Another Reason We Should Impeach – Trump Will Resign

I know a lot of people think otherwise, but every day, there are signs that Donald Trump may not want to be in the White House any more than we want him there. He has always seen “winning” the election as the prize, and actually having to show up to do the hard work of the president is a major hassle for him.

Stop laughing. I know he’s not actually doing any of the work; hell; he’s more than halfway through his term and still doesn’t even know what the job entails. However, he’s a delusional narcissist who has never done one minute of actual work , so he has deluded himself into believing he’s working really hard by instructing people to come up with executive orders and then arranging the signing ceremonies. Since real work is something other people do, why would we expect him to work hard at anything.

You can just imagine him really disappointed when “Executive Time” is over and he has to show up and pretend to work at being “president,” at least for show. He seems to be in his element when he’s Tweeting bullshit about how wonderful he is; an increasing number of his Tweets consist of others telling him how wonderful he is.

And this is why we MUST impeach his sorry ass. Consider his infamous quote when he found out Mueller had been hired as Special Counsel:

    "This is the end of my presidency, I'm fucked."

This is not something that is said when a “witch hunt” is started. This is what someone says when they’ve done something wrong and they know they’re about to be caught. While he sounds like a guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, his behavior suggests that he can’t handle it when people say mean things abut him, and pretty much everything negative is mean, from Trump’s perspective. It undoubtedly comes from his childish sense of “branding,” in which he views any slight as a “personal attack” that can cost him “millions of dollars.”

It is hard to say whether he cares very much about the loss of money, however, since his demeanor reveals that he thinks he has more money than he will ever need. Besides, the way he acts as he pretends to be “President,” he’s already done major damage to what image he had going in, and he keeps digging the hole ever deeper.

Given everything we see, why does anyone think an impeachment attempt will NOT resign immediately when faced with the prospect of everything he’s ever tried to hide over the years being laid out for public consumption. That can include:

    - Affidavits from all the women who have claimed he raped them; 
    - Copies of his grades at every step of his education; 
    - The last 20 years of Income Tax records;
    - Every financial filing from the last 20 years, including those proving he's not a billionaire;
    - Proof that his daddy Fred staked him to more than $400 million, and that inflation alone would have made more money than he's made in the past 20-30 years;
    - Affidavits from every contractor he stiffed for the last 20-30 years;
    - Emails proving his direct contacts with the Russian government; 
    - Proof that Ivanka and Jared used a private server for their government emails;
    - Proof that Donny knew of and even encouraged Russia to help him win the election;
    - Proof that his kids have committed crimes;

I just don’t see any way the Donald Trump we have seen over the past three years cares enough about the job to do anything to keep it. He’ll resign before anyone outs any of his secrets.

At the very least, if I’m wrong, the evidence of his corruption will be available publicly and make it thousands of times harder to win a second term, but if I’m right, we get rid of him by the end of the year, and all we have to do is make sure Mike Pence loses in a landslide.

No matter what happens, however, we still have to encourage high turnout and end the GOP’s reign of governance until they fix themselves. That happens whether Democrats impeach Donny or not. But we have the right to have some fun, too… and what could be more fun than watching Donald Trump squirm and cry s we impeach his sorry orange ass?


Another Reason We Should Impeach – Trump Will Resign — 3 Comments

  1. I think our democratic leadership knows what they’re doing here. Thanks to them we are now receiving the records from Deutsche bank. Next steps; interviewing Muller and other entities to build an undeniable case that will ensure that he does not win in 2020. By he time they’re through with him, even the GOP will be embarrassed and ashamed to defend him.

    • I don’t know…the GOP has NO shame and definitely doesn’t care about embarrassment.

  2. If I were advising Trump I would be telling him to cut a deal: no more prosecution in exchange for resigning. He gets to hide everything, his deluded base will love him more than ever, the media would pick up the narrative that it was solely the Democrats who were to blame for Trump not succeeding, and everything gets buried.

    But I think that won’t happen. It would see Trump now sees his presidential powers as his shield which is all important. That and it seems that he could have a gamblers addiction: the plan is now to stonewall, ride to electoral victory in 2020 (Nixon did it, right?) and the statutes of limitations on most of his crimes will have passed.

    Further note how the big money men, many of whom didn’t want Trump to begin with, are all now solidly behind him.