16 Days to Go: The Progressive Thing to Do is to Support Biden

Every day, I see/hear about some self-proclaimed “progressive who comes up with an excuse as to why he (it’s usually a white guy, not many women) “can’t” vote for Joe Biden. Seriously, in 2020, where the only viable choices for president are Joe Biden or Donald Trump, and after we got screwed by the cheating that went on in the last presidential election, hey still believe they have a choice.

Where does this level of delusion come from? It seems to come from education, since most of these simpletons have college degrees. Many of them even have a Political Science degree, which is mind-boggling.

This is a fact:

In any presidential election, there are only two possible (viable) winners. In this day and age, it’s either the Democrat or the Republican. If you have a fantasy of a “third-Party” winning, fine; then do the work needed to make a third Party viable. However, until then, either the Democrat or the Republican will win. And since the last time this changed was in 1860, when Lincoln became the first Republican president, the odds of that not being true are incredibly miniscule.

That’s not conjecture. That’s absolute fact. In a winner-take-all system, in which the candidate with the most votes wins, that will always be the case. And given the asinine electoral system we are stuck with, this is even more true, since the odds of a “third party” winning the most votes in several states is even more impossible. The last “Third Party” to win any electoral votes happened in 1968, when George Wallace and his American Independent Party took his message of “segregation forever” to the racists who had not yet been recruited by the GOP and won 5 states in the “Deep South,” taking 48 electoral votes. But even then, the only viable candidates were Nixon and Humphrey. There was no chance that Wallace would ever become president, as he himself proved in 1972, when he was shot and wounded and flamed out of the Democratic Primary.

Face it; the (small-d) democratic process decides who the nominees of the two major parties will be, so all of your whining abut the candidates we’re left with is empty, and your criticisms of Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee are pointless. It is illogical to expect the democratic process to provide YOU with the “perfect candidate” from YOUR perspective, so it’s whining based on fantasy. Joe Biden was chosen by a majority of the Democrats who cast votes in the primary, so you are essentially rejecting democracy in service to your own ego when you decide your judgment of Biden is better than everyone else’s.

In this election, you have a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and that is all. Put your ego away and do the only thing you can do that is in any way progressive. Replacing a wildly incompetent fool and an embarrassment as “president” with a man who has given his life to public service and who can work with Congress to get things done in service to Americans in general is undoubtedly “progress,” so your insistence that Biden isn’t “good enough” is purely service to your own ego and nothing more.

It’s time to actually BE “progressive” and not just wear the label, and commit to support Joe Biden. Our democracy is at stake, so help save it.

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