15 Days to Go: How Liberals Can Get Better Moving Forward

I haven’t done this in a while, but after the past week or so, when I have been confronted with white “progressives” who seem intent on keeping Donald Trump in office, I feel it’s my duty.

There are actually more than a few character flaws that too many on the far left share with the far right, such as an out-sized ego and the arrogance to truly believe that white people are somehow superior to people of color, based on their whiteness. As a result, many on the far left can be just as obnoxious as many on the far right.

In other words, I don’t just blame Republicans for their thorough incompetence when it comes to stewardship of the government at all levels. I also blame the professional left, who are mostly white and nearly as racist as many on the far right. Instead of uttering racist epithets, or calling Black people the “N-word,” these “liberals,” who are so superior to everyone else that they insist on calling themselves “progressive,” act as if they know more about being a minority than minorities do.

Put simply, there is a reason why Black people in general, and especially Black activists, really aren’t partial to white liberals. They don’t hate us, exactly, but they happily note the patronizing, pseudo-racist tone and it pisses them off. They would never use a racial stereotype and they wouldn’t use the “N-Word,” but their rhetoric is still racist. Seriously, go to a hardcore far lefty and ask them the question, and they will TELL you, in no uncertain terms, exactly what Black people can dots improve their lot in life. The only difference between them and contemporary Republicans is, they will acknowledge that cultural and institutional racism, in which Black people are treated as “others” by the majority, does exist, while right-wingers will claim that “racism is in the past. Otherwise, though, you will hear a lot of crap coming from these supposed “progressives.”

Consider the 2016 election, for example. Black people, especially Black women, went all in on Hillary Clinton and supported her without question. Meanwhile, the “Liberal Blogosphere” spent most of the election season transfixed on Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, just because he said what they wanted to hear, without regard to whether he had the skill to pull off “free healthcare,” “free college,” and “free money.” The reason, of course, is because they probably knew he didn’t have the skill; or at least he hadn’t demonstrated it during 30 years in Congress. Yet, far left white progressives spent more than two years trashing Hillary Clinton and essentially parroting the Right’s criticism of her, thus giving Republicans the extra push they needed to get their nominee over the top, in spite of the negatives he carried with him. And since Trump lost the popular vote and only won the electoral vote by less than 80,000 votes in three key states, I think it’s fair to blame the far left for Trump’s occupation of the Oval Office the last four years.

There was also the 2016 debacle regarding “Black Lives Matter,” were castigated and maligned by many, including those on the professional left in their blogs and podcasts, where they used the killing of unarmed Black men as click bait to push Bernie Sanders and every other “independent” running for president. You may remember that Bernie had his own bit of trouble explaining what “Black Lives Matter” meant, and he and many of his acolytes spent most of the year denying the existence of white privilege, which no one who calls himself or herself “progressive” should ever say, or even think.

In the United States of America, ever since white people stormed the continent and essentially euthanized the people who were already here and established a nation, they have controlled the society and the culture to their benefit. I’m 62 years old, and in my lifetime, I have seen the end of redlining, in which white people were allowed in the best neighborhood, and black and brown people were decidedly not. In many cities, Black people were relegated to neighborhoods that poor white people had abandoned for the suburbs, and they were not allowed to buy in the same suburbs.

In other words, even after slavery was eliminated, whites continued to have advantages in society because of their whiteness.

  • Even now, in 2020, if you are white, and you are stopped by an officer on the freeway, you don’t have to follow a highly produced set of actions in order to keep from being shot.
  • If you are white and walking through a department store at the mall, it is likely you won’t be followed by security officers who assume you’re primarily there to shoplift.
  • If you are white, and you are going through the security line at the airport, the odds of you being chosen for “special attention” are slim to none.
  • If you are white, you don’t have to sit in a restaurant and know that others in the restaurant are staring at you and wondering why you’re there.
  • If you are white, you can get a mortgage without jumping through as many hoops and you are more likely to pay a lower interest rate.
  • If you are white, when you return to the country from overseas and go through customs, you are far less likely to have a stranger root through your luggage.
  • If you are white, fewer store managers will look at you suspiciously when you go into their shop and head to the restroom without making a purchase.

Those are but a scant few examples of white privilege. It has nothing to do with whether or not you grew up poor, or whether or not you are still not making a ton of money. In fact, it has little to nothing to do with money at all. It has to do with the extra rules that apply to minorities and do not apply to white people. And let’s be real here; if you consider yourself a liberal, or a “progressive,” but you deny white privilege, then you are denying reality. You should understand why Black people really don’t like us very much. We can’t deny white privilege and deny any racism, and we also cannot act as if we know more than Black people about why they’re undeserved than they do and claim we’re not racist.

And let’s face facts; we can’t be racist and progressive; the two should be incompatible. And yet, read the “progressive blogosphere,” and there is a lot of that.

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