Back to the Grind…

Okay, I’m back. For good this time.

I have to admit, my extended absence from this blog was for a very simple reason; I was tired. Tired of a lot of things. Among them:

  • Tired of the constant barrage of complete pushed on us by the current regime occupying the White House.
  • Tired of the constant attacks on my “progressive” chops by people who call themselves “progressives,” but who have no idea what the word means, except in their own fevered imaginations.
  • Tired of having to bat down the Bernie Stans, who are barely better than Trump supporters sometimes, but usually just as bad as the average Trumpie.
  • Tired of having to defend Hillary Clinton, who is among on of the most actually progressive politicians of our age.
  • Tired of dealing with the rampant racism and misogyny on both the far right and the far left. Seriously, Bernie Stans, your “Libertarianism” is just as insane as that coming from the “alt-right.”
  • Tired of news cycles that seem to run an hour or two tops and yet repeat constantly, as if they’re on an endless loop.
  • Tired of hearing the phrase “both parties are basically the same” constantly. Not only is this statement not true, it’s never been more wrong-headed.

Here’s the deal. I’m getting back to this blog’s roots. I’m going to be cutting crap like never before and I am going to do my best to make sure Democrats win big in every election because the alternative is for the GOP to win. And let’s be clear; you can’t point to one thing that is wrong with this country right now that was NOT caused by the current incarnation of the Republican Party.

I know we seem to say this all the time, but this election is the most important in our lifetime. Our country screwed itself in the 2016 election, more than we ever have. If we learned nothing else from the past 40 years or so, it should be that government in the hands of Republicans is always a joke. Consider:

  • You can’t point to one recession or depression in the last century that was not caused by Republican policies.
  • Republicans run huge deficits and they don’t think debt is important. Consider; from 1946, which was the first year of the post-war era, through a combination of economy building and infrastructure investment, until 1980, we built the most prosperous nation in the history of the world, even as we cut the size of our national debt, as a percent of GDP, from 120% of GDP in 1946, to 33% in 1980. Since 1980, when Republicans started dominating the politics, we have gone from 33% to almost 120% of GDP.
  • The Republican Party sees screwing the poor as a badge of honor. While they claim to be strongly “Christian,” the fact of the matter is, they are hard-hearted and cruel to those who need our help.
  • We were once building a society that was fair and equal for everyone, and now, under Republican rule, we have become a society that is inordinately cruel. The GOP can always fins a group of Americans to leave behind.

Obviously, I’ll get into this more as we move on. I’m going to make this blog a repository for campaign information, for information on Democrats who are doing things for the people and I’m also going to take the Republican Party to task.

I’m back, I’m bringing some friends with me, and you’re going to like what we do…

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Back to the Grind… — 3 Comments

  1. I am so glad you are back. as a matter of fact I went back thru my e-mails and made copies.I can understand how tired you are and we all are. But we have to stay woke!

  2. I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t seen a post of yours for a while. Don’t blame you for needing to take a break. I think we all need to take one for our mental health. Glad you are back!