And then, there’s Republican Corruption

Of course, republicans aren’t just dropping like flies through attrition. there is also the corruption component. Uncle Ted Stevens is just the latest in a long line of sleazy Republicans who thinks his job entitles him to a little extra "welfare…

From: Feds eye polar contract in Stevens probe on Yahoo! News.

Federal authorities investigating Sen. Ted Stevens have turned their attention toward a federal contract that made millions of dollars for one of the senator’s friends, a wealthy Alaska oil field contractor.

The Justice Department recently asked the National Science Foundation for records related to VECO Inc., the company at the center of a sweeping corruption investigation. VECO’s founder, Bill Allen, has pleaded guilty to bribing Alaska lawmakers and oversaw a complicated home renovation project at Stevens’ house in 2000.

VECO and its subsidiaries have so far gotten more than $50 million from the science agency for contracts to provide transportation, equipment and other support for Arctic researchers. The contracts could be worth much more in the coming years. They represent the company’s most lucrative federal contracts, according the federal procurement data.

I’m still a bit uncomfortable with the current Justice Department investigating this. How long before "Fredo" tries to kill it, thus saving his party — which he places way above his country — a much-needed Senate seat.

On the other hand, if anyone does try to short-circuit this investigation, then it will be obvious just how corrupt the Republicans actually are.

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