94 Days to Go: Despite the Press, Look at Trump’s Real Record and Oust Him

Over the past week, most of the talk in the media was about a Trump Tweet, in which he suggested the election be delayed, in case he doesn’t get his binky. In other words, he was asking someone else (unnamed, of course) to delay the election, so he might have time to catch up. And the entire American news media fell all over itself too imply that Trump wanted to stop the election until he could get his way in another term.

Unfortunately, few f the stories simply noted that no president – indeed, no candidate for any federal office – can make changes to the electoral process to give himself and advantage. In fact, the date of the election is one of the few things specified in the Constitution; Election Day is set for the First Tuesday after the First Monday in November. The Constitution also gives Congress the only say when it comes to the federal election process. All other processes are reserved for the states.

Telling the people that Trump can’t change the election date for any reason was certainly part of the discussion, but it should have been the only discussion. The purpose of journalism is to answer questions and to relieve the collective stress of the American people through fuller information.

The best information on Trump’s Tweet about delaying the election would have been that he, once again, is trying to act like the king/dictator he thinks he should be and is taking the opportunity to wish for things to be better. It would also be useful for reporters to note that he has had his ass handed to him repeatedly for all those times tried to go beyond his oath of office, in which he promised to uphold the Constitution. Sure, the inauguration crowd was among the smallest in history, but it was on television, so everyone saw it.

While many people seem to think Trump is a master of the media, he really isn’t. There is a tendency for some to believe he says shit like he said this week as a master manipulation, but in reality, he simply can’t help himself. Think about it; there is little doubt that Trump is a dolt, who is incapable of thought more complex than which Quarter-Pounder to order at McDonald’s. So, why would anyone believe him to be a master manipulator?

The answer is simple; the press has not done their job. Ever since he announced his run for president 5 years ago, the entire news media has dropped the ball. They did not vet him properly, and they broke into actual news to cover everything he said and did. The journalistic profession owns at least half the responsibility for having Trump in the White House in the first place.

What the news media never told voters was that Trump was and is not qualified to be a Congressman, let alone President. He is incapable of empathy with anyone; there is even a good bet that he’s a sociopath. His entire rationale for running for president in the first place was because he thought it would be good for business. Once he “won” based on a complete fluke and a lot of Russian cheating, his entire focus has been on winning again.

That is Trump’s rationale for everything; he wants lightning to strike twice and to win again. He doesn’t care about being “president;” he’s never cared about that. He only cares about appearing as if he “won” again. Perhaps ironically, but mostly because he’s ignorant of politics, he is trying to appeal to the same group he appealed to in 2016. That’s why his rhetoric is the same. He’s under the impression that, if he does exactly the same thing he did last time, he;’ll eke out another “win,” just like he did in 2016. And since the press won’t tell the truth about him, we have to rely on ourselves to make sure that doesn’t happen. We can’t afford another four years with him in the White House. Not only will we not see the end of the current pandemic, but he’s still trying to portray himself as an economic genius, despite the fact that his record shows the opposite. If you don’t like 11 percent unemployment and an economy that’s in shambles, then you don’t want four more years of Trump.

Make America Great Again. Vote for Joe Biden in 94 days.


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  1. In the hearing with health officials this week, House Dems questioned whether Trump was pushing for covid vaccination to redeem him before the election. Actually sounds like something he would believe. You are right – he is a dolt.