79 Days to Go: Anti-Maskers and Trumpers are Just Morons

I’ve noticed something about the geniuses who berate anyone who advocates for, or even talks about wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus. They’re all just really stupid. As in dumb as a post, almost brain-dead.

I’m not talking about people who would simply rather not wear a face mask. I’m talking about those who openly ridicule any who dares mention wearing a mask. I’m talking about the idiots who “joke” as if those men who wear masks in public are less than men. I am especially talking about those who usually follow up their joking and ridicule with a full-throated endorsement of the person who is responsible for all of this chaos; Donald J. Trump.

And if you think the pandemic hitting our shores and killing almost 173,000 Americans so far isn’t his fault, don’t look now, but you’re proving my point. If you think it’s just coincidence that the least prepared and least qualified person to ever hold the office of president just happened to preside over the first pandemic to ravage our population in a century, and it was all the fault of China, well… you’re not a big fan of facts. Just be glad he wasn’t in charge when ebola was knocking on our doors. Compare the results; Obama was president when ebola hit and ONE American died. This time, when coronavirus started hitting here, Trump did nothing except blame China, and we’re looking at 200,000 dead by the time this pandemic hits the six month mark.

That’s not coincidence; Obama cared about the job and hired people who cared about the American people. Trump only cares about “winning” and hires incompetents who care nothing about the people, and we’re approaching a quarter-million dead? It doesn’t matter what the ailment is, the first thing you have to do is limit exposure to it. Obama did that. You could even make the case that he went overboard a little. But going overboard a little saves lives; dismissing the virus as “no big deal,” insisting that it will simply disappear as soon as the weather gets warm, and ignoring the recommendations of scientists is sure to cost lives. That’s the difference.

We know that wearing masks works because we have been using them for numerous epidemics and they have worked before. Not only that, but the former hotspot of New York City largely watched their curve drop by employing almost universal mask use. We can also look at other countries for a bit of a clue from the fact that many countries that mandated mask use have stayed way behind us when it comes to numbers of coronavirus cases. Yes, geniuses, humans are the same; if those living in a country full of brown people see many fewer cases than the United States, then mask use works, even if you see ours as a “white country,” which is ridiculous on its face, anyway.

And let’s face it; if you think mask use is pointless and even worthy of ridicule, in the face of the evidence surrounding you on a daily basis, then calling you a moron is a polite description of what you are. When we shut things down and most places mandated masks, the number of coronavirus cases started going down, but as soon as we started opening up and people started gathering as if there was no problem, often without masks, we saw a massive spike in the most open places with the most anti-mask whiners. Smart people would take the evidence and conclude there’s a problem and we need to solve it.

Another thing, geniuses; those of us who wear the masks don’t do so to keep ourselves healthy, but to keep the people around us healthy. You wear the mask because there is no way to tell if you’re carrying. When you can’t know if you’re carrying the virus, you wear a mask to stop the spread. Therefore, when you whine and cry about masks and ridicule those who take masking seriously, you are showing just how little you care about other people. Since most of you call yourselves Christian, you should know what hypocrites you are. If Jesus was here, he’d tell you to wear a goddamn mask. I guarantee it.

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