97 to Go: Why are WE “Condescending” When We Point Out BS?

right wing snowflakes are easily triggered

This is something I have always wondered…

For some reason, when someone, especially someone on the far right, says something profoundly stupid – which they do a lot – if we bother to correct the record and call out the stupidity, we are called “condescending” or something similar. (My personal favorite are those who call me “uncivil” for pointing out that someone just said something stupid.)

How come I’m called “condescending” when I point out their stupidity, but they’re not at all “condescending” for assuming I am stupid enough to believe their bullshit.

It happened this weekend, when I posted a simple statement about Black Lives Matter. It shouldn’t have been controversial; it was just a statement of support. Suddenly, a friend decided she had to comment and say something profoundly racist and stupid. It was slightly surprising, although I suspected there was some racism in her background, but she didn’t even try to hide it.

Here is what I posted:

Apparently, the fact that a lot of baseball players knelt during the National Anthem at opening day games has triggered a lot of white people. Sorry to hear that. Black people are as American as you or I, and if the concept of Black folks being able to walk around as freely as white people insults you, you are a snowflake and need your binky. The statement “Black Lives Matter” does not include the word “only,” and frankly, it’s a concept that is long overdue. If you don’t like it, perhaps you need to consider your own racism. And if you think can whine about “Black Lives Matter” and not be racist, well… think again… Please… I want to like everyone… give me that chance.

As you can see, it wasn’t anything profound. I just noticed that the very idea that professional athletes felt it necessary to advocate in favor of Black people not being shot by police. As noted, I didn’t cast any personal aspersions; I didn’t even mention the people who whined about the baseball players kneeling; I just felt the reactions were often the racist and pointless rantings of someone who felt “the Blacks” were “overstepping” somehow.

Well, this posting apparently triggered one of my Facebook “friends,” who responded with this:

No, your wrong… All lives matter! I don’t care if your green, purple or orange all lives matter and if it was said “white” lives matter or “green ” lives matter it would be racist!! This is America. We have our freedom because all lives matter. Change the word “black” to “all” and we will ALL stand together!

Yes, that’s right. It’s the “All Lives Matter” nonsense, writ large. Clearly, she has no idea to what “Black Lives Matter” refers. At no point did I point out the multiple spelling errors, and I didn’t point out that the “All Lives Matter” argument is purely ignorant. And SHE started off her comment with “No, your (sic) wrong,” yet in one of here subsequent posts, she referred to me as “condescending” and tried to shout down several other commenters, telling them to “shut up” and to put them down for agreeing with me.

So, why am I the one who gets tagged with “condescending”? I mean, right-leaning people are allowed to condescend to me as much as they want without irony (a concept they don’t understand, anyway), but I am the one who is “condescending”?How’s that work, really?

Later on in her diatribe, she tried to imply that no one else in the discussion knew anything about George Floyd, and she tried to excuse the police based in her claim that he apparently robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint, which is a debunked bullshit story pushed in the right wing press, with n basis in fact. She accused me and everyone who agreed with me with “worshipping George Floyd as a “god” and said the police were right because Floyd wasn’t perfect. This is one of her comments:

So the woman that was pregnant that your black lives matter god held a gun to her and her unborn child doesn’t matter and its ok to treat us woman and the woman that bring life into this world doesn’t matter!! Yes the entitled pompous snowflake prick held a gun to a pregnant woman while robbing her home is now a god and we the females of the world are now third class citizens. Wow let’s just send us back to the stone age. Kiss my a$$ I’m just as equal as any man and I should have the same rights as any man… WOMAN LIVES AND BABY LIVES MATTER!

I later posted proof that her assertion about Floyd was wrong, but she wasn’t having it. She kept on with her ignorant crap for a good half hour and whined that those on my side were insulting and, again, condescending. Again, everything she said was complete crap, so why are people like this NOT “insulting” and “condescending”? I offered up a simple opinion and back it up with fact, while she stated a lot of accusations but no facts, and I’m the bad guy?

I have to say, I felt good when it was over, but that’s because I knew I was right and nothing she said was even close to right. That said, I refuse to be a “right fighter;” I will only fight fir truth, justice and fact. Those athletes and others who kneel during the National Anthem and support the “Black Lives Matter” will always get my respect and I will always be a justice fighter, regardless of what kind of Jingoistic bullshit thy want to throw at me.

Until everyone is actually legal throughout society and under the law, not just in the letter of the law, but also in its practice, I will continue to propagate the concept that Black Lives Matter. Those who respond with “All Lives Matter” are purely ignorant and while they mean well, they need to learn about reality. When I can, I will be their teacher.

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