Cutting The Crap: Republicans at the Health Care Summit

I’m ba-a-a-a-ck… It’s time to bury some of the bullshit the Republicans have been throwing out there regarding health insurance reform.This will have to be done in several installments; there really is too much to cover in one article. I watched the entire health care summit, and I was truly

The Supremes Screw The Pooch; It’s Bad, But Not Insurmountable

I get a real sense that many people, including some usually very intelligent people, don’t understand the significance of the Supreme Court’s “free speech” decision in Citizens United v. FEC last week. That’s troubling, because we can’t work to fix a problem unless we understand the problem. First of all,

Reposted: The Next Big Reform: Removing Bribery and Extortion From the System

We probably should have made this first on our list, but the terrible economy kind of distracted us, and then the health care debate came up. So, first things first;  we need to push our members of Congress and our Senators to pass a health insurance reform bill, but then

A Bad Week for Progressives, or a Wake-Up Call?

It’s been a rough week to be a progressive, to be sure. First, Martha Coakley lost Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat, which supposedly put the health care reform bill in jeopardy. Then, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court showed its current stripe and actually ruled that corporations didn’t have

Obama’s First Year: A Grade of B and Getting Better

I know many are frustrated with the performance of the guy you worked so hard for during the last election season, but I have to tell you; most of those frustrations are borne out of a warped concept of reality.  A year almost to the day after we finally got

Note to Progressives: Bullcrap is Bullcrap, Whoever writes it. (Coakley’s It. Period.)

I’ve taken on so many right wing articles over the years, I think it’s time I took on a left wing blog for a charge. I have received a certain article from four different “progressives” thus far, and every time I read it, the first word that comes to mind

Some Things Transcend Politics: Haiti

Sometimes, you just have to do something… This is one of those times… It doesn’t matter how much you can give, but give something to help the Haitians survive the devastating earthquake that has hit their home. We can always talk later about what led to a lot of the

At The Top of the List: Financial Reform — Lottery Capitalism Has to GO!

For those of you who have just started reading this series of columns, I am discussing the “lottery capitalist” mentality that has gripped our economy and threatens to strangle it if we don’t wake up and fight it off. I call this phony strain of capitalism “lottery capitalism” because it

Broadcasting Industry in Danger — Lottery Capitalists Run Amok

The Communications Act of 1934 was one of the most important pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress. It established the reality that we the people own the airwaves and those who broadcast over them merely possess a license to use them. No one who holds a broadcast license is