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A writer with 40 years in the political game (and let's face it, it is a game). I am a liberal because facts have a liberal bias, and I really like facts. If you like facts, you'll like this blog. If not, you'll have a hard time.

Democratic National Convention – Day One Speechifying

The first night of the DNC was certainly better than the first night of the RNC. Of course, we can’t boast of such great minds as Scott Baio, Willie Robertson and Rudy “Noun/Verb/9-11” Giuliani, but we have people with actual … Continue reading

Truth Matters: Pre-DNC Crap Cuts

I have been bombarded with so much crap the last few days, I have no choice but to cut it. We face the most perilous election in American history. If George W. Bush was running for a third term, even that … Continue reading

GOP Right Boobs of the Week: RNC Post Mortem Edition

By @SueinRockville and Milt Shook Everyone predicted at the start of Monday’s GOP Convention a clusterfuck of epic proportions.  We knew it would be a 4 date hate-fest of lies about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama & the dangerous Democrats. However, … Continue reading

Do What’s Right for Everyone

I’m very progressive. I think I’ve said that a few times. A lot of people claim that I’m not very progressive because I put more emphasis on who available in the process is most likely to listen to progressives when … Continue reading

Why Voting Jill Stein is a Wasted Vote

This election shouldn’t even be close. There are only two candidates running for president who have a reasonable chance of winning a majority of electoral votes and one of them has zero political experience, no political skills, is thin-skinned and … Continue reading

In Praise of Progressive Diversity

I know I will probably sound like someone crazy when I say this, but to me, the best part of being progressive is our diversity. When I say that, I’m not actually talking about having friends and acquaintances of different … Continue reading

People For Themselves

Okay, now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton and there is unity in the Democratic Party, it’s time to talk about the state of “Revolution” in the progressive movement. Well, um, it’s well under way. In fact, it has … Continue reading

Walk and Chew Gum

There was a disturbing analysis in this morning’s New York Times, suggesting that, while the shootings of two men by police may have given more life and extra urgency to the Black Lives Matter movement a few days ago, the … Continue reading

Shove Your “Thoughts and Prayers”

This week has featured a lot of tragedy. And make no mistake, it’s all tragedy. The police who were gunned down in Dallas last night is a tragedy. The killing of unarmed black men is a tragedy. And all we … Continue reading

No, She’s NOT “Too Big to Indict.” Grow Up.

For months, I have said that Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for her emails and after the professional left’s collective orgasm over the past 24 hours, I wish I had explained why I knew that before. Despite the pro … Continue reading

The Progressive Solution

Okay… So for the last week, I have been ranting about the PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) and professional left, and their rank stupidity with regard to politics. They don’t understand how politics actually works, they don’t understand that you don’t … Continue reading

A Question of Trust?

I follow politics fairly closely, although in a way that is perhaps different than most of you. I don’t watch cable “news,” I listen to NPR occasionally and the only talk radio I listen to currently is the Stephanie Miller … Continue reading

PUBs and the Progressive Message

Before I begin this part of the rant, I want to assure people that this blog is not 100% dedicated to calling out the Progressive Unicorn Brigade (PUBs), or whatever you want to call them; puritopians, emo progs, or whatever, … Continue reading

The Unlikable Left

Continuing my rant… Part Four. (I wish I knew how many parts there will be, but there’s a lot to cover.) There are two overarching problems that largely prevent progressives from leading progress in this country. One is, we don’t … Continue reading

Racism Isn’t Exclusive to the Right Wing

In this, the third part of my rant on the actual liberal elites who (again, ironically) refer to pragmatic liberals like me as “liberal elites” somewhat sardonically, I want to talk more about their fantasies about how “progressives” are supposed … Continue reading