Bipartisanship With Petulant Children; Is it Possible?

Look, I'm all for
President Obama seeking support from Republicans.  After all, he is the president of all of the
people, and Republicans are people, too. But for Chrissakes; at what point does
he get that the leadership representing the Republican Party in Congress —
especially the Senate — is made up mostly of people whose election hasn't come
around yet, so they haven't had the opportunity to be tossed out on their
asses. Yet. Moreover, they have no concept of what "bipartisanship"
actually means, so you have to teach it to them. To them, bipartisanship means,
"you do what we want." They sound very much like the biggest kids in
fifth grade, who have gotten to ninth grade, but don't seem to realize all of
the other kids are now bigger. 


When you listen to
these morons, I swear to you they're living in a goddamn echo chamber or
something. They seem to be sealed off from the real world somehow; to them,
2006 and 2008 never even happened. 
First, the idiot Republicans in the House voted as a bloc AGAINST a
stimulus package designed to relieve the current economic mess that THEY caused
in the first place. And what did they choose to bitch about? I mean, besides
the pennies the bill was scheduled to toss at contraceptive programs.




I kid you not! I
almost fell out of my chair! Suddenly, John Boner (sp?), the House MINORITY
Leader (I made the letters bigger so that he understands that's who he is now
— the MINORITY Leader), decided he finally gives a shit about the deficit, and
perhaps we shouldn't add to it, because, well, it's pretty big. HIS PARTY is
responsible for adding $10 trillion of the $11 trillion debt we find ourselves
with, and they accumulated that debt at a time when they were declaring the
economy was just humming along. Now, suddenly, after they tossed our tax money
to their friends and supporters for the last eight years, they've decided we're
borrowing too much, and we should really be a little more responsible with the
people's money.


Bite me, Boner


And the arrogance
continues in the Senate, as they consider the stimulus, as well as several of
President Obama's appointments. Yes, that's right, wingnuts; Obama won the
election. So he gets to make appointments; imagine that.


As most of you know,
the far-more-honorable-than-any-wingnut-Republican-questioning-him Tom Daschle
dropped out of the running to be Secretary of Health and Human Services today.
He felt as if he was just diverting too much attention away from President Obama's
and the Senate's work on the stimulus package, which Americans need, in order
to keep the economy from going completely into the toilet, thanks to the
less-than-honorable idiots who dared question HIS ethics.


Seriously, these
people should be embarrassed to even speak. And yet, here they are, not only
speaking, but passing judgment on a guy the soles of whose shoes have less dirt
on them than they do. Jim DeMint, Republican Senator from South Carolina,
actually told Fixed Noise (who else?) that Obama was "losing
credibility" with his statements in support of Daschle. "Part of
leadership is recognizing when there has been a mistake made and responding


Oh, really?? Well,
check this out.


I think all of us
would agree that the Republican Party, led by former President George W. Bush,
made a few, um, "mistakes" the last eight years, right? I mean, he
lied to get us into war with Iraq, he botched the occupation of both Iraq and
Afghanistan royally, he single-handedly killed one of the most important
federal agencies in existence, FEMA, and continued to screw the people of New
Orleans. And as if they needed a crescendo to eight years of the worst
incompetence in the history of the United States, they put the economy into the
dumper, and then threw nearly a trillion dollars at the crooks who had already
raped the taxpayer for trillions.


Well, Senator DeMint
must be slow to recognize a mistake, and/or he's pretty slow to respond,
because he voted with
his own party 93.7% of the time
Hell, that's more often than Obama voted with HIS party while he was
Senator, and Obama's party didn't screw up the entire economy. (He even voted
against S-CHIP, which would actually have saved everyone with health insurance
a few dollars this year, the idiot.


But the greatest
arrogance demonstrated by Senate Republicans seems to be reserved for the
stimulus package. They are just hell-bent on insanity, you know? I mean, they
keep proposing more of the crap that got us into this mess in the first place.
And they're just so smug. I mean, were they hypnotized for the last eight
years, and had no idea what they were doing?


A case in point is Arizona
Senator Jon Kyl, who had the nerve to pipe up and say
, "This isn't
about playing the game, this is about doing something good for the American
people." Are you laughing yet? Because it gets better. "It doesn't
seem (the Democrats) were interested in the same kind of bipartisan outreach
that the president was. We are too often met with this response: 'we


Wow. Can you believe
the arrogance in that? Seriously.


Hey, Jon, buddy,
guess what? WE WON! We're not talking about a goddamn soccer game, where you
outplayed us to a score of 1-0. The American people voted, and via democratic
instruments called votes, they opted to try something new. They want you to sit
this one out and let the Democrats (adults) be in charge for a while. If
President Obama wants to let you participate in the process, that's his
prerogative, but he's under no obligation
to do so. He's doing so out of the goodness of his heart.


But where was Jon
while the Bushies were trashing the country? Oh, yeah; he was voting with
the failed policies of his Republican Party 93.5% of the time
.  Yes, that's right; while Bush and Cheney were
telling the Democrats to go screw themselves, and doing whatever they damned
well pleased for eight years; at a time when "bipartisanship" meant
doing it Bush's way or no way at all; Senator Kyl was going along with it
gleefully, without giving so much as a rat's ass about how the Democrats felt
about anything.  Now, he's crying and
stamping his feet and demanding a cookie as a reward for… what, exactly?


