30 Days to Go: We Have But One Job…

This could be an easy column to write because it seems as if we only have one task moving forward during this election, and that is to make sure Joe Biden wins the presidential election, so we can move on from the Trump Era.

However, there is a lot more to it, really. Yes, we all have to vote for Joe Biden, whether you like him or not, but this is also our greatest opportunity to rid ourselves f the scourge that is the current incarnation of the Republican Party.

Government under Republican leadership has never been a picnic, but it has become far worse since the GOP actively recruited the worst of our citizens into their fold, so they would never be shit out of government for a lack of voters. If you think it’s just coincidence that Donald Trump depends on white supremacists and other anti-American values psychos, you haven’t been paying attention. There used to be a conservative branch of the GOP called the “Taft Wing,” while the Democratic Party had to deal with “Dixiecrats,” who were far worse. Now, they are all a key constituency in the Republican Party. Yes, that’s right, folks; this is not your grandfather’s Republican Party; it’s not just NOT “the Party of Lincoln,” it’s not even “the Party of Reagan.” As bad as Reagan and the Lott-Helms-Dick Armey coalition was back in the 1980s and 1990s – as disgusting as they were in attacking the Clintons, they are far worse now.

If you hate budget deficits and/or if you’re uncomfortable with borrowing money to run the country, then the GOP should be your worst enemy because 90% or more of the current national debt came from their policies. I know they hate others reminding you of this, but the fact is, all those tax cuts cost us money. And they have rarely been offset by cuts sufficient to make up the difference. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, really. Face it; when you cut taxes by $1 trillion per year, it would be a hell of a challenge to cut enough from a $4 trillion budget to cover.

If you think Republicans are masters at budgeting and budget cutting, you’re extremely gullible. For example, if you believe tax cuts will result in higher revenues, then you have bought the whole “trickle down” theory wholeheartedly, despite the reality that it has never worked in history. Ever. Hell; it doesn’t make any sense. You expect the extremely rich, whose main goal is to keep accumulating more money, to simply give all their “extra” money away to help the poor? Has that ever happened before? If there was one thing we learned the last time Republicans were exiled froth federal government was that we could use the tax money collected from a 91% top tax rate to bring reforms to our government that served working people. It’s only been since the people have been brainwashed to believe that the lowest tax rates possible are the best way to build out our infrastructure, that we have been falling behind. And no; we don’t have to tax the rich at a 91% to fix everything, but we can’t keep cutting taxes on the rich until they pay 0%, either.

All we have to do is to look at the best time in our history, which was the 25-30 years after World War II, and we have a model that worked very well. It turned us into the richest nation in the world. Unemployment was really low, wages were high, union memberships hit records and almost everyone was able to pay their bills and thrive. Compare that to what we have now, and it’s easy to see how much worse off we are with Republicans having too much power. Tp make matters worse, Republicans don’t like democracy much because they’re a minority party, and they can only hold power when fewer people vote.

This is why our job this year is so simple; show up and vote, and make sure you vote for the Democrats at every level, not just as president. It’s time to reject authoritarianism and reject the one political party that has shown themselves tp be completely incompetent when running government, and that would be the Republican Party.

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