KBR Negligence Kills Soldiers; Bushies Covered it UP!

This is outrageous, folks! From the Associated Press: Sailor electrocuted – Yahoo! News. A third U.S. service member has been determined to have been electrocuted in a shower in Iraq, and Navy criminal investigators are investigating, The Associated Press has learned. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David A. Cedergren, 25,

Gregg: Example of Obama Political Genius or…??

Okay, so President Obama is about to appoint Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary. When this was first announced, many liberals were giddy at the prospect of getting a 60th Democratic vote in the Senate, despite the reality that there is no such thing as a "filibuster-proof majority" in a Senate

We Can’t Fix the Economy Without Fixing Health Care

Here are a couple of questions to ponder… If you’re an average American, you’re sitting in front of your computer reading this and simultaneously wondering if you’ll even have a job in a year or two. How does the prospect of health insurance premiums doubling by 2016 strike you? And

House Republican Steele Says the GOP is Perfect As-Is… GOP is Toast!

So, just how did someone like Michael Steele, who has no successful political experience — he won one election as a governor's running mate, and has never won election on his own — get to lead a party that most agree is on it's way down? By being black, and

Republicans: Party Before Country

Republican Senator Judd Gregg is a typical Republican, through and through, thinking of his party’s power first, and the country second. From Senator: Appointment wouldn’t affect Senate makeup – Yahoo! News. Republican Sen. Judd Gregg has told colleagues that if he becomes commerce secretary, his replacement would affiliate with the

Banks Take US Tax Dollars, Use it to Hire Foreigners

Why do bankers hate America? Check this out. Apparently, while they were heading for meltdown, and as they were laying off thousands of American workers and then demanding taxpayers bail them out, major US banks were apparently trolling for foreigners to fill high-paying jobs. What gives with this? This is

That Hard Slogging Harry Reid!

You know, this is one of those things that makes me say “WTF!” Senate bracing for a ‘hard slog’ on stimulus bill – CNN.com. On Thursday night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, said it is going to be a “long, hard slog” with “late nights” after the $900 billion

Gay Lefty to Lead Iceland

Here’s an eye-opener that should get tongues wagging. From globeandmail.com: Gay woman minister to become Iceland’s PM. The woman expected to become Iceland’s interim prime minister is an openly gay former flight attendant who rose through the political ranks to lead a new leftist government. Johanna Sigurdardottir, the island nation’s

Meet the House, er, Republican

Them there Republicans must be so proud. Just when you think they're done, and they're about to become inconsequential for a generation, they turn around and defy expectations and elect a chairman who is… um… well… a "keepsake," for the lack of a better term. You see, they've realized the

Republicans — In the Car Seat, Driving Nothing

I know it's difficult, given what we've been through for the last 28 years, and especially the last 8, but can I please ask progressives and others to stop obsessing over whatever the Republicans do? To put it bluntly, who gives a shit? Barack Obama is a master politician. He's

Cutting the Crap: “Redistribution of Wealth” as a Neocon Talking Point

I know the neocons hate the word “redistribution,” because they claim it sounds “communist,” but here’s a stone cold fact; their baby, supply-side economics, is all about redistribution of wealth. These assholes have been taking from the average person for years. Look at your 401(k) for a clue. Twice in

Cutting the Crap! Limbaugh and the Economy

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing that idiot Rush Limbaugh in the news. And why the HELL is he writing editorials for The Wall Street Journal, telling us how to end the recession? Oh yeah, it's because Rupert Murdoch owns the paper now; I forgot.

Closing Gitmo: Don’t Let the Frighty Righties Scare You

I love all of the sudden consternation over President Obama's decision to close Gitmo within a year. Obama's been talking about this for a year, and he definitively stated that he would close it a few months ago. Now, suddenly, we have many in the news media speculating as to

Patience, Liberals; Obama is Your Friend

This year, Barack Obama won a huge victory, the GOP's far right is on the verge of being forced back to the fringes, where they belong, and Obama will have two houses of Congress with significant Democratic majorities to deal with.  And part of the reason for his victory was

If We’re Going to Bail Out the Big 3, It Must be Done Right…

The concept of an auto industry bailout is a tough one. My first instinct is to bail the Big Three automakers out, in order to curtail the possible employment ramifications if they're allowed to go under. Somewhere around three million workers depend on the US automakers for jobs, and at

Zogby Sacrifices Its Credibility With a Push Poll

I used to be a huge fan of John Zogby and his polls. But for whatever reason, in recent years, the entire Zogby organization seems to have gone off the deep end. Zogby himself seems to have gone out of his way to demonstrate personal bias, which is not good

Darth Cheney, Torquemada Gonzales Indicted; A Pardon Would Save Them…

Here’s another reason why we need to impeach. Does anyone doubt that a pardon will come down, and neither of these bastards will ever have to be tried and either convicted ro acquitted? From the Huffington Post, via the AP: Cheney, Gonzales Indicted By South Texas Grand Jury. Vice President

Why the Bailout Plan Was Destined to Fail

A couple of months back, it seemed quite obvious that the economy was on the verge of collapse, and something drastic was necessary, immediately, to forestall an absolute disaster akin to the Great Depression. On this  very blog, I recommended the bailout plan be passed, albeit with many restrictions, and

Congress is Back! Impeach Bush NOW! It’s Absolutely Necessary!

Over the weekend, I received the following very naive and shocking e-mail from Democrats.com, which I am re-posting in its entirety: —————————— Dear Milt, Congratulations on the fabulous and historic election of President Barack Obama!!! As we celebrate our new President-elect and all the changes he will bring to our