Barr Makes Things Harder, But Not Impossible. Impeach His Fat Orange Ass!

Donald Trump has been dangerous since he entered the White House, but really; if we learned anything from Bill Barr yesterday, it is that he’s not only worse than ever, but he’s found his “fixer.” That means, he’s going to push the whole tyrant thing farther than ever. He will be able to get away with damn near anything over his last two years, and we simply have to put pressure on our newly elected Democratic Congresscritters to do what we elected them to do; perform oversight.

We do have the leverage, after all. Remember in 2018, when Republicans had a built-in advantage in Senate races? There were 24 Democrats up for election, while only 9 GOP seats were available. By all rights, Republicans should have picked up at least 6-8 seats and could have picked up 10-12 easily. If turnout had been its usual 37 percent in 2018, they would have picked up at least 8-10 seats. Instead, they picked up TWO.

Well, in 2020, there will be 12 Democratic Senators up for election and 22 Republicans. If turnout continues to soar, as it did in 2018, that will likely mean Democrats will gain at least 10 seats, and possibly more, since Mitch McConnell himself is up for reelection. That means, as we get closer to 2020, Republican Senators will become extra nervous because they will be increasingly vulnerable. So use that. Start demanding things from your Republican Senator, as well as any other Republican politician in your sphere. We’re going to need most of those if we want to convict Trump in an impeachment trial. But even before we get there, start working on them now, since the laws the Democratic House is passing are being stalled in the Senate. Your Republican senator should be feeling the pressure to pass these laws, especially the bill designed to make elections fairer and more Russia-free.

I’m warning you, though; before the next election starts cranking up, Donny will get worse, and it will look more and more like he’ll get away with all the shit he’s pulling. That said, don’t be fooled.

See, here are the problems…

    - Donald Trump has no concept of what his job entails. He assumed that running for president of the United States was the same as running to become CEO of a major corporation. He has no idea that he is a public servant and that he works for the American people. In fact, there is evidence that he thinks the opposite that he is the rightfully elected King of America. 
    - Donald Trump spent his first two years with the co-equal Congress looking the other way as he committed crime after crime and peed all over the Constitution. While previous presidents have taken liberties with the Constitution, every previous person sitting in the White Hose before Trump had read the document and knew that, because he had sworn an oath to it, it was important that they give it deference, at least rhetorically. Trump suffers n such delusion; his education seems to have stopped at about third grade, and the only thing he seems to know about I the fake "gunloon" version of the Second Amendment. 
    - Donald Trump now has his "fixer." You see, the only lawyer Trump seems to have ever admired was the wretched Roy Cohn, who was probably the worst lawyer in the country's history. His private lawyer in his previous life was Michael Cohen, who is heading to jail for being Trump's previous "Roy Cohn." William Barr, who was once an Attorney General in a past life, seems to have forgotten what an Attorney General does in the interim because he makes it clear that he thinks he's Donald Trump's attorney, which is the opposite of true. Like Trump, Barr seems to have n idea that HE works for us.  

So, what can we do about this? Plenty. While it’s clear that the Department of Justice has been compromised and all institutional methods for stopping the president will fail miserably. That’s right; in half of one presidential term, we have watched the dismantling of the traditional presidency and the establishment of the imperial presidency. We have to impeach him, even though the current Republican Party has shown it will not do the right thing and convict and remove him. At the same time we impeach him, we have t make sure the electorate knows that the rot runs all through the Republican Party and it is the GOP who produced Trump, not Trump who ruined the GOP and the presidency.

Barr makes almost everything more difficult because indicting and arresting Trump will require the DOJ, and Barr will stop anything Democrats try to do because that’s his job. It’s why he was hired. Barr can do whatever he wants right now, which means that’s what Donny can do. And we are now limited to impeachment. That means we have t get n Democrats’ cases, but we all need to let Republicans know that their reign as a “second major political party” will be ver if they continue down this road and allow Trump and white nationalists to dictate the GOP’s mission. If the only way we can take back the government for the people is to defeat Republicans at every level.

And for every cynic who is writing or squawking that there’s nothing we can do if Trump continues to stonewall, I’ll leave you with this Tweet from Michael Beschloss, who knows a lot abut history. Note the date; a little more than tw months later, Nixon was gone.

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