Bancrofts Allow Murdoch to Kill WSJ

This is a tragedy for anyone who values the news media.

Even though their op-ed pages were horrible, The Wall Street Journal could always be counted on to report the news fairly and completely.

Now, Rupert Murdoch will undoubtedly do to the word "Journal" what he did to the word News, when he created the Republican propaganda arm known euphemistically as "Fox News."


Dow Jones & Co. Inc.’s controlling Bancroft family "has accepted" News Corp.’s  $5 billion offer to buy the publisher of the Wall
Street Journal, an executive of a Dow Jones unit said on

"The Bancroft family has accepted," John Prestbo, editor
and executive director of Dow Jones Indexes, told reporters on
Tuesday in Chicago. Dow Jones "will be part of News Corp," he

    Prestbo told Reuters the information came from an internal
company memo.

No wonder blogs are so popular…

Seriously, is everything in this country about money? Why would you sell a family business with a great reputation to a guy who turns every news organization he touches to shit?

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