96 To Go: We Have to Work to Protect and Encourage the Vote

There is a built-in problem with democracy, and it has to do with who gets to vote. Ot, at least, who should get to vote, which is everyone.

Under the best of circumstances, a lot of truly idiotic people get to cast a vote, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

That is one reason election results have mostly been bad for the past 35-40 years. It’s certainly why why have Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office now. I mean, in a choice between the highly qualified and accomplished Hillary Clinton and the lifetime grifter Donald Trump, how many IQ points had to be missing to cast a vote for Trump?

I’d call it ironic, if they actually understood the concept of irony, but it’s Republicans who actually have a serious problem with everyone voting. They’re the ideology that wants people to have to meet certain qualifications in order to vote. They clam to hate “liberal elitists,” but they seem to want to restrict voting to those who “qualify,” as long as they get to decide on the “qualifications.”

As of now, we know what the qualifications are, for the most part. First of all, we know they want them to be citizens, which is perfectly fine. However, they also want to restrict the vote to Republicans, and only the white ones, if they can get away with it. Poor people shouldn’t vote, according to the right wing Republican leadership; they have top own a car and a home and they have to be wealthy enough to drive it wherever they wish. That kind of restriction would be devastating to groups of people who need good government more than most.

Like I said, the Republican position on voting rights would probably hurt them more than anyone, which makes their whole thing ironic. However, we also know enough about them to know that they would adjust the rules constantly, so that only their staunchest voters would be able to vote. Listen to their rhetoric a little and you’ll understand; they don’t want anyone except white Republicans to cast a vote and anyone who doesn’t want to vote for the current GOP should not have the option of voting for a Democrat.

I don’t really care that stupid people vote, nor should you. There are more than enough non-stupid people to outnumber the morons, which means there is still no excuse for letting the morons win, even if we don’t restrict voting in any way, shape or form. We need to work hard in every election, starting with this one, but certainly not ending there, to make sure everyone can vote, and to do everything we can to get turnout up as high as we can.

Many other democracies routinely turnout at an 80% rate, and we are the United States of America; we can do at least that every election. That is how we truly make America great again, folks; protect the right to vote for everyone, and get them all to show up and offer their opinion, even if we disagree with it.

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