98 to Go: Stick to Facts; Trumpers Sure Won’t

(Before I start, let me say, when I discuss Republicans, I am largely referring to the leadership of the party, not rank-and=file Republican voters.)

Yesterday, someone who has been a friend on my Facebook page just decided it was time to spout some right wing talking points. Up until that point, I had no idea she was a Republican, let alone a Trumper. Over the 15-20 years I have known her, she has been very sweet, without even a clue that she was a racist joke. However, yesterday, she obviously decided it was time to assert her right-wing nonsense. Here is what she decided to post (I’m going to add some facts to the following, where appropriate:


💯% Let me break it down…

  1. Joe Biden isn’t winning just like Hillary wasn’t winning.
    (Milt note: Joe Biden is winning, just as Hillary Clinton actually won in 2016. Hillary received 3 million more votes; Trump only won the antiquated Electoral College by winning by a hair in a handful of swing states.)
  2. Bubba Wallace wasn’t a victim.
    (Based on the evidence, it’s not possible to know that. The FBI simply determined that the “noose” had been in the garage since before Wallace got there. Tp declare that Wallace wasn’t a victim is merely wishful thinking. I’m unsure how that is relevant to anything, however, unless she was triggered by the support Wallace received from NASCAR and its drivers.)
  3. Black lives do matter, along with everyone else.
    (Black lives don’t matter to many police and government in general, which is why “Black Lives Matter” is a thing. Too many Black men are obviously seen as expendable by far too many law enforcement officers.)
  4. What happened to Floyd should never happen again. But he was still a criminal not an innocent individual.
    (Sorry, but this is bullshit in many ways. First of all, at the time police stopped him, he was simply accused of passing a bad $20 bill. Floyd’s criminal record could not have been known by the Minneapolis police who stopped him, and everyone who is accused of a crime is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Even if he had killed someone, Floyd was innocent at the time of his summary execution by Minneapolis police.)
  5. All cops definitely aren’t bad, nor are they all racist.
    (No one has ever said all police are bad, just that too many police are bad and too many of their colleagues look the other way while they abuse their power.)
  6. Trump is the President and doing a great job !
    (Trump is the biggest mistake the American electorate has ever made, and he’s at least as bad as expected, if not worse. He’s in no way a leader and he kowtows to the farthest right wing of the electorate, which ensures his failure. What Trump believes in is largely a violation of the constitutional oath of office he took during his poorly-attended inauguration. His performance on the coronavirus pandemic alone should be enough to ensure the end of his “presidency.”
  7. Rioters and looters have nothing to do with George Floyd. (And should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law).
    (Agreed, for the most part, but “rioters and looters” have not been targeted by the unlawful federal troops sent in by Trump. They have largely been focused on legal protesters, exercising their protected rights.)
  8. Police lives matter.
    (No one says otherwise.)
  9. Unborn lives matter.
    (So do the lives of the women who find themselves pregnant and don’t want to have a child.)
  10. Colin Kaepernick isn’t a hero, and never will be.
    (No one considers him a hero. He’s a victim. All he did was protest the loss of Black lives the hands of police by kneeling during the National Anthem, and he has subsequently been blackballed by NFL owners, which is wrong.)
  11. CNN isn’t news (nor is MSNBC)
    (I can agree with her, that there is far too much opinion on cable news. However, you’ll notice that she left out Fox News, which has far less news and fat more opinion than the other cable news outlets, and who is shamelessly pro-Republican, 24/7.)
  12. Elizabeth Warren isn’t Indian just a fake person.
    (Obviously, she means “Native American,” since there are no “Indians” native to the North American continents, except for recent immigrants from India. However, Elizabeth Warren is not a fake person. She’s never pretended to be anything other than an intelligent person from Oklahoma.)
  13. Facebook only censors conservatives.
    (Note: they haven’t “censored” this post, and this is one of many, which makes it unlikely that Facebook is “censoring” much of anything. Of course, she is not “conservative,” by any accepted definition of the word, anyway, s why would she care?)
  14. All lives do matter (red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight).
    (Straight out of the non-sensical kindergarten song, Jesus loves me. No one argues that all people are precious to Jesus, but then, the “Black Lives Matter” people aren’t protesting Jesus, are they?
  15. COVID 19 is being used to gauge just how much of our freedom they can take away.
    (This is, of course, insane. None of our freedoms have been taken away, and if anyone was going to do that, it would be her hero Trump, anyway. But, except for New York and California, the biggest engines for the pandemic are “Red” states, especially Flori-duh.)
  16. All fear is fueled by the media, this is a fact.
    (Obviously, that’s not a “fact,” since most people like here are fueling the increased instances of coronavirus. New York didn’t act out of fear, and they have a lot more “media” than Florida and Texas, let alone states like Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama.)
  17. God is still in control and always will be.
  18. Epstein did not kill himself. Nascar did kill themselves.
    (Epstein killed himself. There is no evidence NASCAR has suffered even slightly from their decision to accept the “Black Lives Matter” movement.)
  19. Most people are not racist.
    (Most people are not. Trump and his followers are decidedly racist. And her choice of shit to be mad about in this post points up her racism. Like the next statement, for example.
  20. There is NO White Privilege.
    (See what I mean? I am white, and I can walk through any neighborhood without assuming I am trying to rob someone. White people routinely “demonstrate” by carrying military-style weapons through Target without being followed, while Black people can’t carry a cell phone through a retail store without being followed. THAT is white privilege. It’s also white privilege that I can be stopped for speeding and not have to worry about losing my life.)
  21. There are no slave owners or slaves still living. There are no people trying to enslave anyone in the U.S.
    (The vestiges of slavery still exist, and the effects of Jim Crow still linger. To deny that is pure ignorance.
  22. LIFE is What YOU Make of it.
  23. No one OWES You ANYTHING !
  24. I stand for the Flag 🇺🇸 and National Anthem.
    (But you seem to stand for nothing the flag stands for.)
  25. I kneel only for Jesus.
    (And Trump. You just kind of said so above. And you stand for perpetuating lies about people you don’t agree with, politically, which is a decidedly un-Jesus trait. By the way, Jesus was a liberal.)

And there ya’ have it!


As usual, on Facebook, someone decided to leave a comment, in which they characterized the above as opinions the author is entitled to. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the above are not opinions, they are stated as fact. I don’t comment on opinions just because I disagree with them. I comment on the facts contained therein or correct the non-facts.

It is important that we pragmatic progressives stay focused on facts because there is no way voters will get facts from the Trump/GOP side of the equation. Facts are important for deciding who to vote for. Of course, this year, the fact that the Republican Party has largely become anti-American should be sufficient…

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