and whose policies were not designed to get us out. Roosevelt set forth a bold agenda in his first 100 days, including most of the New Deal.

Fast forward three-quarters of a century, and the last legitimately elected president, Barack Obama, also had a stellar first 100 days, not that the professional left would ever give him credit for it. Like FDR, Obama was also left with an economic shit show initiated by Republicans, albeit less intense. Of course, the reason it was less intense was due to actions  initiated by FDR during his first 100 days. Obama was able to usher through the most massive economic stimulus package in history, which would stop the bleeding on jobs within a few months. He also changed the Bush rules on the bailouts, making it so that banks were responsible for paying back taxpayers and he helped to engineer the auto industry bailout, which saved at least 1-2 million jobs that were almost lost through no fault of the auto makers themselves.

So, how does Trump stack up in his first 100 days? Can we say, not at all? I’d say he barely registers, but he doesn’t register at all. You can’t possibly point to an accomplishment in the first 100 days because there are none. We’ll get into more specifics tomorrow, but it’s really bad. And it’s no wonder; even 100 days in, the big orange toddler still doesn’t have the slightest idea what his job is. He doesn’t have the slightest concept that he works for us, and not the other way around. He has no concept of civics 101, even. He still thinks he’s the CEO of the country (can you say, “Chairman Mouth”?). Now , many smart people seem to be split over the concept of whether a country can be run like a business, but even if you can make the case that it can, it depends on the business. In other words, if a government can be run like a business, it will be a publicly traded company with shareholders, not a privately-held sole proprietorship. It can’t be run like the Trump Organization because we are all shareholders and we all have a say in the ouster of the CEO.

So, we have a malignant narcissist who has no concept that he is no longer running his company and he doesn’t get that he’s not the “Boss of America.” That alone would preclude the possibility of a good first 100. Add the fact that he obviously thought that winning the election was the hardest part of the job, and there is no way the first 100 days was not going to be a shit show. Lord Donny knows everything, knows more than anyone else and yet, he won’t ask anyone any questions and no one on his staff will apparently tell him how things actually work. It may be due to the fact that they don’t know either. Consider the dismissive attitude they have regarding “administrative” workers in the government. They don’t even understand that they work in the “administrative” branch of government. Not even when all those reporters refer to them as the “Trump Administration.”

In other words, there was no way in hell the first 100 days of the Lord Donny regime was going to be anything good for anyone except Trump and his company. But the extent of the damage he has done has made the actual first 100 days worse than anyone could have possibly guessed.

For example, it is more than obvious that the entire Trump family sees government as a multi-trillion-dollar honey-pot that they are using to enrich themselves. Forget the emoluments clause; what Donny is doing meets every definition of “corruption” that has ever existed. He is both the lessee and the lessor on one of the most valuable pieces of property owned by the federal government, which means he makes money every time someone stays at the Old Post Office Building, he makes money. And don’t let anyone try to tell you that his assets are in a “blind trust” because there is nothing bling about it. Not only does he know what he owns, but a large portion of his staff also know everything the Trump Organization does.

That is one reason it should concern you that he has decided to designate his Mar-a-Lago golf course “the Winter White House.” Forget the fact that he’s violated his oath of office and national security by conducted covert government business in front of complete strangers, who just happen to be members, you need to understand that every time he goes there, it costs taxpayers a shitload of money. It’s bad enough that, every time he heads down there, it costs millions of dollars to send Air Force One down there and millions more to provide security. It’s also necessary to understand that damn near every single dollar spent on his vacation trips goes into the Trump Organization’s coffers, this increasing his take. Every dinner served down there probably costs taxpayers a hell of a lot more than when the government-employed White House chef and staff makes it, which is bad enough, but a percentage of that taxpayer money goes into Trump’s bank account.

And we haven’t even gotten to the part where Trump’s wife has decided to stay in New York and live in their opulent condo. This is costing upward of $1 million per day just for security costs, which will eventually result in taxpayers being fleeced for well over $1 billion if he lasts four years. But again, unless the Secret Service and other security personnel are choosing to share an apartment in Queens, which is unlikely, they are having to occupy their free time in other space in Trump Tower, which means Lord Donny is also getting a significant cut of that money. Unless the Trump Organization is only taking a one percent cut, which is silly, there is a possibility that they could take in well over $100 million in taxpayer money.

And now you know why he decided not to take the presidential salary of $450,000. He sure as hell doesn’t need it. He is personally fleecing taxpayers to an extent that makes Cheney’s constant use of Halliburton as a piggy bank look downright quaint.

Tomorrow, on his 100th day, I’ll get into other aspects of his first 100 days. Like I said; there’s no term for this but “shit show.”

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