Aren’t These Stories Kind of Important?

Why were these stories buried in the news in the United States, well past the stories about hurricanes, Peruvian earthquakes, Karl Rove’s obsession with Hillary Clinton, brides ripping up wedding dresses and nude protesters on a glacier?

Isn’t the apparent reconstitution of the Soviet Union, and perhaps an alliance with China kind of important?

From: Putin revives long-range bomber patrols | Russia | Guardian Unlimited.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, yesterday announced Russia had resumed long-range flights of strategic bombers capable of striking targets deep inside the United States with nuclear weapons.

Mr Putin said Russia had restarted the Soviet-era practice of sending bomber aircraft on regular patrols beyond its borders.

Speaking after Russian and Chinese forces completed a day of war games in Russia’s Urals, Mr Putin said 14 Russian bombers had taken off simultaneously yesterday on long-range missions.

From: Russia forces World Service off FM radio | Russia | Guardian Unlimited.

fallout from the diplomatic row between Britain and Russia spread to
the BBC yesterday when Russia announced it was closing down the World
Service’s main Russian-language broadcasts.

The BBC World Service said it had been told it could no longer
broadcast on the FM frequency in Russia. All broadcasts ceased at 5pm
local time yesterday. On Thursday the Russian licensing authorities
ordered the BBC World Service’s Russian partner, Bolshoye Radio, to
drop the BBC from its programming or lose its licence.

It seems to me that, perhaps, if American media moguls want their audiences back, instead of emulating Fox Noise, and simply repeating Republican talking points, they might want to report actual news. The few American news organizations who bothered to carry these buried them, thus forcing those of us who are resourceful to get them from foreign news organizations, all of which carried these stories as if they actually mattered.

It seems that just a few years ago, we were celebrating the spread of democracy and freedom almost everywhere… now, it seems to be slipping away almost everywhere, and no one notices.


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