99 Days to Go: We Have But One Job This Year…

As of today, July 27, 2020, there are 99 days to go until the 2020 election. Of course, the presidential election is arguably the most important, but there is a lot more for us to do than to replace Lord Donny in the seat of federal leadership. This is our best chance in at least a half century to replace the current edition of the Republican Party once and for all.

No, I am not in favor of one-party rule, but for chrissakes, the current state of the Republican Party isn’t exactly intent on governing. They seem to be pretty good at running for office, but once there, they surely don’t care much about running the government for the benefit of the American people.

This is true at every level, too; not just at the federal level. The reason is simple; they don’t care about the same things most Americans care about. Yes, after 40 years of having too much influence, a lot of people have been warped by their nonsense, but if you look closely, the true believers, like the Trumpers, are a distinct minority. Trump didn’t become president because he received an overwhelming number of votes from an overwhelming number of voters. Like George W. Bush before him, Trump won because too many voters stayed home.

Therefore, in 99 days, we all have one job. We all have to work our asses off to encourage people to show up and vote against everyone who happens to be running as a Republican. That is our only job this year. And given that, even now, with things looking bad for them electorally, they are openly trying to cut pandemic unemployment payments by two-thirds, it should actually be easy.

For the next 99 days, this blog will post every day, to explain why we have to vote against Republicans. There are more than 99 reasons, but I’ll try to condense a few…

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