A Note of Sanity on Healthcare

Let’s make this quick.

I’m writing a longer piece about this phenomenon, but we really have to stop reacting to anything and everything we see and hear from Republicans, as if everything they do is immediately tragic and will destroy the very thread of existence. It does no one any good and it prevents us from doing what needs to be done.

Lord Donny, who is only the biggest idiot in an entire political party of big idiots, today signed and submitted an executive order demanding changes to the health insurance system, including some that would eventually result in serious problems with the part of the ACA that deals with people without employer-provided insurance plans. Keep in mind, while you may be one of those who rely on the individual exchange (I am one of those, as well), there are a couple things you need to know.

First off, more than 90% of people have insurance coverage right now, and about 90% of those have employer plans that will be unaffected by Lord Donny’s proclamation, which is based on his ignorance of this issue.

Secondly, it’s just an executive order. Nothing has been written down officially, no plan has been put forth and the earliest any plan could take effect would be 2019. In the meantime, you have two very important things to accomplish to deaden any effect this “order” might have. You need to make sure record numbers of people sign up to renew or initiate a plan under the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment starts November 1 and goes through December 15. Everyone who doesn’t have an employer plan needs to sign up. The more people do that, the less effect Donny’s plan will have. Got it?

The other thing? Make sure everyone is registered to vote and encourage them to vote for Democrats only. No more of this, “we have to all be united” bullshit. If we can’t be united that the current GOP is the worst political collective in history, then we just need to write some people off as being as dumb as a Trump.

Based on the framework laid out in the executive order, what Trump plans to set up is ultimately unworkable. It will allow individuals without an employer plan to band together and buy insurance as a group, which he apparently doesn’t know is already possible. However, it will also ostensibly allow insurance companies to provide cut-rate plans that don’t meet the regulations for such plans set out in the ACA.

Now, read that again…

Donny thinks he can simply make an order and allow insurance companies to ignore the regulations already on the books. There is no way this will pass court muster. The “president” can’t simply make an order that allows others to ignore a law. Think about it. If an insurance company decides to offer a cheap piece-of-shit “health insurance” policy that doesn’t comply with the requirements of the ACA, where are they going to offer it? Such plans are ILLEGAL. He’s also made an order that allows insurance companies to not cover “essential services,” like contraception. Um, no. THE LAW is that all insurance policies have to cover “essential services” and that includes contraception. If you want a law changed, you have to change it. The “president” can’t simply make a proclamation that says the law is changed.

Thus far, the Republicans, who run Congress, have not been able to repeal the law. We have to make sure they continue to be thwarted in that and then we have to make sure Democrats win everything next year. Again, the earliest this can possibly take effect is 2019. Let’s make sure they’re all gone by then.

As I keep saying, Trump thinks he’s the “Boss of America” and that every “order” he makes must be followed. He’s wrong. Now, all you citizens who read this, do your job. Make sure the GOP doesn’t repeal the ACA and make sure they lose everything. And stop screaming about everything under the sun. It makes you look stupid.

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A Note of Sanity on Healthcare — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this, Milt. And also, remember that the Attorney-Generals of close to twenty states (or more) are going to sue the Trump Administration based on this travesty. With NY AG Eric Schneidermann and CA’s Xavier Bacerra leading the charge, this piece of crap EO will be eviscerated in the courts.

    And yes, we must turn out in massive numbers next year. No more of the “I’m not voting because the candidates are not pure enough!!” horse manure.

  2. I see what you’re saying. The SPF Health Blog also says his Executive Order doesn’t do much. As usual, as long as Trump does “something”, wether it works or not, his base will say he’s keeping his promises. But, if the states or insurance companies ignore the mandates and follow the E.O., who is going to take them to task? Most of what Trump does is illegal or unconstitutuonal, but he’s getting away with it.