89 to Go: Don’t Get Happy! Wait for the Votes and Count Them

I have been guilty of this, I admit, but we all have to stop ourselves. It’s a great temptation to look at the poll results and become giddy at the likelihood that Donny’s days are numbered. And the polls do show that. There is no doubt about that. If this were any other election, we could begin counting our chickens right now. Unfortunately, this is not a typical election, in any way; it is imperative that we remove the entire Republican Party from all levels of government. However, we really need to evict the big, fat baby from the White House. That is the most important vote this year.

When you look at the polls as a whole, it is easy to see that Trump is probably on his way out. He’s not in the least bit popular, especially when it comes to the issues that matter most to voters. Even in the swing states he cheated in and “won” in 2016 (most by about a half percent – why were there no recounts?), he’s well behind. However, we are not in a position to start counting our chickens; how many times do we have to be disappointed before we finally realize that delusions of grandeur are no in our best interests.

By now, watching Al Gore “lose” to a stiff like George W. Bush and watching a good man like John Kerry not only “lose” to Bush, but to also have his honorable record as a veteran trashed, should make all of us skittish. But the fiasco in 2016, in which the formidable Hillary Clinton was upended by fewer than 77,000 votes in a handful of key swing states – well, if we don’t learn from that to wait until everyone votes and wait until those votes are counted to declare a winner, then we just don’t learn from experience, which makes us not all that smart.

We have to be bold this year. We can’t just settle for gaining four Senate seats, to get a bare majority because that won’t stop the GOP from filibustering every bill Democrats pass. We have to shoot for at least 60 seats. We should also be looking to gain at least 40-50 more seats in the House, and every state house and governorship we can manage. However, in order to do all that, we have to vote in greater numbers than has become “normal” for our democracy. Everyone needs to vote and everyone possible needs to make sure their vote counts. That means, no third parties and independents.

We all want to oust the current administration. However, to do that, we have to make people want to turn out t vote, mail in their vote or whatever, and they will be less likely to do that if you are them think the election is already wn or lost before November 3. Our past lessons, especially the one in 2016, should inform our current actions, which means we cannot afford to get happy in advance.

This is the most important election in our lives, but we still have to wait for the votes to be cast and then counted. We cannot afford to think we won until we actually win…


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