A New E-Book: What Liberals Want – Just $1

Have you ever wondered how to get people to understand the Liberal point of view and to get them to vote for us in elections? Well, here you go. Here’s a short ebook that explains what liberals in the United States actually want and you can have it sent to anyone for just $1 or you can read it yourself.
Either way, this book makes it easy to understand what liberals and progressives want from society and explains it in a positive way that anyone can understand. Here’s one excerpt:

Everyone should have a right to health care that meets their needs.

If we are to be a nation that truly values the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as our founding principles were once stated, then the right to healthcare should be near the top of our list of civil rights.

In the Hippocratic Oath, there is at least an implied right to healthcare in our system, but it should go a lot farther than simply a requirement to provide care that keeps a person alive or relieves their pain. Every other industrialized nation on Earth recognizes healthcare as a human right, except the United States. Even the neighbor to our south that we’re supposed to hate because they’re so authoritarian, Cuba, recognizes such a right and they have built a very formidable health care infrastructure.

Everyone should get healthcare when they need it, regardless of their ability to pay. There is no excuse for this not being an absolute right. As for the arguments about who’s going to pay for it, we already pay for it, we’re just asking that everyone pay for it and everyone be provided with care.

This is a small book, easy to read and will explain to the average person what we want in a way that few can possibly argue with. Buy it for yourself or have us send it to someone you love. The file will work on every e-reader and can even be read on a computer.

What Liberals Want

Positive Goals for a Better America

This is a book that will make the liberal/progressive point of view clear to everyone and will go a long way toward spreading a liberal message. Buy it now and spread the message far and wide. 

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