Be Nice to Trump Voters? Why?

We depend on journalists for the information we need to make decisions about our daily lives. Of course, that means something as monumental as determining who to vote for in an election, but it can also be something as seemingly mundane as knowing to check the hummus you purchased over the weekend to make sure it hasn’t been recalled for possible Listeria contamination. (It’s Sabra, too, not some off-brand, so please check before you serve some for Thanksgiving.)

That said, it is still us who make the actual decisions, so we have to be careful. I wrote recently about the responsibility of news consumers to check what they read, see and hear, to make sure the story is true and factual, but there is another side to that admonition; we need a press where good journalism is the rule, not the exception. And journalistic operations need to go back to their previous practice, in which the only opinions are left to a specific section and clearly marked as opinion. I have friends and I have relatives and most of them offer up plenty of opinion. I would like to know that I can go to a news source that is considered reliable and get good information. But where do I get that these days?

There is a lot of great journalism out there, to be sure. Unfortunately, the stories are scattered and no one – not the New York Times, not the Washington Post, not the three networks and most certainly not any of the 24-hour cable news channels – offers up a steady diet of actual news.And when I say news, I mean good, unadulterated information, sans personal opinion. In the nearly two weeks since that awful election, I have been bombarded with lots of adminitions to give Trump a chance and to be nicer to Trump supporters because they represent an unhappy “white working class.” I have been told that the people who voted for Donald Trump aren’t really racists; they are concerned about “free trade” and jobs, especially the shipping of jobs overseas. I am told they voted for Trump because they are concerned about how slow the recovery has been, or because they are just plain angry and feel like they have been left out of the system.

Yeah, well… fuck that.

I know who voted for Trump. It was perpetually pissed off white people. They are pissed off because white people don’t run the country anymore. I mean, get real. The jobs that went overseas went there 30+ years ago and were sent over there by Trump’s party, the Republican Party. If you think the GOP brings jobs back to this country, perhaps you could point to a time when that happened. Wait; you can’t because it’s never happened. if you vote for Republicans, you are voting against labor. And I don’t just mean the capitalized “Labor” or “unions,” either. I’m talking about working people. The GOP can’t stand working people. And don’t say it’s because of the “slow recovery.” The latest recovery since the deepest recession since the 1930s has actually been faster than the recovery from the second-deepest, which (ironically?) happened while Ronald Reagan and the GOP were sending jobs overseas. The unemployment rate is lower now than at any time during the Reagan Administration and job creation has been more robust over a much longer period of time.

The people who voted for Trump are racist and misogynists, and yes, that includes the white women who voted for Trump. They will argue that the country is not ready for a woman president; hell, many of them will argue that women shouldn’t even be working outside the home. I wrote in 2002, before Barack Obama reached the national stage, that a black man would be elected president before a white woman because we accept racial equality before we accept gender equality.

Almost all Trump voters were giving nothing more than a big “fuck you” to “the system” or “the establishment” or whatever they’re calling it this week. They don’t care about the people in this country, they only want to stick their fingers in the eye of anyone with power. And if you think they wouldn’t have done the same thing if Bernie was the Democratic nominee, well, I have this bridge to sell you…

So, no, I will not play nice for Trump voters. All Trump voters knew what they were voting for. Many of them claim to be “Christian,” but Trump stands for nothing that Christ would have ever gone along with, and I mean ever. And honestly, it doesn’t matter if you think he can do any of these things, this is what the “Christians” who voted for Trump voted for:

  • Treating Latinos as “other” and treating them as less than human.
  • Building a database of people of another faith and treating them as if they are guilty of a crime because of their religion.
  • Cheating the taxpayers who have invested in Treasury Bonds.
  • Saying that it’s okay if the president is a fraud and a crook.
  • Saying it doesn’t matter if he is a sexual predator and a rapist, as long as you think he’ll get you a better job.
  • Bombing “the living shit” out of anyone who insults our country.
  • A definition of “great leader” as someone who exploits the people he is supposed to be serving.
  • Saying it’s okay to elect a president who doesn’t pay the people who work for him.
  • Saying “fuck you” to everyone who follows the rules and always strives to do the right thing.
  • Someone who caters to avowed racists and white nationalists because that’s where the votes are.
  • Someone who does whatever he wants and then denies (lies about) it, even if it’s on video.
  • Someone who portrays (lies about) his business success as more than the sum of its parts.
  • A president who will have more conflicts of interest than anyone else in history.
  • A president who claims he will be tough on “Jina,” even though he does a lot of business with them and owes them a lot of money.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is the most openly corrupt person to ever run for the highest office in the land and he’s brazen about it. He has already been forced to settle a fraud suit for $25 million, which indicates they had him dead to rights; he openly defrauded people. Next month, before he is inaugurated, he will actually be deposed in a suit involving child rape. Now, can you imagine what the press would be doing if Hillary was elected and the Clinton Foundation had to settle a fraud suit and Bill Clinton was deposed for child rape? Why are they not going batshit crazy over this? Why are they not reporting on all of this crap in detail?

Like I said before, I will NOT sit down and I will not shut up. And I will not be nice to Trump voters. They’re fucking idiots and they’re un-American. they put their own personal politics ahead of the country and they showed themselves to be hypocrites, to put it mildly. For a generation, the Republican Party has been portraying itself as the party of morality and right wingers have positioned themselves as morally superior to liberals, but if this election showed us nothing, it is that there is nothing superior about Republicans who euphemistically call themselves “conservative.” They have demonstrated themselves to be the opposite of “Christian” and with their willingness to vote for Donald Trump just because he decided to run as a Republican, they have shown themselves to value power over the good of the country. Their willingness to align themselves with white supremacists and other dregs of society has shown them to be spineless and immoral.

Be nice to them? Why would anyone do that? They’re not the “white working class.” They’re a bunch of babies who have to whine constantly because “getting their own way” is so offensive to decent people. They’re willing to vote to tell the rest of US “fuck you,” why shouldn’t we say it back? It’s time to take our country back from these assholes and I will not apologize for wanting my country to be better than what Donald Trump represents. We’ve gone from a president who represents the best in us to one who represents the worst and I refuse to settle.