Government, wealth, and jobs

I'm sure you've heard the claims many times: 1) Government can't create jobs 2) Government can't create wealth 3) Government workers are just overheard, and a drain on the economy Variations of this quasi-hardline-libertarian material have been promulgated ad nauseum … Continue reading

Why Limbaugh’s “apology” isn’t enough

By now, news of Limbaugh's rare apology for his slanderous characterization of Sandra Fluke has made the rounds. It's not enough. NOT because apologizing isn't a good thing; far from it.  But Limbaugh's "apology" itself indicates he STILL hasn't bothered … Continue reading

Why the death of bin Laden matters — and why it doesn’t

I heard commentary earlier today, on our local DC news radio station, that bin Laden really didn't matter anymore from an operational standpoint for al Qaeda.  The fact that his compound didn't have modern communications, this analyst said, demonstrated he … Continue reading

So, we have a deal

Certainly less than perfect, but not as bad as it could have been (or was rumored to be).   And if you're on unemployment, I would imagine this looks pretty good.   Frankly, I was pretty ambivalent about things.  Krugman … Continue reading

Political reality

Here's a good read from Nate Silver on where things stand ini the tax cut debate, and why Democrats may not have a lot of options open to them. And here's an interesting idea that might provide Democrats another path. … Continue reading

Those overpaid, underqualified federal workers

The news today that the President is proposing to freeze federal pay increases for the next two years is not entirely unexpected, though it is certainly disappointing.  The drumbeat of federal employee scapegoating has been going on for a while.  … Continue reading

Facebook libertarian claptrap

So, I saw this in a wall post of a friend of mine on Facebook… I was in my neighborhood restaurant this morning and was seated behind a group of jubilant individuals celebrating the successful passing of the recent health … Continue reading

The knashing of teeth has begun

I suppose it was inevitable.  It seems every time the Democrats let progressives down, you see the "I'm done with Democrats!" sentiment brought out in  full force.  Remember the FISA fiasco?  Man, you could really feel the outrage. I'm not … Continue reading

McCain’s McMobs

At first, I thought it was a bit of a campaign tactic: whip up the base into a frenzy of hating liberals/Democrats and you’ll get more of them to the polls. But at this point, with McCain’s numbers continuing to … Continue reading

A new series on security

Hello, folks,This will be my first post in the interests of Cutting the Crap.  I’m a longtime online activist (dating back to days on Usenet), and am honored to be joining Milt in his quest to bring a little straight … Continue reading