9 to go: Jobs is the #1 issue, and GOP has failed!

By now, given the prevalence of campaign ads on television and the Internet, you have probably heard the claim that Republicans in the House passed many jobs bills that Democrats in the Senate have simply ignored. According to John Boehner, it’s “more than 40.” According to other Republicans, it’s the always nebulous “dozens” of jobs bills. What you need to know is, both characterizations are just plain crap, and I’m here to cut it. The fact is, Democrats in Congress and the President are the only ones who have passed large jobs bills, and it has been Republicans who have killed them.

For example, The White House has submitted two huge bills to Congress, each of which would have put millions to work rebuilding our decaying infrastructure, and both times, Boehner essentially ignored them. And then, there are the highway bills, which would have created jobs for a million or so more, but which Republicans slashed mightily and actually tried to kill, before the public uproar made them reconsider. Not only that, but the constant budget cuts and the sequester resulted in states having to slash their budgets, leading to the loss of nearly 1 million jobs in the public sector.

So, what about all of these bills that Republicans claim would have created jobs? Well, let’s look at some of them, shall we? John Boehner’s office has been kind enough to list 46 of them for us on his government-paid web page, claiming that all of them are “#StuckintheSenate”. The first thing you should know is that six of those listed were actually passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Obama. That alone makes his claim of “more than 40” a lie, even if you were to accept the premise that all of the bills were “jobs bills,” which is silly. One of those, the Hire More Heroes Act, was carved out of the American Jobs Act, which was proposed by Democrats. Roughly 95 percent of the American Jobs Act, which was estimated would have created 1-3 million new jobs, still sits in the House, and Boehner refuses to even consider it.

Look at the list. The Farm Bill cannot possibly be considered a “jobs bill.” It is a bill to help farmers survive, so that they can continue to provide us with the food we need to keep us healthy. Okay, and to provide processors with food, so they can make the junk food we eat instead. The list also includes several bills designed to rip apart Obamacare, which most certainly wouldn’t create jobs. It also includes the infamous “budget blueprint” that Paul Ryan tried to peddle; the one that would have essentially killed Medicare. It also includes at least a dozen bills that would have simply funneled tax dollars into the oil and gas industry. There is no evidence that they would have created any more jobs than have already been created by increased exploration and development, all created without any bills passed by Congress.

Among the other bills on the list include one that claims to increase the level of transparency when it comes to federal spending, and it’s difficult to see any way that creates jobs. It’s also difficult to see where the Student Success Act would create any jobs. It would simply allow local school districts the power to teach whatever the hell they wanted, with no standards whatsoever. Then there’s the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which is not exactly a job creator, since most of the unemployed are not qualified for cybersecurity jobs. The Innovation Act was rushed through the House. The reason the Senate hasn’t taken it up is because of the massive opposition from Intellectual Property advocates, who say it could actually make the patent protection process worse, if such a thing is possible. But there is no significant job creation associated with the patent process.

In other words, those who believe that Republicans in the House have been creating jobs need only look at the list their Leader put forth, and you’ll find the opposite. They call any bill they like a “jobs bill,” that doesn’t make it one. They have killed bills that would have created as many as 5-6 million jobs. In return, they have passed bills that would create perhaps a few hundred thousand jobs, which doesn’t even come close to offsetting the million or more jobs lost by their budget cutting.

Stick with the truth. Democrats create jobs. Republicans kill them.

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