About “Your Revolution”…

Okay, let me start with what should be obvious to everyone who pays attention to politics right now. Read this carefully, unicorn progressives:

The very notion of “Our Revolution” being led by white upper-middle-class (mostly male) liberals is absurd on its face.

There, I said it. I feel better, even though a bunch of unicorn progressives and professional liberals just threw their laptops, tablets and phones out the window after reading such a “betrayal.” It’s just a fact; get used to it.

First of all, we don’t need a “revolution.” We live in a country where everyone has a vote. We live in nation where everyone has a cellphone and where 85 percent can access the Internet from everywhere. Our country is bombarded with opinions disguised as “news” and idiots from both sides of the aisle eat it up with a spoon. Just about anyone who wants one has a college education and the median income is more than $50,000 per year.

Does that sound like a country ripe for a “revolution” to you?

That’s not to say we don’t have problems. We certainly do. Black men are being shot for being black, and they’re being incarcerated for it as well. Yet, many “Our Revolution” unicorn types deny “white privilege,” which is a fact. That alone makes me doubt their sincerity about “revolution.” If a revolution were needed, that revolution would have to be against the white patriarchy, which calls into question the credentials of a relatively small, but very loud white people to lead it.

There are other things that bother me about their “leadership.” The first one is their inability to understand politics. Oh, they can cite chapter and verse on their own pet “issues,” but very little else. They can tell you the names of Congresspersons and their district numbers quite often, but they fail to understand that their chosen candidates can’t win in most of them.

Two days ago, a “Democratic Socialist” won in the Democratic Primary for the 14th Congressional District of New York. My Twitter feed blew up like it was the Fourth Of July, which is about a week away. You would have thought “Our Revolution” had taken over the entire country, and not just one district, which voted against Bernie in the 2016 primary and for Hillary Clinton by a 58-point margin in the general. Oh, wow! They also took credit for Bernie’s endorsement of Ben Jealous for Maryland Governor, who won his primary and will face the incumbent in a very progressive state that Donald Trump lost in a landslide in 2016. You see, Ben Jealous has a great reputation in Maryland and is very mainstream. In other words, Bernie and “Our Revolution” chose mainstream candidates and took credit for the wins. Does this sound like a politically savvy group?

What bothers me most about these white liberal “revolutionaries” is their tendency to advocate for obscure positions on issues that most people really don’t care about, and then do everything to electorally screw themselves and make sure they don’t happen. I mean, there is little doubt that the “revolutionaries” played a key role in Hillary Clinton’s narrow defeat, which means all of their current concern over the loss of abortion rights and everything else Donald Trump has managed to fuck up so far rings truly hollow right now.


  • Trump SAID he would appoint anti-choice judges. We KNEW Hillary most certainly would not.
  • Hillary said she would extend DACA and Trump said he would dismantle current immigration law and build a goddamn wall.
  • Trump said he would ban Muslims from the country, while Hillary most certainly would not.
  • The Democratic platform, overall, contained more than 80 percent of Bernie Sanders’ platform. Trump’s probably contained one percent.
  • Trump said he would destroy Obamacare; Hillary said she would strengthen it.
  • Trump openly mocked “Black Lives Matter,” while Hillary and the Democrats (eventually) embraced the concept.

And yet, the white liberal geniuses who now make up “Our Revolution” openly trashed Hillary Clinton and undermined the Democratic Party at every turn. Yes, I know; Bernie did campaign “for Hillary,” but I attended one of those speeches, and it was primarily anti-Trump, not “pro-Hillary.” And the “Our Revolution” people continued to bash Hillary as a “corporate shill” and lied about the Democratic Party, claiming they were “just as beholden to” the rich and corporations as Republicans.

The biggest reason Democrats keep losing elections is because of low turnout.

It’s not because Democrats suck at strategy.

It’s not because Democrats have “moved right,” a concept that represents a Trump-like delusion – in the 1960s, a third of the Democratic Party was Dixiecrats, all of whom have become Republicans since then. If the other two-thirds of the Democratic moved right, it’s because white unicorn lefties abandoned the Democratic Party to become “independents” and indulge another delusion, in which independents ended the political party concept.

It’s not because Democrats don’t stand for anything. The Democratic Party BASE is Black people, Latinos, women, LGBTQ, and first- and second-generation immigrants. They ARE “the party of the people,” just not white people, since most white people – including white women – habitually vote Republican and against everything you claim to stand for.

It’s also important to note that depressing turnout is a main strategy of the Republican Party, because that keeps them in power. When they say “Democrats suck,” and “Your Revolution rhetorically agrees with them, where do voters get the incentive they need to turn out and vote against the GOP? I mean, the GOP already sucks, in their view; if Democrats are no better, why should they take a couple hours off work, take a few buses and bother to vote?

Now, what is “Your Revolution” doing to fix THAT problem? The answer seems to be nothing.

Ironically, “Our Revolution” is generally so politically inept, they undermine their own agenda. They claim they want “single-payer” healthcare, and they always express disgust at “Obamacare,” but they always help elect Republicans, who think the ACA went too far. They claim they want “free college,” but their actions undermine Democrats, who are the only one of the two major parties who won’t cut the living hell out of budgets, thus leading the charge to higher tuitions. They claim they want a $15 per hour minimum wage, but they keep undermining the one party who actually thinks there should be a minimum wage. They don’t seem to realize that half the Republican Party thinks the mere existence of a minimum wage is an example of “over-regulation.” If you want a minimum wage increase, you’ll never get one from the GOP.

More importantly, “Our Revolution” pretends to care about poor people and minorities. The problem is, their rhetoric shows the opposite. The simple fact is, the base of the Democratic Party IS poor people and minorities, so every time you whine and piss and moan about Democrats, you’re whining, pissing and moaning about the poor and minorities.

