An Anonymous Hero? No.

Before I start, I’d like to say, everything that follows is pure opinion. I know the difference between opinion and fact, and this is the former. Therefore, it can’t be “Fake News.”

I know a lot of people are really trying to dissect the anonymous op-ed published by the New York Times a few nights ago, and many are trying to find out who wrote it for various reasons. I get that, I really do. What I don’t get are the people who are treating this guy (it’s the Trump Administration; you know it’s a man!) as if he’s some sort of hero.

He’s no hero. In fact, he may be the opposite of a hero, in every way possible. The content is only remarkable in that it confirms everything we already knew about the Trump Regime and the enormous chaos that has ensued since the Russians helped steal him an election. I will admit, I find it amusing to watch Donny making himself crazy trying to figure out who wrote it – and thus, unwittingly, proving everything in the article true – but Trump’s Twitter feed and all the books written about Trump in the White House already reveal the truth in that.

In other words, we already knew everything in the article. We also knew, since we haven’t all been blown up yet, that someone inside the White House was keeping him in check. The excerpts of Bob Woodward’s book that appeared earlier this week already did that, and Woodward proudly put his name and reputation and his reputation on the line to report it. This “Senior Official” reminds me of an old Chris Rock bit, in which he suggested “certain people” wanted credit for doing what they’re supposed to do. In this case, “Senior Official” wants us to thank him for not allowing Trump to go “too far” with his petulant nonsense. He wants us to give him a Milk-Bone because he and his band of Merry “Senior Officials” haven’t allowed him to start World War III, and to that, I say to hell with that.

I took me a few days to respond to this anonymous drivel, in part because its existence made Donny crazy. As I said, that part made me happy. However, something about this always struck me as wrong, somehow. It was “anonymous,” for one thing, and I am never comfortable with people who won’t speak out under their own name. To me, it shows an element of cowardice. Again, this guy wants a cookie for being such a great American, but he’s too afraid of losing his job to tell us who he is.

This is one reason Trump and the GOP get to scream “Fake News” at anything they don’t like and get away with it. Say what you will about Michael Wolff and (ick) Omarosa, but at least they made accusations and put their reputations on the line. This guy wants to be a hero, but he’s too afraid of losing his job to make himself accountable. Of course, for all we know, it could have been written by “John Barron” himself as a ruse to take attention away from the Woodward book, the half dozen investigations and the fact that most people think a president who is under federal investigation should be allowed to appoint a swing vote to the Supreme Court, especially one who could decide whether or not he can be charged for his crimes.

Then, there’s the message itself. Whereas this asshole wants to be given the Congressional Medal of Honor for placing a barrier around Trump, to keep him from doing anything too stupid, he also praises Trump for some of the “good things” he’s done. Presumably, he means the GOP Tax Scam, which could end up bankrupting the government. At the very least, it will saddle our kids with paying back an ever-increasing debt, so huge corporations can save a few bucks they don’t need now. It must also mean his disastrous “zero tolerance” immigration policy, which penalizes people who come here to escape oppression and which has resulted in creating hundreds of orphans of children who came her with their families. If you stop Trump from bringing on nuclear winter, but allow him to throw a few thousand vulnerable kids in cages, how heroic are you, really? He is also apparently quite okay with the Trumpian attempts to take health insurance away from as many as 30 million people and return us to the insurance system that was about to implode when we passed the ACA and started to save it.

Basically, this “Senior official” wants to reassure us that “reasonable people” are thwarting Trump from doing anything “too stupid,” but if it’s that big a chore, wouldn’t it be more of a relief if they just invoked the 25th Amendment and got him the hell out of there? And yes, I know; Pence isn’t much of an improvement, from our liberal perspective, but this guy is saying Trump is batshit crazy and is trying to do things that are so heinous, they have to “resist” him. With Pence, we’ll still have to deal with the policy crap, but we will have to worry less about the “president” having a hissy fit and launching a nuclear strike against Iran or North Korea.

Also, this whole “no matter what you hear, the adults have things under control” notion posited by this screed has an air of Guiliani’s “truth isn’t truth” to it. Again, if you can moderate Trump, why not stop him altogether. Either invoke the 25th Amendment yourselves, if you have enough people to sign off on it, or advise the American people and the Congress of the dire situation we are in and suggest ways we can fix it. This isn’t a “resistance,” it’s babysitting gig. And knowing someone’s babysitting this huge orange turd isn’t making anyone feel better.

The few people who are close to Trump and still feel a duty to country over party or Donny are actually our best hope, at least until “we, the people” get our say in 60 days and un-elect Trump’s GOP enablers in Congress. But even then, we’ll have to wait until January to see the effects. His “Senior officials” need to protect us from him, but they can’t just “resist” from the inside. Just as the rest of us who are being wronged have to take our case to court and present evidence to gain restitution, people like “Senior official” have a duty to present their case and tell Mueller and other officials what is going on in the White House and then they need to DO SOMETHING TO GET HIM OUT OF THERE.

“Senior official” really is not a hero. In fact, he’s the opposite because he and the others in his internal “resistance” have the means to end this thing, and they are doing nothing except writing anonymous articles and touting their own skill in preventing disaster. That’s not good enough. We need action, not mere words.

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