18 Days to Go: End the Politics of Stupid, Part I

There is simply no excuse for still wanting to vote for Donald J. Trump in 2020. When you look at the damage he’s done in the four years since he became “president,” there is plenty there to prevent you from voting for him this year, but there is a lot more than that. Just consider the fact that Trump is easily the worst politician in the history of the United States, if not the entire world.

Did you listen to him the other day, in Iowa? Seriously, it was both pathetic and narcissistic; two things I always thought were exclusive to each other. He actually pleaded with “suburban women” (which, of course, meant middle class white women) to “please love me.” He then, of course, gave a passive-aggressive reason he deserves their “love,” by insisting he “saved” their “neighborhoods.” What he meant was, his promise to keep “thugs” out of middle-class neighborhoods was him keeping those places safe, even though he actually did nothing to that end, as is the case with every there promise he’s ever made as well as every “improvement” he loves to take credit for.

Let’s be real; his claims and the claims of his minions that he built the greatest economy in history is pure bullshit. Even before he blew up the economy by screwing up his response to the Coronavirus, the economy was a continuation of President Obama’s recovery. The “lowest Black unemployment in history” was only true if you ignore the progress of the six years before Trump. Besides, as we all know, unemployment is not the only economic indicator to look art. In fact, obsessing over the stock market doesn’t tell us much, either, and only an immature moron would think the Dow hitting records was anything special. Put it this way; Under Obama, the stock markets tripled in value, while it’s improved about 20% during the Trump years. If you think an increase of 20% is better than an increase of 200%, all things being equal, then you’re a victim of Trump math.

If you want to give Trump credit for the economy, you will have to be able to point to specifics, and that would be impossible. In fact, the current recession we find ourselves mired in was caused by Trump. It’s not just about the pandemic, either. The Republican tax cuts passed in 2017 robbed the federal government of lots of revenue, to the point where we can look forward to $1.5 trillion annual deficits from now on. You see, contrary to Republican bullshit, it’s not possible to balance the budget by cutting taxes. In fact, since tax cuts always reduce revenues, tax cuts always make deficits and debt worse. It’s completely illogical to think otherwise. Even the people who established “trickle-down economics” have decried the concept, in part because massive tax cuts have never led to increased revenues. Expecting that would be like expecting the household budget to have more disposable income after a massive pay cut.

That is but one reason we need to relegate the current Republican Party to the scrap heap of political history. They are without a doubt the worst politicians in history and their leadership seems to embrace the stupidest Americans among our population. And Donald Trump is easily the worst of the worst. Consider that he’s running roughly the same campaign in 2020 as he ran in 2016, even though the politics and he have changed since then. He’s attempting to appeal to the same people he appealed to last time, and he’s unaware that he’s repelling virtually everyone else by doing so. What makes it doubly stupid is, he didn’t actually win last time. Hillary Clinton beat him in the popular vote, and only lost the electoral vote by a hair, in the form of 77,000 votes in three key states. And he seriously thinks he’ll win again by appealing to the same 77,000 votes in three states. He seems to have no clue about needing the other 62 million who voted for him, or attempting to win over a swath of Hillary voters. He has the typical “capitalism-uber-alles” disease that says, if you do something right, if you do it again, it’ll turn out fine again.

IN other words, Trump is a sterling example why billionaires and corporate officers suck at government. The last one was George W. Bush, who was, like Trump, a disaster as a businessman and brought the same mentality to the Oval Office, resulting in an economic downturn that missed being a depression by a hair. Perhaps you need a reminder, but when the economy collapsed, the Bush Administration’s initial plan covered both sides of one sheet of paper. He had no idea what to do, not entirely unlike Donald Trump; the only thing that makes Trump worse is that Bush at least asked for advice when he didn’t know something and he would listen to the advice.

After four years, Donald Trump still has no clue what his job is. He is playing “president” much the same way Dungeons and Dragons players play their game. Only difference; his failings have resulted in the loss of more than 200,000 Americans to a premature and often horrible death. He has no idea what to do, except what he did before, which can’t work, since his previous career was as an owner of a tightly-closed family business, in which all employees had to do what he told them, or risk everything. Nothing could be farther opposite from leading the Executive Branch of a democratic country. The purpose of the Executive Branch is to “execute” the laws passed by the legislative branch. He has never proposed a bill or gotten completely behind a bill to make it into law, and he seems to think his job consists of writing “executive orders,” which do not have the weight of a regular law. However, he clearly thinks his “executive orders” are just like the orders he gave at the Trump Organization, and he expects them to be followed, dammit. It’s why he seems completely irrational; he considers himself the “Boss of America,” which is insane.

Another problem with Trump is his tendency to run his Administration more like the Corleone Family than a democratically elected government. When you listen to him, he sounds more like The Godfather of a Mafia Crime Family, with all of his declarations of superiority and his talk of recriminations if we don’t follow his dicta.

This is our chance to rid ourselves of shitty government. The current GOP has shown themselves incapable of running government at any level in a competent manner, meaning to benefit pf the American people.

I’ll have more in the next column. The Politics of Stupid is debilitating and all of its proponents must be banished from governments forever…

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