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April 27, 2017

Lord Donny made a big deal out of inviting all 100 Senators to the White House, presumably for a confab on North Korea, to outline his plans. Well, according to Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley, the entire event was purely for show. (Source)

“Why do you think he had you come to the White House for this?” Burnett asked.

“Oh, complete optics,” Merkley said. “Giving him a chance to say he considers it important enough to have us come to the White house.”

Merkley noted that given the stakes, one could have anticipated that Trump would present a strategy for dealing with North Korea (particularly since—as Vice President Mike Pence noted—“The era of strategic patience is over”).


Trump has proposed a tax plan. Well, actually, he hasn’t. He has listed a few things he’d like to do, with no real details. The highlights include a reduction in the number of tax brackets, a reduction in the number of deductions and exemptions, a reduction in the top rate and a huge reduction in the corporate tax rate. (Source) Basically, it’s a typical Republican plan, with no concern for the poor, or deficits or the debt. Pure hypocrisy. There has to be tax reform, but Republicans have to stop exploding the deficit.


April 26, 2017

This is what is so dangerous about not knowing the extent of the conflicts of interest in this regime. Apparently, Ivanka wants foreign leaders to help her increase profits. What part of “public service” do these people not understand? (That question was rhetorical. (Source)

Our current Energy Secretary, the indomitably stupid Rick Perry, made a speech on Earth Day, in which he started off by complaining mightily about President Obama’s energy policies but took all the credit for his progress on climate change. (Source) You really can’t make this shit up.

Republican Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai has decided to scrap the net neutrality rules championed by the Obama Administration, based primarily on public input. Because of that, most believe he can expect a major level of pushback in the near term. (Source)

April 14, 2017

How Often is Trump at Mar-a-Lago?

Trump has spent almost as much time at Mar-a-Lago s at the White House, despite his constant hounding of President Obama for playing “too much golf.” Now, there is a website that keeps up with Lord Donny’s constant vacations and how much they are costing us taxpayers. (Source)

Roger Stone is Hiding Something

In a Salon interview, Trump’s right hand useful idiot Roger Stone is quite obviously hiding something when he talks about his contacts with Russia and the level of collusion on the part of Trump himself. This is a video everyone should watch, if only to show just how deceptive these people are. (Source)


April 13, 2017

Maxine Waters Calls Donny “dangerous.”

Given his Increasing lack of understanding that bombs kill people and destroy property to an exceptional degree, leading to his increased militancy in recent days, California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters believes the Orange Toddler has become “very dangerous.” (Source)

It’s HIS Military, Stupid!

Watch this video carefully. When asked if he authorized the Afghanistan mega-bombing, Lord Donny slips and says he “authorized MY military.” Scary.

Trump Plays Army Even Bigger Army, Drops “Mother of All Bombs”

The military just dropped the largest bomb in the American arsenal on a remote series of caves that are purportedly occupied by ISIL fighters and leaders. There is no word about what damage the bomb may have done and no one knows if any ISIL leaders were killed, so we don’t know yet what level of disaster we have here. (Source) Of course, he’d better have killed everyone in ISIL, since it’s likely to cause membership to skyrocket.

The U.S. Knew About Trump/Russia Connections Years Ago

In a very well-sourced piece of Journalism, The Guardian is claiming that British intelligence agencies have been warning American intelligence officials of contacts between the Trumpies and Russian officials since at least 2015. Sure would have made a better story than Hillary’s boring emails, don’t have think? (Source)

House Dems Call for Suspension of Kushner’s Security Clearance

So much for those progressives who imagine that Democrats are simply standing by and letting Trump happen, there are calls coming from some House Democrats for First Son-in-Law to be stripped of his security clearance. In a letter to the Administration signed by Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia, Ted Lieu of California, Jerrold Nadler of New York, Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Peter Welch of Vermont, The Democrats cited Kushner’s “lack of candor about meetings with Russian officials” among several other reasons for revoking his security clearance. It is a sincere attempt to keep the Trump-Russia story in front of the public and to get Democrats  on record as opposing Trump’s idiotic and self-serving attempts to make lots of money from his presidency. (Source)

Trump Interview Demonstrates TWO Grounds for Impeachment

This week, Lord Donny gave an interview to Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Channel, which no one has ever heard of, and showed two things; that he’s certified insane and that he’s keen on divulging state secrets. He also shows signs of moderating because he’s tired of the right wing dictating everything. (Source) By the way, Bartiromo demonstrated a keen ability to conduct a thorough interview from inside Trump’s anal cavity. I mean, she crawled right up in there.



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