Another reminder that George W. Bush and the GOP broke a country

Once again, we are reminded that the Iraq War was an exercise in stupidity that is unmatched in US history. It was engineered by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the GOP, and this colossal screw up promises to resonate for decades to come.

The latest reminder comes with reports of a humanitarian crisis that is leading President Obama to take a look at a number of options, including airdrops of food and medicine and/or airstrikes. The crisis comes as up to 40,000 religious minorities in Iraq who have been stranded on a mountaintop are dying from heat and thirst. They are suck up there after receiving death threats from ISIS, or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. One administration who was quoted in the New York Times, said, “There could be a humanitarian catastrophe there.”

Read more here: Obama Weighs Airstrikes or Aid to Help Trapped Iraqis, Officials Say –

From the Times article: “The administration official said that ‘the president is weighing both passive and active options,’ defining passive action as dropping humanitarian supplies. He added, using an alternative name for ISIS, ‘More active, we could target the ISIL elements that are besieging the base of the mountain.’”

Do no blame Obama for any of this. This was the inevitable result of an unprovoked, unwise and completely screwed up invasion and war. This is why Bush’s father and President Clinton left Saddam in place and tried to make conditions favorable for the Iraqis to take him out. They didn’t invade Iraq and take Baghdad because to do so would have been profoundly stupid, for reasons we now understand. Bush’s actions destabilized one of the few stable countries in the region, and may be a key factor in destabilizing an entire region.

No matter what Obama does right now, nothing having to do with Iraq is his fault, unless he re-invades and kills a couple hundred more innocent people. He has no choice but to deal with conditions that are not of his making. Iraq has been a disaster since it was created out of whole cloth with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, but it was a stable, thriving country for a long time, albeit repressive in many ways. Now, it’s been broken, and once it’s in a position to fix itself, we may not like what they do with it.

Republicans are warmongers, and they’re not even smart about it. Get rid of as many as possible in November.

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