95 Days to Go: The Audacity of Going BIG

I’m certain you’ve heard; “this election is the most important in our lifetime.” Not only do we have to rid our White House of the entire Trump family, but it’s our best chance in a generation to get rid of the current version of the Republican Party, which is the most destructive force in the history of American politics.

The idea that this is the most important election is not mere rhetoric this time; it is absolutely the case. We had a great mid-term election in 2018, but that cannot stand on its own; we have to build on it this year and every election going forward.

That’s why I am so puzzled. This is the most important election of our lifetime and yet, our goals don’t seem to reflect that.

Think about it; if you listen to most people, getting rid of Trump is the ultimate goal, along with “holding onto the House majority” and gaining four seats and a Democratic Senate majority. Sorry, but all those would be good enough for 2016, but not for 2020.

We are in a battle for the soul of this country and we are on the verge of losing our democracy. We all know that Putin and Russia interfered to get Trump elected as a chaos agent in 2016 and there is no reason to doubt that they’ll cheat for him again. That means we have to adopt goals for this election that exceed the bare minimum, which is what we should consider gaining four seats in the Senate and not losing any House seats. At the very least, we should be trying to gain 40-50 seats in the House and at least a dozen seats in the Senate. However, more than that, wee also have to flip as many red states to blue as possible, and a majority of states being solid blue should be possible.

The fact of the matter is, this country has always done better under Democratic-led government than Republican, but more so in the last 40 years or so. It’s this simple; if you look at the record, that much is clear; the Great Depression was brought about by Republican policies and Republican policies prevented recovery. Even since the Depression, every recession has Republican fingerprints all over it, while every recovery was engineered by Democrats. When it comes to corruption, the GOP has it all over the Democratic Party. That’s not to say there haven’t been some Democratic crooks, but there is a difference between the parties, in that Democrats shun their crooks, while Republicans embrace theirs. Fr instance, there probably hasn’t been a politician more corrupt than Donald J. Trump, and yet the GOP hierarchy supports him in everything.

Face it; whether you adored Hillary Clinton or hated her, there are many things we’re dealing with now that we wouldn’t have with her in charge, simply because she was a Democrat. Democrats are fans of competence and efficiency, while Republicans simply want their own way, no matter what. Consider; up until Reagan took office in 1981, the total national debt was $900 billion. Now, it’s well over $22 TRILLION, with most of that coming courtesy of Republican policies based on several failed concepts, such as “trickle-down,” which has been a proven failure, even though the GOP leadership keeps pumping that well over and over.

This year, we will be looking at a record deficit of upwards of $3 trillion – again, that’s for one year – because the Republican administration failed to seriously address the coronavirus pandemic and threw the economy off a cliff. Over the past 5 months, unemployment is setting post-Depression records, and families are losing tons of ground. All because the Republican president refuses to do his job and the Republican leadership supports him unerringly.

Our goal for this, the most important election of our lifetimes, should be nothing less than 60 seats for Democrats in the Senate, 380 in the House, and a majority of governorships and state legislative majorities. It’s the least we can do. We should also shoot for 70 percent turnout, as well. High turnout is the only way to counter Trump’s and the GOP’s cheating.

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