Another Case Study in Lefty Stupid

I just received this comment minutes ago on my last piece and the irony contained within is so precious, I had to share. This is it, in its entirety, with no edits:

“… Sanders wasn’t going to get out votes from the center, which is where EVERY ELECTION IN THIS COUNTRY IS WON”

Really? Did you sleep thru last night? Trump won by appealing to the Center? Is that really what you think. If so your ability to perform objective analysis is more flawed than I thought. Do you even know where the “Center” is or even if it still exists in any traditional notion of the idea?

Its the Democratic bases fault because Clinton was such a flawed candidate?

Its not the progressives that are the problem… The huge majority held their noses and voted Dem.

Its the pseudo-Progressive in name only, too smart by half know it alls like yourself that are the problem, or if not the problem certainly not part of the solution. The type who think they have some unique and special insight into the issues and problems that somehow the rest of us are missing. Something that only you can see only from the Center? Ha! There is no “Center” at this point in American politics… maybe at some time in the future there will be but not now. So why don’t you sit back and keep looking for that fantasy unicorn “Center” and see how many Democratic victories appealing to that will get you.

I think…. yes I know…. I’m deleting your page from my favorites.

Sorry. U got nothing worth listening to. Do yourself a favor while you can still exit with some integrity and not completely lose all your followers and creditability. Close this web page, retreat for a year or so into some type of self analysis and than maybe come back. Your not stupid but your not very insightful either



Wow. Amiright? I mean, he’s taking me to task and claiming I “got nothing worth listening to,” but look at the dreck above.

First of all, I didn’t say Trump appealed to the center. The problem is, the votes needed to defeat him are in the center. That is always true. If progressives are ever going to make any headway in this democracy, the votes we need will come from the center. See, ALL liberals make up about 10-15% of the electorate and the full-on hardcore progressives are about 20 percent of them. I know this guy probably isn’t very good at math, but that means he’s part of about three percent of the electorate. Since you need 50 percent to win most races, that three percent isn’t going to go very far.

He also apparently didn’t read the title of the article. Trump didn’t win, progressives lost. Again.

As for this bullshit about Clinton being a “flawed candidate,” who gives a flying fuck? Really. i challenge anyone to name a candidate in the history of the republic who wasn’t flawed. Hell, Obama did a great job, but I’m still pissed at him for pulling Janet Napolitano out of Arizona. All candidates are human, so guess what? They’re flawed. Yes, that means Bernie, too. His positions on guns and Israel aren’t all that progressive, really; have unicorn progressives actually looked? And before you claim that Hillary was flawed because she was a Goldwater girl when she was 18, I’d point out that progressive darling Elizabeth Warren was a Republican until 1996.

White, college-educated, well-off progressives, especially those who run the most popular professional left websites, ARE DEFINITELY the problem. In fact, this idiot kind of proves it with the use of the term “pseudo-Progressive in name only” (What? We have PINOS to deal with now? WTF?)

And how can anyone reasonably claim there is no “center”? If I were to venture a guess, I’d suggest this guy is in a lefty version of the Fox News cocoon that makes right wingers so fun to deal with. Like I said, only about 10-15 percent of the electorate are on the far left and roughly the same number are on the far right. Everyone else occupies some portion of the center.

See, here’s the deal. After two presidential elections with decent turnout, turnoout this year sucked. And it shouldn’t have. We have to accept the candidates the democratic process gives us. We don’t get to pine for better and whine about the selection for a year. This year’s election featured a woman with a very progressive record who had adopted the most progressive platform in presidential campaign history, running against the amoral asshole in the history of electoral politics.

Was that really such a hard choice?

One last thing. I over analyze everything, including myself. If unicorn progressives would bother to examine things, they would find that progressives have done this same thing in every presidential election since McGovern and they have undermined every election since 1974, with the exception of Obama’s election in 2008. of course. Of course they undermined that election by helping lose the Democratic majority the next election.

Until we elect these dumbass unicorn progressives and call them out, we’re not winning shit. And we really do have to win. Really. We must.


Another Case Study in Lefty Stupid — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, math. I have been catching a lot of flack in some circles for pointing out that about 85% of Democratic votes come from Christians – left Catholic, mainline Protestant, traditional Black, and white Evangelical – because everyone knows that all good Progressives are Atheists.

    Yeah, well, whatever. My personal religious beliefs (or, more to the point, lack thereof) are utterly irrelevant to the easily confirmed fact that more white Protestants voted for the Democrats than Atheists voted for the Democrats. It’s like making inflated claims about the Sun rising in the East this morning.

    Yet that does not conform to the desired Narrative so down the memory hole it must go, along with any corporate shill neoliberal Republican infiltrator troll who dares disrupt the community with such lies.

    One consequence of this strident innumeracy is the imminent death of Progressivism as a meaningful force in American Politics – as I discussed in an earlier comment in today’s string.