37 Days to Go: There’s Nothing “Strong” About Donny

There is a tendency among Trump voters to cite his “strength” as aa key reason they plan to vote for him again. But really, what do these people consider “strong”?

  • Is Trump showing “strength” when he whines about every damn thing that doesn’t got his way?
  • Is he showing how “strong” he is when he wishes he could have the kind of strong-arm power held by dictators like Putin and Erdogan?
  • In what way are his instant insults and smears against everyone who disagrees with him even a little aa demonstration of “strength”?
  • He likes to do things his own way, even when he’s completely wrong? Is that “strength”?
  • Is it strength to think everyone is wrong except you? Most people I know who do that come from a lack of self-esteem, which doesn’t indicate “strength.”
  • Is it “strong” to take credit for things you didn’t do? His latest campaign ads claim he’s “fixing the economy” fr the second time, which is complete crap.
  • It’s been four years now, and it’s clear he has no clue whaat his job is or how to do it.
  • What abut his obsession with President Obama? Is that a show of strength? Really?
  • He has petulantly declared himself great. Is that considered “strength”? To whom, exactly?

I am asking these questions honestly because I really want to know what some people consider “strong.” All those years I was raising my child by myself, apparently, when he was yelling at me and telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about as a teen were signs of strength, and I had no idea…

Trump is a 74-year-old child and not even a well-behaved one. His petulance and lack of self-awareness is not a sign of strength; it’s a sign that his development was arrested sometime around middle school. It also explains why his grown-=up kids are so predictably stupid and angst-ridden. Imagine having a father with nothing but ego, and no self-esteem. That is the opposite of strength, and it’s not something we should want to perpetuate. .

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