Bill Clinton’s Lousy Defense of Hillary’s Health Care Debacle

This little clip from CBS News shows Bill Clinton going off on an Obama supporter, defending his wife with regard to her work on health care. Watch this…

Now, let me start off and say that this heckler is actually technically wrong about part of what she said. Hillary did work her tail off for about a year on trying to fashion a health care plan just like the one they touted during Bill Clinton’s campaign. So, she doesn’t remember that very well.

That said, though, the fact of the matter is, she’s right about her main premise; they promised health care and didn’t deliver. Put simply, the Clintons blew it, especially Hillary. She developed the plan in secret, talked to very few people outside of the industry, didn’t get input from all circles, and allowed the far right to redefine it as a "tax and spend pork project" that wasn’t much better than what we already had. She did everything wrong when she developed and then tried to sell that plan. And worse, though the crisis in health care continues to this day, she never brought it up again, even after six more years in the White House, and now almost eight years in the Senate. The last time she brought up the issue was in 1994, when she didn’t get her way, and her proposal was killed.

In other words, while the heckler’s exact details were wrong, her basic premise was not. Hillary Clinton worked hard for about 14-15 months, in secret, with little to no input from the people who would have been most affected by a national health care plan. She pushed the plan with a "my way or the highway" mentality, which turned most people off. She didn’t sell the program well at all, and when the right wing attacked her on it, she gave up and sulked about it, never to bring it up again, until 14 years later, when she’s running for president.

Her performance on national health care is one of the main reasons it’s very difficult to support Hillary in this. She says she’s a fighter, even after she’s spent the last 14 years licking her wounds on health care, and she swears she can take on the right wing better than Obama, even after the right kicked her ass on health care, to the point that she gave up for 14 years.

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