28 (four weeks) to go: Vote for Democrats, because Republicans are just plain nuts

Most of the following happened within just the last week or two. I want you to think about these within the context of the ridiculous meme that says both parties are essentially the same.  I keep hearing this absurdity, and that we need some sort of “third-party” to rescue us all from the problems in government these days. the thing is, every single one of these comes from the right side of the aisle, and they are all despicable. I been looking, and I can’t find anything similar coming from anyone on the Democratic side of the aisle. Therefore, it’s puzzling that so many “political junkies” insist that both parties are basically the same.

But start with the Ebola virus. One side of the aisle (guess which) is trying hard to stoke excessive amounts of fear and trepidation when it comes to the virus, and they are using it to continue their agenda against black and brown people. consider the following tweets from Todd Kincannon:

Kincannon Tweet

Kincannon Tweet 2

Keep in mind, this is not some guy who represents some fringe element from outside of the Republican Party. Kincannon was once chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, and also spent some time as his general counsel. This man represents what the Republican Party is all about. Ironically, he also refers to himself as “pro-life.”

Then there is Fox News. it is hard to argue rationally that the Fox News Channel is not the media arm of the Republican Party. Considering that FNC gets its talking points and marching orders from the GOP leadership, you can’t claim that what Fox News Channel personalities say is wholly separate from Republican Party orthodoxy. And the fear being propagated on Fox News is off the charts. And Consider these:

  • Fox News host Andrea Tantaros was discussing the first case of Ebola virus found in the United States, by invoking images of Africans that were common in cartoons from the 1930s. according to Tantaros, “In these (African) countries, they do not believe in traditional medical care, so someone could get off a flight and seek treatment from a witch doctor that practices santería. This is a bigger fear. We’re hoping they would come to the hospitals in the U.S. They might not.” Here’s the video:

  • Not to be outdone, on the October 6 edition of the O’Reilly Factor, former reputable journalist Bernard Goldberg kept this stereotype alive. Ironically, as he was complaining about CNN’s criticism of Fox News coverage of the Ebola scare, when he actually supported and defended what Andrea Tantaros had said earlier:

Bernard Goldberg, who used to be one of the most celebrated journalists at CBS News toward the end of their heyday, has been reduced by Fox to being the resident curmudgeon. Imagine a serious journalist supporting wild stereotypes about Africans, and claiming that they “are backward,” and that they “do believe in witch doctors.” You can’t? That’s okay; I can’t either.

The folks at Fox news are nothing short of pathetic. For example, one of the most prominent pundits at Fox is Eric Bolling, who penned the following at the Fox website:

Wake up, America!

While everyone is up in arms about Ebola, and we must remain vigilant and fight it with all we have, there is another virus that has already taken hold of Americans in every state: liberalism.

Truth, transparency, freedom and liberty. The flag, “Under God” patriotism have all been tossed out the window.

They are being replaced by “everybody gets a trophy,” “share the wealth,” “government knows what’s best for your business,” your family and even what should go on in your bedroom.

Be careful, America. Liberalism is a dangerous virus.


Wake up, America. Liberalism is a virus, too.

Try not to catch it. And if you do, for goodness sake, don’t spread it!! (Source)

Apparently, no one told Eric that Fox news was supposed to be scaring people about the Ebola virus enough to make them shake in their boots. Instead, he made a pathetic joke. (Yawn) I hope he’s not planning on quitting his day job and trying out the comedy clubs.

Of course. no Fox personality is more pathetic than the venerable Dinesh D’Sousa, who is apparently able to tweet from his prison cell after he violated campaign-finance laws and was caught, because he posted the following on Facebook. (Hold on to your hats, because this is almost as funny as Eric Bolling’s joke above):

Dinesh FB Post

That was a real knee slapper, wasn’t it? I think it’s kind of funny that he didn’t feel it necessary to include his location in this Facebook post. It would’ve made the joke even more interesting, don’t you think?

Republican politicians have been no less ridiculous when it comes to Ebola, but I save their antics for last, mainly because they’re so incredibly hypocritical and you need to point this out to people before they head to the polls in 28 days.

For example, less than a month before the Republican mouthpieces cited above said the stupid shit they did, their favorite party screwed us royally. Over the next 28 days, every potential voter should be aware that the Republicans in Congress have repeatedly cut funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health and other agencies whose mission it is to protect the national health. When Republicans come out and try to blame Pres. Obama for not stopping the Ebola virus before it got here, they are absolute hypocrites. For example, back in early September of this year, when the Obama Administration asked for $88 million to fight Ebola (that’s million with an “M”), the first thing Republicans in the House did was to cut the appropriation to $40 million. the bulk of the $88 million ($58 million) was intended for the Biological Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), so that they could increase production of an experimental drug to treat Ebola drug. and guess what the CDC is warning about right now? A shortage of drugs available to treat Ebola. thankfully, some sane Republicans in Congress banded with Democrats to restore the funding request, but more than 130 members of the Republican caucus in the House voted against it.

In all, over the past four years, Republicans in Congress have cut more than $600 million from the CDC budget, and now they are complaining that the CDC isn’t doing enough about the Ebola… What the hell is it, exactly? It’s not an epidemic, at least in the United States. It shows no signs of spreading from coast-to-coast anytime in the future. What are all of these Republican death merchants complaining about, exactly?

then, there are political idiots like Louis Gohmert, who may be the only person in politics who can make Sarah Palin something other than the dumbest politician in America. when President Obama sent 3000 troops to Africa to try to get a handle on the spread of Ebola, Gohmert complained, claiming that such an action was nothing more than political correctness run amok. “The military is not trained to go catch Ebola and die,” he said. “Political correctness is going to get people killed in all of these areas.” sounds like he’s taking fainting couch lessons from his mentor, Lindsey Graham.

Back in 2013, CDC officials did warn Congress that the sequester budget cuts would have a seriously negative effect on their ability to stop global health threats before they got here, and several Democratic Congressman warned that the constant cutting would someday have a negative effect on the ability of government health officials to function in an emergency.

This is how Republicans think. Democrats do not think like this. If we are panicking to this extent over a disease that hasn’t really even hit our shores, we have two problems. The first one is that our news media is failing us. No one in the United States of America in 2014 should be this worry about Ebola unless he or she is within 2 feet of the two Americans who have it. To believe that it’s a serious threat means that our media has failed in its job to tell us the truth. Republicans have also failed, because they are hell-bent on creating a panic, and blaming it on Obama, even though there is nothing to panic about at this point in time.

If you can find any Democrat, whether he or she is in politics or political media, who is as incredibly stupid as any of the people in this article, then present it. Otherwise shut the hell up about how both parties are the same. They’re not even close. Not. Even. Close.

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