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A writer with 40 years in the political game (and let's face it, it is a game). I am a liberal because facts have a liberal bias, and I really like facts. If you like facts, you'll like this blog. If not, you'll have a hard time.

Cutting the Crap on the Trump Economic Speech

Donald Trump gave a speech about the economy Monday. It was a funny speech. Really funny. And no, it’s not because he tripped when he tried to say “cities” and it came out “titties.” I stopped being 12 many years … Continue reading

About Cartoon Hillary…

If there is one thing that makes this election different than past elections, it is in the sheer volume of bullshit being flung about. There are times when I feel like I’m in the monkey cage at the zoo. Of … Continue reading

The GOP’s Vision of an Economic Hellscape is BS

If you watched the Republican Convention a couple weeks ago, you saw a major political party tell you the United States is pretty much an economic hellscape. If you listened to their rhetoric and took seriously, you had to walk … Continue reading

Little Donnie: Worse Than Bush

As all of you know, I think – no, I’m actually certain – that George W. Bush was the worst president in history. The main reason his presidency was so bad was because he simply wasn’t up for the job. … Continue reading

Trump: Dead Man Walking? We Can’t Afford to Think So

I have been saying all along that Donald Trump is not running for president because he wants to be president. All of us thought he would have a snowball’s chance in hell because we figured the GOP and the RNC … Continue reading

We’re Not Electing a Homecoming King/Queen

Once again, if you’re a “political junkie” who depends on what you laughingly refer to as “the mainstream media” for all of your information about the election, you are literally screwing yourself. That is not an exaggeration at all. Oh, sure, … Continue reading

Trump Really IS the GOP

Why are so many people acting as if Trump is something new from the GOP? It’s almost as if the media is bending over backward to insinuate that Trump is some sort of anomaly. They are trying really hard to … Continue reading

Document Dumpers are Not “Heroes”

Just before the convention last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had to deal with the release of thousands of emails through Julian Assange and Wikileaks. According to most sources investigating this matter, it is likely the hack that led … Continue reading

What’s Really at Stake? Think Logically.

If you claim you want a progressive country, many of you seem to be going about it the absolute wrong way. I know; every presidential election is touted as “the most important in our lifetime.” However, even a cliche is … Continue reading

If You Don’t Support Hillary…

I awoke this morning knowing what I had to do. I don’t mean I know what I have to do for myself, or for my family or for my race. I mean, I know what I have to do to … Continue reading

DNC 2016 Speechifying – Final Night

Once again, there was simply too many great speeches and excellent words spoken last night to fit into a single podcast. Last night proved once again that there is the starkest of differences between the current Democratic Party and the … Continue reading

Donnie, Paulie & Vlad? Is Trump a Clear & Present Danger to U.S.?

by @SueinRockville – Originally posted at Daily Kos Most people have no idea who Trump’s Campaign Manager Paul Manafort (aka “Paulie Walnuts”) really is. Wikipedia states that he has been involved in Republican political campaigns since 1976. Besides helping candidates … Continue reading

DNC Speechifying, Part 2 – Compare to the RNC

Once again, there have been too many great speeches at the Democratic Convention to do them justice in a single podcast, so take some time and watch them here (these are in no particular order): Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords … Continue reading

You Haz Feelz? Too Bad.

This will be the last post on this blog about Bernie Stans. I mean the last one. No more. In fact, it’s really not about them; I just plan to use them as an object lesson. Last night, after Bill Clinton … Continue reading

Hope and Change Redux

You know what was great about last night? The Democrats restored the progressive movement to what it should be, and that is a positive, hopeful movement in which we promote hopeful policies. What ever happened to that? When did the … Continue reading