A Great Night, and An Even Greater Future, If We Can Capitalize. 2014 Starts NOW

What we saw in 2008 was the beginning of the end of the right wing dream. We were severely sidetracked in 2010. But what you witnessed last night was the death of that dream. Everything the Republican Party tried over the last four years failed. Their main political goal was to make President Obama a one-term president, and they failed miserably at that goal. The only people who probably won’t see that is the current leadership of the Republican Party.

Of course, to avoid the right wing zombie apocalypse, progressives will also have to play better politics. When Obama hands us a pony, we have to stop pouting and demanding a pegasus.


But I'll have plenty of time to talk about that. This is a positive post, about our future

Look at the exit polls. President Obama won all important demographics, except old people, who are apparently so scared of the repercussions of letting "the gays" get married that they're willing to sacrifice their children's and grandchildren's Medicare and Social Security, and Southern White Males, who are soon to be a minority. Obama won women, LGBT, non-Cuban Hispanics and blacks. But most encouraging was, he won young people in a walk. In fact, he won big with everyone under the age of 40.  And if you look at the states, Obama scored big in all cities, even cities in the Confederacy.  He won big in working class suburbs, as well. 

That's called a future. 

As the Hispanic population grows, the black population grows, and as cities continue to gentrify, Republican chances become less and less. Yeah, they’re loud and they’re obnoxious, and they’re still running the House, but they have to know their days are numbered. 

There are really only three things keeping them in power to the extent they are.

One is their willingness to vote together as a solid bloc, no matter who’s at the top of the ticket. 

Another problem is our tendency to write off rural areas of the country, including a number of suburbs. Wedon't speak to them. We should. If you think country folks and suburban soccer moms have no interest in the environment and education, among other things, think again. There is no reason why Willard Romney should have ever won a state by 10 or more points, except that we abandoned them a while back. Can we swing all of them to our side? Of course not. But to assume they have nothing in common with us is just plain silly. 

The third reason is related to the second one, in that thing about that large group of progressives who have been handed a pony by President Obama, but who insist on holding out for a Pegasus. Again, later.    

And look at the issues. We won on marriage equality last night for the first time ever, and the polls show that a majority of Americans are finally in favor of the concept for the first time. They're losing a key wedge issue. A large portion of their base will either be dead or not care about same-sex marriage by 2016, if not sooner, which means they'll have taxes and abortion left. 

Taxes will probably have to go up a little for the very rich, Grover Norquist be damned. Ironically, the GOP House will allow it to happen so they can point to a "Democrat" tax increase when they run in 2014. That's almost all they'll have by then. Unfortunately for them, the economy is starting to chug along without their help, and if Obama can get a few stimulus packages through in the next couple of years, the modest tax increase won't matter. Not only that, but in case you hadn't noticed, legal marijuana became a reality yesterday, and that prohibition is probably in its last days. Imagine the revenue from a marijuana industry coupled with the savings to law enforcement from not having tp porcess marijuana cases. The deficit's already heading downward; we could be in balance by the end of Obama's second term. And that will be another (admittedly phony) issue the Republican Party won't have.  There is also very little left to be done when it comes to abortion, especially since Obama will choose the next 2-3 Supreme Court Justices.  The current status quo on abortion is about as far as the people are willing to go. A majority will never be in favor of forcing a raped woman to carry her pregnancy to term. 

And make no mistake; Citizens United took a major tumble yesterday. They threw hundreds of millions of dollars at Democrats, and gained exactly nothing. 

They are losing the demographic war, their pet issues are old and tired, and they proved, again, that money is not the key to electoral victory. We are on the precipice of a Democratic renaissance, IF we can capitalize. 

Over the next few days, weeks, months and years, I will be suggesting ways to do that on this blog. Stay tuned… 

Also, pay attention to The Daily Weasel. Starting tomorrow, that blog will chronicle Republican goings on, in a no-holds-barred way. If you have any local GOP BS stories, send them along. 

The 2014 election starts NOW, and we can't settle for less than a Democratic supermajority… 

Are you in? 


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