Because There Just Isn’t Enough Right Wing Radio Already…

Apparently, The owners of the Washington Right Wing Moonie Times want to do for radio what Fox News has done for television news.

This is from this morning's Washington Right Wing Moonie Times:

The Washington Times will launch a syndicated radio show later this
spring, dedicated to the newsroom's investigative reporting and
accountability journalism, Executive Editor John Solomon said Sunday.

The three-hour morning show will feature investigations by The
Times, exclusive interviews with national newsmakers and discussions
with reporters from The Times newsroom.

The move is part of an overhaul of The Times' products started last
year, including a redesign of the Web site and newspaper, as well as
new online videos, podcasts and mobile updates.

"I think the goal here is to take what we've done so successfully in
print and translate it to radio," Mr. Solomon said. "The concept is
that when you tune in in the morning, it's not going to be yesterday's

Talk Radio Network, home to such nationally syndicated talkers as Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage, will carry the show.

This has to be nipped in the bud, folks…

If at all possible, the Washington Right Wing Moonie Times is even worse than Fox News. They have lost money since they started publishing in 1982. their circulation is roughly one-tenth the circulation of the legitimate DC paper, The Washington Post, and for good reason. They actually do more propaganda than Fox. Their headlines are taken directly from right wing talking points, and their only purpose is to print stories that will be picked up by other papers, as if they were actual news. There is more than enough "legitimized propaganda" out there; we don't need more.

And unlike radio talk shows, make no mistake; this will not be a money making enterprise. They know the days of print paper journalism are all but over, and they're looking to keep things going. A boycott wil not be sufficient, in other words. This time, we have to attack the actual stories they put out there. Blogs will have to take up the gauntlet and counter them at every turn.

And yes, I know I didn't put a link above. I'm not giving them more publicity. Let them sue me…

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