Issa’s IRS “Scandal” is a Joke, as is the GOP

Darrell Issa is right about one thing; no individual or group should be singled out arbitrarily for scrutiny by any government agency, including the IRS. That is. unless they are plotting to break the law. As a liberal, I find … Continue reading

Glenn Greenwald’s Anti-Obama Vendetta Continues

There was a time when I really wished I could understand what drives Glenn Greenwald’s hatred of President Obama. But then, I realized. I really don’t care. I just wish his editors would be a little more discerning with his … Continue reading

GOP Can’t Find Time to Create Jobs, But Can Vote 37 Times to Repeal Obamacare

In the space of less than two and a half years, Republicans in Congress have voted to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act a whopping 36 times. Here's a list of these attempts. Each of them includes … Continue reading

Getting Over Our GOP-Warped Concept of Investment

Under President Obama's guidance, the economy is definitely improving. The stock market is breaking records; the Dow has more than doubled since we hit bottom on the Bush recession, and the S&P is also breaking records. The housing market has largely … Continue reading

Wishing for Perfection, You Usually Get the Opposite, Like the GOP

I guess I'll never understand this quest for political perfection that so many liberals seem to think is so appealing.  The most imperfect Republican politicians in our history have been holding down the fort for the better part of 40 … Continue reading

A PCTC Classic: With 11 Embassy Attacks Under Bush, Why Wasn’t the GOP Upset?

This morning, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is having to go before the Republicans in Congress and help them in their grandstanding efforts with regard to the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. It’s the second set of … Continue reading

It’s Not True That Zuckerberg is Trashing Obama, Supporting Keystone

I will be talking about this sort of thing a lot, because that's what this blog is ultimately about. This is the sort of thing that makes clear why you should always be skeptical about anything you read or hear … Continue reading

What Happened in West, Texas Says A Lot About GOP Values

The more I look at this industrial disaster in the small town of West, Texas, the more I'm reminded of just how vacuous and downright perverse the right wing Republican concepts of deregulation and "free markets" are. If you haven't been … Continue reading

Sorry, But Max Baucus is About the Best We Can Expect From Montana, Politically

This week, Max Baucus of Montana announced his retirement after this term, and some progressives have been falling all over themselves congratulating themselves, and expressing nothing short of glee over losing him in the Senate.   Be careful what you … Continue reading

Stop Complaining About Dems. In 2014, Voters Will Still Only Have 2 Choices: Them or Disaster

I know many of the people who read this blog would love to see a "third party" pop up. Unfortunately, our system is built in such a way that all a third party does is weaken one of the other … Continue reading