For progressives, politics has been quite simple for a long time – at least the last 50 years. The current Republican Party stands for everything we supposedly abhor. They start wars without instigation, they treat taxpayer money like it’s their own piggy bank, they despise the poor and find them to be parasites, so they have taken everything away from them. They even find Social Security and Medicare, which have never added a dime to the debt, to be colossal wastes of money. These are evil people who work against the American people.

Here’s an idea, unicorn liberals and professional lefties. Instead of indulging your delusions of a white-led “progressive revolution,” how about using the system we have to support women, the poor and minorities and change the system from within.

Come join the real world and help the people who are struggling in real time. Instead of dreaming of a just and beautiful world, how about working toward that, for a change. You’ll never get free healthcare, because our doctors and nurses are worth more than that. However, the ACA is a hell of a building block for a universal health insurance system, like most countries have. You’ll never get free college because we don’t want to subsidize Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka’s education with tax money that is better used pulling poor folks out of poverty. You probably won’t get a $15 minimum wage everywhere quite yet, but $12 per hour, as Hillary proposed, would be a major improvement.

And we could also re-create a welfare system that has disappeared under GOP rule. For example, do you “Revolutionaries” even realize that more than three quarters of the families living below the poverty level get ZERO cash assistance right now?

Join the 95 percent of actual progressives who want to see truly positive changes in the way the government works and how it takes care of its own. Instead of patronizing People of Color and the poor, how about helping them. I mean really helping, not just saying “all the right things” and then blaming others when you lose. Before you get to tell Democrats what they have to do to win, it might be helpful to learn how to win yourself.

Also, get this through your thick skulls…

The Democratic Party is a big tent. It is not the sole province of white (mostly male) liberals who think they know more than anyone else. So stop damaging the Democratic brand with your childish antics.

Cynthia Nixon says all the right things to get you to cream for her, but the fact of the matter is, she has ZERO executive experience in government. And her and your rhetoric about the inevitable Democratic nominee, may have done a hell of a lot of damage and may have given the GOP more of a chance of taking that governorship, More importantly, it shows that “Our Revolution” doesn’t learn. They’re as dense as any Trumper. They keep doing this, over and over, and never learn. They damaged Humphrey and gave us Nixon in 1968. They damaged Carter in service to Ted Kennedy, who couldn’t even say why he was running in 1980, and gave us Reagan. In 1988, they damaged Dukakis and gave us Bush 41. They also damaged Gore and Kerry, thus sentencing us to two terms of George W, Bush. And they did it in 2016, which is at least part of the reason we are where we are.

And what they did to the most progressive president in history, President Barack Obama, is disgusting. They advocated for him because they envisioned a “black president” who would stick it to the “establishment,” but when he turned out to be a great politician and not a “Black Power” stereotype, they turned on him within a few weeks of his inauguration.

Working WITH Democrats instead of against them is how we get a progressive country. There is proof of this, if you would bother to look. When out parents and grandparents banished the GOP from government, to make them accountable for the Great Depression, we became the most powerful country in the world and we also embraced social justice and civil rights. Since Reagan, most of the progress we managed to get when we controlled government WITH Democrats has been disassembled. Obviously, what the unicorn progressives have been doing isn’t working because we’re REgressing. Yet, they don’t see fit to change anything. That’s not sane. Demanding 100% of everything you want and getting -50% is not “progress.” Getting 50% of what we want IS “progress.”

In other words, FUCK “Your Revolution.” Join actual progressives, who want to see progress, and not just get our own way. Put away your egos and work for actual progress, for a change.

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About “Your Revolution”… — 5 Comments

  1. Milt, when I mentioned the following black guys, I meant MLK, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, and Hugo Chavez-just a little FYI.

    • I knew what you meant, but the emoprogs think of MLK, etc the way they think of all black liberals. They have a cartoon vision of what that means.

  2. And what they did to the most progressive president in history, President Barack Obama, is disgusting. They advocated for him because they envisioned a “black president” who would stick it to the “establishment,” but when he turned out to be a great politician and not a “Black Power” stereotype, they turned on him within a few weeks of his inauguration.

    More correctly and directly, Milt, they expected him to be like this black guy, this black guy,, THIS black guy, and this Latino guy; when he didn’t turn out to be like any of these guys, they turned on him. These emoprogressives are just looking for a revolutionary leader to follow that will indulge in whatever destructive ‘revolutionary’ fantasies they love to imagine.

  3. And what they did to the most progressive president in history, President Barack Obama, is disgusting. They advocated for him because they envisioned a “black president” who would stick it to the “establishment,” but when he turned out to be a great politician and not a “Black Power” stereotype, they turned on him within a few weeks of his inauguration.

    More correctly and directly, Milt, these people expected him to be like this black guy, this black guy, and THIS black guy (along with this guy); when he didn’t become like any of these men in domestic and foreign policy (particular in domestic policy with regards to the financial sector), they all turned on him and staged a ‘punishment’ of him in the 2010 and 2012 mid-term elections

    What country (continent) these fools think they live in/on, I have no idea; I wish that most of them would emigrate to Western Europe and Scandinavia and stay there, but I know that they’d never be satisfied in these countries due to the language requirements and taxation most of these countries have. But they’re here, and so, we have to put up with them.

    • That’s exactly it. They have a concept of a liberal black man as a radical, wearing a dashiki and raising a fist in the air in a ‘Black Power” salute. They wanted Huey and Bobby and when he turned out to be more “mainstream,” they turned on him. It was infuriating. It also validated the right wing idea that liberals saw Obama as a “messiah,” which was partly true.

      While we can’t get rid of them, we can out-shout them. I’m trying.