In the
same article that quoted Kyl
were the musings of Utah Senator Bob Bennett.
You'll love this one; he said he simply didn't want to see the new president
stumble his first time out of the block. "As an American I want to see the
right thing done regardless of who gets the credit," Bennett said.
"I'm going to vote against this package because it won't work."


It won't work?
Really? This from a Senator who voted with
his own party 84.4% of the time
, while that party was screwing up the
economy? He apparently thought that nearly everything George Bush wanted to do
would work, because he almost always voted in favor of it. So, really; how good
could his judgment be when it comes to determining how well policies work? You
know what else he apparently decided wouldn't work? He decided that Fair Pay
for women wouldn't work, because he voted against Lily Ledbetter. And every
time health insurance for poor children has come up, he's also decided that wouldn't
work, either. But every time he saw an emergency appropriation for Iraq, he
voted for it,  except when the bill
included a timetable for withdrawal; he apparently decided that wouldn't work,
either.  But look at how well everything
else about Iraq worked out.


Now, Senate Minority
Leader Mitch McConnell seems to alternate between making a little bit of sense,
and simply sounding like a Republican lackey. On the one hand, his proposal to
strip protectionism language from the bill is at least somewhat sensible, and
creates a point of debate.  And his
proposal to offer flat 4% mortgages to "credit worthy people" makes
some sense, if he means a 4% mortgage at the
home's current value
to everyone 
capable of making mortgage payments under such an agreement.  But that doesn't sound like what he's
proposing. He's talking about new mortgages, or refinancing the current balance
of a mortgage, which doesn't help anyone.


But he can't make
sense for long; he is, after all, Republican, and has to
say stuff like this
: "Nobody that I know of is trying to keep a
package from passing. (A lie) We're not trying to prevent a package from
passing. (Same lie, repeated.) We're trying to reform it. (Another lie. They're
trying to get their own way.) A package that most of our members would support
would be dramatically different than the one that passed the House, and
frankly, dramatically different than what we currently see out of the Finance
Committee and the Appropriations Committee."


See? The arrogance
always shows through. Here's a clue, McChinless (kudos to SM for that one); you
have 41 votes in the Senate. That's not a majority. You would need at least
nine Democratic votes to even think of winning this thing, which means you'd better
play damned nice. You don't get to dictate terms. Your threats of support or
non-support are empty, because you cannot assure or deny passage. Got it?
Here's a guy who voted
with his loser party a whopping 96.8% of the time
, and who led the
Republican Party to a record number of filibusters and/or threatened
filibusters, effectively killing as many as 200 bills proposed by Democrats
when they had a slight majority. Again; here's a guy who was instrumental in
leading the Republican Party while it refused to even consider anything that
was actually bipartisan, or which might make a Democrat look good.


And he knows he
can't filibuster this. If Republicans filibuster this bill to kill it, they
will see a shitstorm of protest from the public that will permanently seal
their fate as a minority party.


Oh, yeah, Senator
John McCain also has an alternate stimulus proposal, but hey — he's trying to
save face, after he not only lost the presidential race, but looked like a dork
the last time the Senate tried to bail out the economy. Remember that? Bush and
the Republicans' last idea was to hand over nearly a trillion dollars to people
who had completely screwed their companies, without oversight or even mild
concern over what they might do with the money. Pardon the voters is we're a
little skeptical this time around.


Look, Republicans,
you had your chance. For the last eight years, you ran the show, and you pushed
the country to the brink in just about every way fathomable. President Obama is
offering you a chance to sit at the table and help make policy, which is more
than your president or you ever did for any Democrat since 1995.


I know, as a party
made up of a bunch of petulant children, it's difficult for you to play nice
with the other children, but let's make something clear here. In a democratic
world, the people who win could conceivably make the rules all by themselves;
they don't have to include you at all. The fact that they are including you
should be seen as a gift, not an entitlement. And having feedback in the
rulemaking process doesn't mean you get to shout at the top of your lungs and
stamp your feet until you get your way. You had your chance to be in charge and
you squandered it. It's now time for the big people to run things, and to fix
the damage you've done.


Look, folks. The
Republican Party had their own way for most of the last 28 years, and we're
going to be paying the price for a long time. President Obama is being nice,
and he's allowing them to propose good ideas that might actually work. But he's
not asking them for the same ideas that screwed the country up in the first
place, and he's not one to simply go with the idea that happens to be shouted
the loudest.


We have problems to
fix, and we're not going to fix them by doing the same damned things we've been
doing for the last eight years because, well, that would be the definition of


Republicans; if you
can't play nice, then shut the hell up. Please. We have a country to fix.


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  1. Excellent aricle thank you. It definately gives intelligent individuals ammunition when discussing the truth of our situation with unintelligent (well republicans) people. However you did write one thing I may disagree with and that is “Republicans are people, too.” Until the republicans start acting like people they should not be treated as people. Again thanks for the brilliant article I will be sure to forward it to everyine I know.