The Rise of the Evil F&$*ers: Jared Kushner

Do you realize there are FOURTEEN people in the Trump Administration who get access to the Presidential Daily Brief? That’s twice as many as received it during the Obama Administration, and most of the people working under Obama were competent and trustworthy. To make matters worse, at least one of the recipients should not have a security clearance. His name is Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and quite possibly the most crooked little fucker to ever work in the White House.

Face it. There is no way in hell Kushner should have a security clearance. He lied so much on his initial security clearance questionnaire, known as the SF-86, that he’s had to revise it about 80 times so far. That is because he claimed to have had no contacts with foreign governments, which is an obvious lie. I have had to pass a security clearance just to work in the White House in the past, and was told that if any question I answered was found to be untrue, I would be denied entry. And I wasn’t going to be anything that required massive security; certainly nothing related to national security. So, why does Kushner continue to have a security clearance high enough to have access to the PDB?

Not only has Kushner been allowed to lie on his SF-86 and repeatedly been allowed to revise his answers to include more and more foreign government contacts, but he has apparently been able to continue running his own company (and likely the Trump Organization, too) on the sly, at the same time he is working as a close confidante to Lord Donny. Keep in mind, Kushner is working with the same Republican Party that demanded Hillary Clinton promise to divest her interest in the Clinton Foundation, which has been deemed one of the cleanest charities in the world and isn’t at all a profit-making enterprise.

Then, there is Kushner’s role in the Trump-Russia mess, during which he attended several meetings with Russians during the 2016 campaign, and apparently colluded with them, even if he didn’t actually conspire with them to fix the election. There is a lot of documentation to support the efforts of Russians to help Trump, and there will be more when Robert Mueller starts handing out indictments of major Trump aides, which will be happening soon, I’m sure. However, Kushner not only has ties with Russians trying to rig our democracy, but he also has close ties with China, a country that is looking more and more like they are trying to follow the Russians’s lead.

American intelligence officials have been concerned about China for a while, and one thing they are most concerned with his Jared Kushner’s closeness with China’s U.S. Ambassador, Cui Tiankai. While China is not as obvious and crass as Russia, they are still trying to buy influence in our government. Is it coincidence that, just after Trump met with President Tsi of China, several Chinese trademarks registered by Kushner’s wife, Ivanka, were suddenly approved, after being stuck in the pipeline for an extended period? Whether it was Kushner or Lord Donny who got the trademarks “unstuck,” how comfortable are we with a White House who will curry favor so that cronies can make more money? And yes, a daughter and son-in-law are still “cronies” if they make you money.

Kushner has been given way too much influence in the White House for someone who has no government experience and whose education only includes one semester in a politics club at Harvard. During the transition, he asked the dumbest questions of anyone on the transition team. And given the dolts Trump installed on that team, that’s no small feat.

Jared Kushner is also an intense hypocrite. Despite the fact that Kushner claims to be an Orthodox Jew and that he admires FDR, he fully supports his father-in-law in virtually everything, including many actions neither an Orthodox Jew nor Roosevelt would ever agree with. He also claims Trump is no racist, and supported his contention that the instigators in Charlottesville were “good people.” He is also very close to his jailbird father, who was convicted of campaign finance violations after his brother and sister turned him in. Jared has much stronger words for his siblings than his father.

He also liked Chris Christie for a long time. That is, until Christie prosecuted his father, Charles Kushner, and put him in jail. After that, Jared decided he wanted revenge and made sure Christie and anyone who even liked Christie were ousted from the Trump Transition team. He also blames the media for his father’s downfall and jailbird status, which indicates he might be playing a key role in Lord Donny’s anti-media diatribes. He also bought the New York Observer because he didn’t like what it had to say about Christie, his father-in-law and his father and moved them far to the right. He also fired all reporters who said anything negative about any of them.

The funny (NOT “funny haha”) thing is, for all of Lord Donny’s complaints about “Fake News,” his son-in-law seems to be a master of the genre. He set up a blog on the Observer website called “The Politicker,” which featured anonymous tips from an anonymous blogger, later revealed to be David Wildstein, who faced federal charges for his role in the “Bridgegate” scandal, in which Christie people shut down traffic in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Before sentencing, Kushner slipped him a note, saying, “I thought the move you pulled was kind of badass.”

Jared Kushner is also a noted slumlord. The tenants of his first-ever apartment building filed complaints about the smell and bug infestations, among other things and said he refused to do anything about them. Many of them recall him “playing hardball” with them whenever they complained. In some cases, following a complaint, he would double their monthly rent. Apparently, he was intent on driving out current tenants and converting units to condos as a way to increase his profits. He has done that repeatedly, throwing people who are slightly late with the rent out on the street, so that he can convert his buildings and sell the units.

For all the talk about how “polite and quiet” Kushner is, he has a mean and vindictive streak a mile wide. In particular, he really seems to hate historic preservationists,” especially those who get in the way of his real estate developments. When he purchased the white elephant at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for a record $1.8 billion during the height of the real estate bubble, he also showed himself to be as shitty a businessman as his father-in-law, reneging on contracts, taking on massive amounts of debt and failing to fully occupy his properties. According to Forbes, he has acquired $7 billions in properties over the years, but his current worth is less than $1 billion.

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