Another Reason the GOP Has to Go: It’s the Party of Pervs and they Hate Children

As if you needed another reason to make defeating the Republican Party the most important thing you do next year, consider the following poll in the GOP Senate race in Alabama:

Roy Moore 27%
Mo Brooks 18%
Bradley Byrne 13%
Gary Palmer 11%

Now, consider; Roy Moore is not just a former Justice in the Alabama Supreme Court who was suspended from the Court because he refused to follow the Constitution and keep his religion out of his courtroom. Even more troubling, the last time Moore ran for Senate, credible accusations turned up that he has a thing for young girls, to the point that he was even banned from an Alabama shopping mall for harassing teen girls.

In all, nine women sued him, accusing him of sexual assault. One of them claimed he sexually assaulted her when she was 14 and he was 32. Moore tried to deny he even knew that women, until her mother confirmed the meeting. One accusation was from a woman who was a little older, at 28, but she claimed she was there for a legal matter and he started coming on to her and grabbed her ass when she was on her way out.

At the time, even the Republican leadership called on Moore to step aside and let a real candidate without a penchant for little girls take his place. At one time, not all that long ago, so many accusations against one politician would have spelled the end of his career. And yet, here is Moore, leading the Republican field in Alabama. And why not? In 2016, the GOP nominated a pervert for president and when he won in a fluke, they provided him with massive support, despite the fact that he has 19 credible accusations against him, including several rape allegations, and at least one credible lawsuit against him from a woman who claimed Trump raped her at a party when she was just 13.

This is another reason why the Republican Party has to go at every level of government. They no longer have standards. While they happily ban abortions and pretend to care about babies, the sad fact is, they sat quietly by as the asshole they nominated and plan to vote for again stuck so many children in jails and cages and away from their parents that they can’t even begin to account for them, let along return them to their families.

Children are not safe with Republicans in charge. They will rip them away from their parents, and when they can’t do that, they’ll sexually harass and/or assault them. We don’t need more Republicans in government. In fact, if they’re going to wholeheartedly support people like Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we need to save our kids from them.

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