4 Days Left: Republicans are Losing Because They’re Not Mainstream, Part I

If we liberals learn nothing else from this election, we have to learn that this election has to be just the beginning. We will never be an effective element of the democracy until we learn how to be democratic and stay that way going forward.

Face it; When our grandparents were young and had watched the Republican Party’s economic policies drag the country and the world into the Great Depression, they had the good sense to essentially banish them from government for a generation, by making sure they were electorally neutered for a very long time.

The GOP is far worse than they were in 1932. They have always been silly when it comes to economy, but they actually used to be far more pro-American in many other ways. They used to have a liberal wing, until they decided they needed numbers more and actively recruited Dixiecrats and other despicable racists and xenophobes away from the Democratic Party, so they would never lose again like they did in 1964. That is why they’re s obnoxious now. They’ve always been stupid and ignorant when it came to basic economics, but they could actually be reasonable on almost everything else. In fact, the reality is, while Democrats led the way when passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, neither could have passed without Republican votes. At the same time, they were still obsessing over the possibility of completely erasing the New Deal, including dismantling Social Security, but they weren’t yet xenophobic and they hadn’t yet perverted the meaning of “Christianity.” If you can even imagine it at this late date, John Birch Society and KKK members were loyal Democrats back then, and would never even consider voting for “the Party of Lincoln.”

The GOP these days is different. While a lot of people have GOP memberships going back generations, including millions whose membership in the Party goes back in the family many generations and they are nostalgic for a time when the Republican Party was considered “the loyal opposition,” that hasn’t been the case for a very long time.

Just this morning, I read a story from a longtime Republican leader, who promised that his Party will spring a surprise on the American people by providing a beatdown on the Democratic Party. This person’s piece was full of all the usual bullshit/rhetoric, but it was completely empty.

Why, you ask? Because ALL Republican rhetoric is empty these days. The reason they are still recruiting the deplorables into their ranks is because, as well as they’ve done in recent years, electorally speaking, they’re are annoyingly dependent on low turnout to help them maintain the majorities they hold in the Senate and far too many state legislatures. The sheer fact of the matter is, while Republicans like to claim they represent the mainstream, and the average working man, reality is much different. Not only are there more Democrats than Republicans, the same as always, but their positions on the issues are completely out of touch with the mainstream.

Go ahead; name an issue where the GOP represents the position of the majority. Good luck. Even on abortion, a sizable majority of Americans do NOT refer to it as “murder,” and most Americans want it to be safe and legal; an option available to any woman who doesn’t want to bring the fetus to term. Yes, it’s true that the majority of people in this country do refer to it as a “baby” and do not think of it as a “clump of cells,” but “abortion is murder” is not part of the mainstream, either. On guns, few people believe that the “Second Amendment” means that everyone has the right to own and carry any type of gun they want and the mainstream of Americans have largely rejected the NRA as a group of insane extremists.

More tomorrow…

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