Bernie Stans Are Still Attacking Democrats. Stop It.

I’m going to try not to name names, but something tells me the self-described “progressives” responsible for this will let me know when they recognize themselves.

On Facebook, there is an increasing frequency of hardcore Bernie die-hards attacking other Democrats they obviously feel nervous about. I would ask the burning rhetorical question, did these people learn anything from 2016? However, in most cases, the poster preemptively noted that they weren’t “attacking” any Democrat, but rather, they were simply “informing voters” abut these candidates. In one case, Pete Buttigieg was excoriated because he wasn’t anti-Israel enough. I shit you not. The devout Christian Buttigieg, who is not considered to be a serious threat for getting the nomination, but who is climbing in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, was taken to task by an article posted in a private blog owned and run by the author, sans any sort of context, for statements that he made praising Israel in the same way American tourists have been praising Israel for years, noting that he was there when a rocket was launched and he found it interesting that life continued on among Israelis. He wasn’t complimenting Bibi for his bombing of Gaza and the Palestinian territory, he was complimenting Israeli society for its calm. That’s all. Here’s the article: (Source)

Note that there are a ton of quotes, but neither sources nor context. If this article is written by a journalist, he’s not reputable because he hides his sources from his readers.

Despite that, that single opinion piece is enough for the “progressive” purists to disqualify “Mayor Pete” for the Democratic nomination. It’s the same kind of bullshit that helped to doom Hillary and give us Trump. And the person who posted this was called out by several people for their attack on a Democratic candidate, and they replied that they “weren’t attacking anyone,” but that voters need to know this kind of thing. The question is, WHAT kind of thing? Is being anti-Israel really one of the major issues facing Americans as we hurtle toward the 2020 election, which could be our last if we don’t straighten out our shit? The posting of this piece of shit op-ed. That wasn’t enough, however, as the same poster followed that up with another opinion, that the people of South Bend saw him as a “technocratic leader” who supposedly takes a “data-driven approach” to everything. Here is that article: (Source)

Strangely, the people of South Bend hated his approach so much, they reelected him with a landslide 80 percent of the vote, even after he came out as gay and married a man. You know, because he sucked so bad at the job. This article is bullshit in every way imagineable.

Not satisfied with simply attacking Buttigieg with bullshit, this “progressive” poster went after Beto O’Rourke next, by posting an article that says he refused to sign an activist’s pledge to not take “fossil fuel money.” Based on the comments posted on this article, no one bothered to read beyond the headline, which read, “O’Rourke Declines to Sign Activists’ No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.” As usual, the headline was misleading, as was clear when you read the first two paragraphs of the actual article:

    Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke declined to sign a pledge from climate activists not to accept any money from the fossil fuel industry, saying he won’t take donations from oil and gas executives, lobbyists or political action committees but won’t turn down contributions from workers.

    “If you work in the oil fields, you answer the phones in the office, if you’re one of my fellow Texans in one of our state’s largest employers, we’re not going to single you out from being unable to participate in our democracy,” the former U.S. representative from El Paso told a crowd of students at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, on Tuesday.

That sounds quite reasonable, frankly. Our beef is with the companies, who are taking taxpayers’ money and using it to destroy the environment. If you have a beef with the workers at the oil fields, you are going after working people who are being exploited by the oil and gas companies – they’re working long enough hours to make them a hazard on the roadways and they can lose their jobs at any moment, when the price of a barrel of oil drops $5.

This is the same mistake these same “progressives” make every time they look at Open Secrets and determine (stupidly) that “the Democrats” are taking “too much money” from Goldman Sachs. When you donate to a campaign, you are asked the name of your employer. So, when people look at Open Secrets and see “Goldman Sachs” and $15 million, they mistakenly think the company Goldman Sachs has given Democrats $15 million, when in fact, that’s not the case. What Beto O’Rourke is saying is, he won’t take any money from ExxonMobil, but if an oil worker at a drilling site wants to shoot him $100, he won’t turn it down. That’s reasonable, and the fact that some “progressives” think it’s not because they demand purity.

Now, I don’t know who I’m going to vote for, but I’d like t make up my own mind by examining facts. The implication that Beto O’Rourke will happily take money from ExxonMobil is the kind of “fake news” I’ve come to expect from the far right. (Source)

I will be outing this kind of bullshit as often as I see it, s the Bernie Stans had better be more careful. If you think this kind of attack on Bernie’s Democratic opponents helps him in some way, you’re delusional. In fact, it does the opposite. If you identify as a Bernie supporter and all you have is how horrible the other Democrats running for the nomination are, it means you don’t have enough positive to say about Bernie. It also makes the progressive movement look completely inept because anyone can find a negative opinion about any candidate, including Bernie.

This has never been more important; if you want Bernie Sanders to win, then put your support behind him. Knocking all of the other candidates does nothing to boost Bernie’s fortunes.

And one more note; when you start tearing down only the white men running for the Democratic nomination, you run the risk of looking a bit racist, even if unintentional. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Julian Castro all have a better chance of beating Bernie than either “Mayor Pete” or “Beto,” which makes you look as if you’re afraid to criticize the candidates of color. Why might that be, ya think?

I’m going to be shining a light on this kind of shit over the next few months. We cannot afford to damage any Democrats during the primary, but especially not with bullshit. Learn what the major issues are (Here’s a hint: the GOP and democracy are among the top ten, whether voters mention them or not) and tell us how great your candidate it. It’s really simple. We can’t afford the progressive circular firing squad again.

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