23 Days to Go: Goodbye GOP; It’s About Damn Time

The Republican Party still like to claim their the “Party of Law & Order,” even though they allow their standard-bearer Trump to get away with breaking all sorts of laws with impunity. The current “First Family could be described in the same breath as the Corleone Family and it would be an accurate description. They have been dipping into the Treasury and taken everything they can get away with, and they have used Trump’s status as “president” to gain every advantage for their business as possible. That includes Trump’s weekly golf vacations at his own properties, paid into his corporation by the Treasury, against federal law. It also includes approvals for his daughter Ivanka’s trademarks in China, which are for his and her financial benefit.

The Republican Party also still likes to cite non-existent biblical admonitions as a rationale for claiming that abortion is murder and that stem cell research is immoral because the cells come from aborted fetuses. Unfortunately for Republican voters, though, they have been incredibly hypocritical since Lord Donny contracted the Coronavirus. Not hypocritical because they demanded that all of us show more respect and deference to the rich Trump than he has ever shown for the American people, but hypocrisy based on the fact that a Regeneron “antibody cocktail” was used. It is a medicine that Trump is hailing as something akin to a “miracle.” Of course, the cocktail used stem cells from a fetus aborted in the 1970s (Source)

That means, even the central tenet of Republicanism since the 1970s, which is that women and doctors who abort fetuses are “murderers” is now a joke, even among hardcore Republicans because they have placed all of their support and trust on Donald Trump.

Face it; if you’re still supporting the current Republican Party, you are a major reason Trump has been able to effectively kill your party. The support of tax cuts over everything is killing you because it’s leading to the massive deficits and the massive debt the United States now faces. You are also a major reason why the United States, which used to be the most respected and successful democracies in the world, is now seen as a laughingstock around the world. We look nuts because we elected a stiff like Donald Trump in the first place; imagine how hard they’ll laugh if we do it twice. And yet, you Republicans support doing it a second time.

As of now, the current GOP stands for nothing real. You may think you do, individually, Republicans, but your party stands for squat.


  • If you claim to care about the deficits and the national debt, you must explain why your party continues to demand further cuts, including the payroll tax “holiday” Trump has proposed, which would endanger both Social Security and Medicare.
  • If you claim to be “pro-life,” then explain why your party only seems to give a shit about fetuses; once a child has been born, your party has constantly cut off any support by the government, including what Republicans call “welfare,” as well as many other non-financial support provided to poor families. Also, explain why your contention that abortion is “murder” is conditional, if only when it comes to saving the life of your “president.”
  • If you claim that the deficits and the national debt are a problem, then explain why you support a party that is hell-bent on driving it ever-higher. Your “president,” for example, gave a tax cut to billionaires and large corporations that neither needed or wanted it, and essentially guaranteed aa $1.5 trillion deficit going forward for many years after he’s gone. Also, your party’s policies are responsible for at least 90% of the current debt of more than $23 trillion. This, despite the fact that their party continues to promise massive tax cuts that will somehow magically increase revenues to the government, which doesn’t even make sense.

Face it; if you still support the Republican Party, then you support irrational government policy and you support dummies and hypocrites running the government. And Republican presidents have become progressively worse, until you elected the worst in history, Donald J. Trump, a 74-year old baby narcissist with no self-esteem and no actual strength, including strength of character. He doesn’t care about you, he hates Democrats and he’s all but handing the election to Joe Biden. If you see something else, you’re delusional.

In any case, thanks for helping kill your party. Good riddance.

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