A Progressive Rant, Part II: Bernie Stans

(Before I start, the following does not apply to most supporters of Bernie Sanders, but the extremists, who make sure they are prominent. They know who they are.)

Clown car 2016 5You know, there’s a reason why many of us who have worked in or with campaigns of various types refer to primaries as the “silly season.” I mean, look at the current state of the Republican Party, will you? They have been cultivating the worst of the American electorate for a half century and that has finally borne fruit in the form of what I’m certain is a phony Donald Drumpf candidacy. I mean, the man has been trying for months to say something that will get his ass kicked out of the race and he can’t do it. That’s because the reprobates who are voting for Drumpf don’t care about anything but saying “screw you” to the GOP “establishment.” (Yes, they have one, too, and it’s not like the Democratic Party establishment at all.)

Anyway, what’s silly during this particular “silly season” is, while the GOP is putting on a horror show to decide which one of their disgusting slate of “candidates” will be this year’s sacrificial lamb will carry their banner into the general election, the professional left spends most, if not all, of their time trashing Hillary Clinton or anyone who doesn’t accept Bernie Sanders as their political lord and savior. I mean, I’ve had Bernie stans whose parents were newly born when I became a progressive telling me I’m not one because I won’t join the Church of Bernie. Sorry, guys, but he and Hillary both are just politicians. Neither is transcendent; both are competent and capable of doing as much with a Democratic Congress as anyone. Meanwhile, we’re looking at the prospect of the weasel, Ted Cruz (and I mean that literally, have you seen him?) becoming president because they’re spending all of their time claiming that Hillary Clinton is just like “the Republicans,” which is odd, given that even lifelong old Republicans would tell you she is nothing like current Republicans.

Whatever it is, they're against it

Whatever it is, they’re against it

The “stans” are so desperate, it’s really kind of pathetic. Actually, remove the “kind of.” It’s actually sad and frightening. Since the Massachusetts Primary, which Clinton won by a small margin, despite the fact that Bernie was “supposed to” win, the silliness has grown to epic proportions. First, these people, who worshipped Elizabeth Warren almost as much as they worship Bernie – she was his “goddess,” so to speak – turned on her almost as quickly and as monumentally as they turned on Obama after they helped him win in 2008. Why, you ask? Well, this is where it goes from silly to downright stupid and asinine. They didn’t start trashing her because she chose Hillary over Bernie, but because she dared decide to remain neutral and not endorse anyone.

Like I said; silly season. Worse, the day after Massachusetts, it was discovered that Bill Clinton actually showed up at one precinct and met with a few voters. Now, that’s not normal and yes, he probably broke a minor civil law – the equivalent to a parking ticket – by doing so, but Bernie stans were calling for Clinton to be arrested and frog marched for his error.

Arrested! For what? I have been a precinct captain several times, folks, and every time, I found people breaking that same law against campaigning within so many feet of a polling place and I never had one arrested or even called the cops. For one thing, it’s a silly law unless too many people break it all at once; when people arrive at the polling place, they usually know who or what they’re voting for and it’s unlikely any will be swayed. But even if they were, Hillary didn’t win by a dozen votes and no one wins the nomination by “winning states.”

Clinton SandersThat brings me to another desperate ploy by the Bernie stans; the “recount. Apparently, someone did a recount of the primary votes in Massachusetts and found that Bernie may have gotten a handful more votes than Hillary. They announced it as if that mattered. Like the silliness of their attempts to “prove” he won Iowa, this demonstrates nothing more than a misunderstanding of the primary process. The nominee is chosen by delegates, not votes. Delegates are chosen by votees, but usually at a micro level, by counties or districts. It’s not like they say, “Okay, one candidate got 50.1% and the other got 49.9%, so we’re going to give the “winner” a dozen more delegates. In other words, “winning” by a hair means an equal number of delegates. Given that Hillary has been winning many other states by 40-50-point margins, the 1-2 extra Massachusetts delegates he might get if he “wins” won’t swing anything. But these folks are so desperate for a “win” that they are willing to make themselves look really stupid. I have to admit, I don’t get it. At what point does “passion” make you stupid?

I’m tired of the arguments these people make. First of all, the difference between Bernie and Hillary is not immense. In fact, it’s almost microscopic. Don’t give me this “lesser of two evils” bullshit when it comes to the general election. The best candidate that may possibly emerge from the Republican Convention this year is Mitt Romney, which means there will only be one evil to choose in November. And stop getting butthurt over every slight. I mean, if you believe the media should be all over Bernie Sanders because you think he’s incredible, all I can say is, you haven’t been paying attention. No one but Drumpf is getting any attention this year. Republican debates look like they were choreographed by Vince McMahon, but they get more attention than Democratic debates because many people like spectacle and neither Bernie or Hillary offer that. Thankfully, spectacle doesn’t translate to votes.

If you want Bernie to get more attention, here’s an idea; talk about him. Instead of your incessant trashing of Hillary, especially with complete bullshit, how about touting Bernie’s strengths? If the best you can come up with in touting Bernie is that “Hillary sucks,” you’re not demonstrating confidence in your candidate, so why would anyone else vote for him?

Negative campaign 1Oh, and one more thing. Super delegates are a method the Democratic Party put in place to prevent something like a Drumpf event happening in their party. They are not “undemocratic” and they are not a personal attack on Bernie. They are a fail safe. They are not pledged and they can change their minds if they want. You want to know what’s “undemocratic”? Caucuses. In a primary election, the polls open early in the morning and stay open for 12-14 hours, so that people can go vote at their leisure. Laws in most states require employers to allow people time to go to the polls and vote. Caucuses are not like that at all. They are held at a specific place at a specific time of day and they require a substantial time commitment. They actually disenfranchise a lot of voters who can’t get the time off. There are no laws requiring employers to give workers several hours to attend a caucus. Counts are also not exact and votes are public, thus removing the anonymity factor that makes it easier for people to vote. The boss will never find out you voted for Hillary in a primary election, but they may find out about your vote in a caucus.

One last thing that seems to be prominent this “silly season.” After Super Tuesday, Bernie stans dismissed Hillary’s massive win in “red states.” I pointed this out in part one, but I want to reiterate it, because when they won two “red state” caucuses Saturday, they did nothing but praise Bernie and suggest that he was on his way to a comeback. Besides that being delusional, they also contradicted themselves and undermined every argument they made earlier in the week.

You people are not doing Bernie  any favor with your utterly arbitrary and inconsistent positions on things like this.  Stop it. Stop embarrassing those of us who understand politics and don’t treat it like a religious indoctrination exercise.


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  1. One of the things that irritates me about the Bernie Stans is their complaining about the way delegates are awarded and the superdelegates, while completely ignoring that Bernie’s campaign manager was one of the people who helped design the current Democratic primary system.