29 Days to Go: Four Seats Ain’t Good Enough

Not a day goes by that my email inbox isn’t crammed with requests for money and promises to gain fur seats for the Democrats in the Senate. I haven’t been sending them much money, in part because I just don’t have much, but also because I’m tired of Democratic leaders doing “just enough.”

We’re Democrats, dammit;

  • WE won both World Wars.
  • WE protect democracy to the extent we’re able.
  • WE solved the Great Depression and built the strongest economy and the richest nation in the world.
  • WE championed civil rights reforms for the last 60+ years.
  • WE also set up the economic system that has prevented us from falling into depression for more than 80 years.
  • WE are also the only political party that has balanced the budget and who went on to oversee an economic model that reduced the deficit, as a percentage of GDP from 120% of GDP in 1946 to 32% of GDP by 1980.
  • WE also prevented economic depression in 2008 and started the longest recovery in US History. Though Donald Trump likes to take credit for it, Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden did it.

It’s not enough to add four Democrats to the Senate. There are 24 Republican Senators up for election this year, and only 10 Democrats. That means we can and should gain a lot more than the 4 we need to get a bare majority in the Senate. In fact, we should try to gain at least 13 or 14 seats, so that we gain supermajority.

Aren’t you sick of hearing about bills that need 60 votes to pass the Senate? Wouldn’t it be great to only need a bare majority to pass any bill, without having t depend on reconciliation? If we give Democrats 60 or more seats, they can change the rules and make the Senate a democratic body again. However, if we cheer ourselves on to win nnly 4 seats, which will give us a 51-29 edge, then we’ll be back on defense again. It means we could easily lose the majority in 2022 and 2024, and Republicans will put everything they have into that effort.

No, we Democrats have to start thinking in the long term, especially white unicorn progressives. Black people – especially Black women – are as loyal a constituency as the Party could ever hope for, but too many white progressives seem to think they’re smarter than the Black base. It’s time everyone left of center was on the same page. We all have to work together in every election and we have to focus all efforts on the Democratic Party and its success, just because there is nothing else that can oust the GOP. And let’s be clear; the GOP is absolutely corrupt and inept right now, and we simply cannot afford to leave them in charge of anything from here on in.

It’s time we put a nail in the coffin of the Republican Party with this election, and push them deeper into their tomb with the next 5-6 election cycles. That means making sure Democrats always win, unless they nominate someone really bad, like a Trump-type or another member of the Bush family. If you want a third party choice, then create one, in the background, while you help Democrats win everything.

And do not stop fighting for more than we think we can get. That’s how politics works. You have to believe you can have it all, not “just enough.”

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