90 Days to Go: When Your Hero is a Liar…

I know there is a lot of political will to believe Donald Trump has been a great “president.” Many of those who voted for him are probably wishing beyond hop that they didn’t make as big a mistake as they did. I get that. It’s hard to admit that you voted badly, especially for those on the right, who are scared shitless that their ideology could implode any day, and leave them without any power. After all, that’s why their only political goal is to make liberals look bad. They really only care about that, whatever it means.

One thing I don’t understand, though, is how much of what Trump says that they believe with very little hesitation or question. For example, it somehow surprises me when a Trump Cultist agrees with the liar-in-chief that he is doing a great job on solving the pandemic. They even seem to believe him when he says the United States is doing so much testing. It’s true that we’re doing more tests than other countries, but then, we also have a greater need. He is also telling them, and they are buying it, that coronavirus death in the US are “very low,” which is an outright lie. We are averaging 1,000 COVID-19 deaths per day right now. That is PER DAY, and the numbers are going up in most of the country.

How many lies does Trump have to tell before he loses the trust of his cultists? Is there a number? I mean, as of the third anniversary of his poorly-attended inauguration, Trump had already told 18,241 lies, and he has continued to lie, at an even greater rate since the coronavirus pandemic hit. (Source) That’s 23.3 lies PER DAY since the beginning of April. He told us he would provide all health care personnel with the PPE they needed and never followed up, and he promised everyone who would listen that the virus would simply “disappear” when the weather changed.

What will it take to make these people understand that their hero is not a hero; that he never was, and never will be. He is a pathetic narcissist without the slightest bit of empathy. Trump needs to go away forever to “Make America Great Again.”

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