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A writer with 40 years in the political game (and let's face it, it is a game). I am a liberal because facts have a liberal bias, and I really like facts. If you like facts, you'll like this blog. If not, you'll have a hard time.

Lord Donny Hires a Twitter Troll to “Fix Democracy”

As noted earlier this week, Lord Donny Drumpf has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince us that voter fraud is an actual thing and he has spent most of his first week trying to convince us that … Continue reading

The Lord Donny Chronicles: Get a Grip, It’s Gonna Be Bumpy

Seriously, folks, everyone is going to have to get a grip. It seems as if half the progressive movement is on a roller coaster that has come off the tracks and it’s about to fly off the next incline into … Continue reading

Lord Donny on Voter Fraud

I’ll make this quick. I said earlier that I am pretty sure Lord Donny is crazy. If I wasn’t clear enough in my previous post, I apologize. Let me say, straight out: Lord Donny Drumpf is batshit crazy. However, in … Continue reading

The Toddler in Charge: Lord Donny’s Hissy Fits

I know it’s only been five days, but come on… The huge toddler we have placed into the White House and in charge of one of the three branches of government, is a crazy person who has proven himself incapable … Continue reading

Why Lord Donny and the Pro Left are Wrong on Trade

And the reactionary left does its thing… so predictable and so stupid. I’ll get to today’s attempt to re-start the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which should have been predicted by everyone, in another post, but I want to … Continue reading

Donny’s First Order: Take Away Health Insurance

The first thing Donny Trump did as president was to sign an “executive order” to make repealing “Obamacare”. For those in the Trump wing of the dufus demographic, there is actually no such thing as “Obamacare.” It’s a nickname for … Continue reading

Obama Farewell, a Guest Post by Jim Pistorius

A new beginning, that’s what inaugurations are supposed to be about.  I know that’s what I felt in 2009 when I watched President Obama take the oath of office and give his speech.  We would finally be turning around the … Continue reading

What Trump Voters Supported

It is just amazing to me that so many Trump voters seem to have no idea what they have done. Even those who meant well and only deluded themselves into believing they were just voting as a loyal Republican seem … Continue reading

Give him a CHANCE? You’re Kidding, Right? 

A few days ago, someone I actually used to respect a lot actually graciously acknowledged that President Obama gave an amazing farewell speech. This person said the president showed class and dignity in the way that he is leaving the … Continue reading

The Yellow Brick Road Ahead…

The most difficult aspect of this past election could very well be the denial that has come from far too many on the far left. Look at the pro left in recent days. With ten days to go before inauguration, … Continue reading